The Mightiest Little Peasant - Chapter 882 - What A Coincidence

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Chapter 882: What A Coincidence

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A muffled sound was heard in the darkness.

A person fell to the ground with a plop.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Muffled sounds could be heard along the mountain path. The cultivators who ran up the mountain excitedly were attacked, and they fell down before they could even catch a glimpse of the treasure.

Their bags of holding were looted. The rich ones were robbed clean, while the poor ones would have a few crystals left.

“Wow! So rich!”

After knocking out another one, Tang Hao looted his bag of holding. When he opened it, he was dazzled by the piles of crystals inside.

“It’s all mine!”

Tang Hao excitedly stashed away the bag of holding.

He felt that he had already broken even. It did not matter if he did not get the treasure.

“Bye bye!”

He waved at the unlucky guy on the ground, picked up the club, and moved on to find the next target.

At this time, another figure was moving on the other side of the forest.

Another man similarly clad in black clothes was holding a club in his hand.

He was hiding in the darkness, waiting for his opportunity to strike. When he saw someone traveling alone, he rushed up, knocked that person down with his club, and looted everything.

“Ha! I know you!”

“Damn, why do I know you as well? I’ll kill you hunting me down!”

When he saw someone he knew, he would kick them a few times, strip them naked, and tie them to a tree.

“Hahaha! This is great!”

He dusted his hand and lifted his club. He was in a good mood.

He, Liu Heihu, had finally redeemed himself!

That unscrupulous bastard had framed him before, and he had been hunted down by many major forces for a crime he did not commit. He could only swallow his pride and live in hiding.

That was the darkest moment in his life.

He still felt sad when he thought about it.

Fortunately, he survived. The ordeal had not defeated him but instead made him stronger.

He wanted to find that bastard and take revenge!

“Hmph, just you wait, you bastard! I, Liu Heihu, won’t let you get away with framing me!”

He gritted his teeth, cursed under his breath, and continued to move up the mountain.

Just like that, the two people met each other again.

In the darkness, both of them were dumbfounded.

The situation felt so familiar.

Tang Hao was the first to react. “Damn!” He blurted.

The man in front of him was not wearing the iconic emblem on his pants, but Tang Hao could recognize him. He was none other than Liu Heihu, the one he had framed.

Then, Liu Heihu also reacted.

He gritted his teeth and opened his eyes wide.

Of course, he recognized that bastard in front of him.

“Ballsy Bro!”

He gritted his teeth and spat out that name.

“Ballsy Bro? Where is he?”

Tang Hao pretended to be confused.

“Don’t you have any shame? Aren’t you Ballsy Bro? !” Liu Heihu said angrily.

“That’s nonsense. I thought he’s you, the Black Cat!”

Liu Heihu was stunned. Then, his face turned red with anger. “F*ck you! You’re the cat. Your entire family is cats. I’m the Black Tiger. A mighty and handsome tiger. See?”

He took out his emblem and waved it.

That bastard insulted him again!

“Meow?” Tang Hao shouted.

Liu Heihu was caught by surprise and instinctively wanted to respond, but he quickly stopped himself.

“You, you, you…”

He was about to lose his mind from anger. That detestable bastard!

He shouted and his body trembled. Suddenly, he brandished his qi aura, which showed that he was a peak period cultivator in the State of Foundation Establishment.

“I’ve suffered so much during that period, and I’ve finally broken through to the peak. This is all so that I can take revenge on you! How is it? Are you scared?” He said somewhat smugly.

“Scared my *ss!” Tang Hao sneered.

“Hah! Looks like you won’t give up that easily. Fine, I’ll capture you first and slowly deal with you.”

He raised his hand and took out a black flag with smoke billowing from it and giving off a chilling aura. A black tiger was embroidered on the flag.


The billowing black smoke coalesced into black tigers, which pounced toward Tang Hao.

“So what if you’re at the peak? That’s nothing!”

Tang Hao smiled disdainfully. He stomped his foot and brandished his qi aura, which swept forward like a raging wave.


Fallen leaves were swept up by the wind and danced wildly around him.

A speckle of light lit up on his abdomen. In the next moment, it suddenly became bright and dazzling.

“F… f*ck!”

Liu Heihu’s entire body trembled as if he had been struck by lightning.

His mouth was wide open, and his expression was distorted due to extreme shock. It was as if he had seen a ghost.

Not only was that guy at the peak, but he had also unsealed a chakra?

‘Oh my god! How is this possible?

‘It hadn’t been long!’

He was in disbelief. He thought that he was already fast enough to reach the peak, but he did not expect that Tang Hao was even faster.

“Damn! Is he a freak?” He cursed under his breath.

Another speckle of light lit up and expanded on Tang Hao’s chest. The burst of light was even more dazzling than the previous one.

Liu Heihu’s eyes bulged.

At this moment, his mind was completely blank.

‘The second chakra!

‘That’s the second chakra!

‘Oh my god! Have I gone mad, or is he mad? How did he unseal two chakras in such a short time?’

Liu Heihu’s body trembled, and his face turned pale.

‘Damn, that guy is a total freak! He has already unsealed two chakras while I’m only at the peak. How can I possibly defeat him?’

“I’ll… I’ll let you go this time. I… I have something to do, so I’ll teach you a lesson next time. Bye!”

Liu Heihu shouted sheepishly and started to run.

“Where are you going?”

Tang Hao grunted coldly. He waved his hand and fired streaks of sword light, killing each of the black tigers. Then, they shot toward Liu Heihu.

Liu Heihu used the black flag to block and ran away.

Tang Hao activated his Fleetfoot Stride and, in the blink of an eye, appeared behind Liu Heihu. He lifted his right hand and smashed down with his club.

Liu Heihu was scared out of his wits.

Smash! The club struck a light barrier.

Liu Heihu managed to activate his Artifact in time.


Liu Heihu almost laughed out loud.

Before he could laugh for too long, Tang Hao’s gaze turned cold. He wielded lightning on his palm and smashed at the light barrier, smashing it and striking Liu Heihu’s chest.

Liu Heihu’s entire body shook. He spat out blood and flew backward.

Before he could land, a club struck him.

He fell to the ground. His eyes glazed over and he passed out.

Tang Hao thought about it and decided not to kill him. That guy was more useful alive.

He opened his bag of holding and looted it clean. He dragged Liu Heihu into the grass, tossed him there, picked up his club, and left happily.

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