The Mightiest Little Peasant - Chapter 883 - Golden Snarler

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Chapter 883: Golden Snarler

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Tang Hao continued to wander around in the darkness.

Many people fell victim to his antics.

Not only did he rob them, but he also left behind pieces of paper at the crime scene. Written on the paper was, of course, his signature “Thanks!”

“Eh? What happened to that guy?”

People continued to rush in from outside the mountain. Some of them noticed that person sprawled on the ground.

“Heh! He must have been robbed!” They started to laugh when they got closer.

It was not surprising for people to be robbed. They could not blame anyone other than their own weakness.

“Look, what’s that?” Suddenly, someone noticed a piece of paper nailed to a tree beside them.

When they went over to take a look, they were shocked.

They knew what the word on the paper meant.

“‘Thanks!’ It’s Ballsy Bro. He has returned!”

They cried out in shock.

Very quickly, the commotion spread throughout the mountain.

“Ballsy Bro has returned!” Many people ran around excitedly, spreading the news.

“What? That petty thief has appeared again? Haha! What a stroke of luck! Everyone, follow me and go hunt down that petty thief.”

The people of East Peak Mountain were the most excited. They abandoned their search for the treasure, turned around, and searched everywhere for Liu Heihu’s tracks.

Many people rushed over from the city outside the mountain. Everyone wanted to capture Ballsy Bro and snatch his treasure.

The mountain range was filled with people.

“There’s an unconscious person here! The back of his head is swollen. That’s right, it’s the signature style of that Black Tiger thief.”

“There’s one here too…”

“There are quite a few here too.”

The people discovered victims all over the place.

Everyone was shocked and indignant.

“He’s too shameless!”

“That’s right. He’s completely devoid of conscience!”

They gritted their teeth and cursed angrily.

“We must capture him and rid the world of this menace!”

With a fresh boost of indignation, they began to search even harder.

At that moment, in a bush, Liu Heihu slowly woke up.

‘Who am I?

‘Where am I?

‘What’s going on? What’s this familiar sensation?’

He rubbed his head. His face was full of confusion.

Then, he could hear voices from afar. “Kill that bastard Liu Heihu!” “We must capture him this time. We can’t let him escape!”

Liu Heihu came to his senses.

He remembered everything.

“Dammit, Ballsy Bro, it’s you again!” He gnashed his teeth, feeling extremely aggrieved.

It was the second time!

“I’ll definitely kill you next time. Just you wait!” He swore.

Then, he got up and fled.

“Who’s that? It looks like Liu Heihu. It’s really him. Hold it right there!”

Countless people rushed over and chased after him.

Meanwhile, Tang Hao had already stopped robbing people and rushed into the mountain.

Soon, he encountered many fierce beasts. Some were in packs.

Those beasts were unusually hostile and restless. They would rush forward and attack whenever they saw any human.

“What’s going on? They don’t seem to be in a berserk state…”

Tang Hao used his jade sword and killed a few of them. He was puzzled.

Around him, several groups of people were fighting the beasts. There was no way for them to charge further into the mountains, even from the sky, where gigantic winged birds were circling.

Tang Hao killed a few beasts, but even more beasts rushed out from the forest.

Tang Hao frowned. It was as if the beasts were trying to stop the people from going in. He retreated, and just as expected, the beasts did not pursue him.

“What… is in there?”

Tang Hao became more and more curious as he looked in front of him.

He tried to charge in, but there were too many ferocious beasts. Moreover, he did not dare to use the Fleetfoot Stride in case he exposed himself, so he could only retreat.

Many other people tried to charge in, but without exception, they were outnumbered and forced to retreat. Some were even torn into pieces by the beasts.

The leader of the White Horse Tribe was also there. He managed to charge the furthest, but suddenly, a ray of golden lightning struck him.

The tribe leader, who was in the State of the Golden Core, cried out and was sent flying backward.

After that, he hurriedly retreated.

“That’s the golden snarler! It’s over there!”

The tribe leader spoke grimly and had a fearful expression on his face.

Hearing that, everyone was shocked.

The snarler was a ferocious beast from the prehistoric era. It could be found in many legends.

The golden snarler, as a descendant of the legendary beast, was a terrifyingly strong beast. It was considered the overlord of the mountains, and no one had ever dared to provoke it. No one had seen it for years.

Tang Hao was also shocked. When he looked over, he could only see a faint golden light and not the actual appearance.

From then on, no one dared to recklessly charge forward.

Everyone stayed in the periphery and fought the other beasts.

Tang Hao also joined in the fight. He killed a pack of beasts, rested for a while, and continued forward.

He was also looking for any beasts with qi cores. If he found one, he would rush up and kill it.

Soon, the sun rose.

The people who had gone to chase after Liu Heihu had also returned. They were all cursing and swearing. Apparently, that guy had managed to escape again. They vented their anger on the beasts.

The beast population had decreased sharply after a night of killing. However, no one dared to charge forward because there were far stronger beasts in the interior.

The golden snarler had been standing there and observing all the time.

The Golden Core cultivators gathered and discussed, but they dared not fight it.

They were not confident of taking on that terrifying beast. If they suffered heavy losses after killing the beast, someone else would take advantage of them.

The situation came to a deadlock.

Tang Hao was not in a rush. He sat there and rested.

Close to noon, more people came from the surrounding regions. The groups were led by Golden Core masters.

They rushed here aggressively, but they were intimidated when they saw the golden snarler.

Three more people came over.

The person leading the trio was a handsome young man in his mid-twenties. He wore a jade crown and a black robe embroidered with a golden dragon.

The two people walking side by side behind him were white-haired old men at least in their sixties. One of them was dressed in black while the other was dressed in white.

They seemed confident and even a little arrogant as they surveyed the area.

“The people from the Ye Kingdom are here!”

There was a commotion within the crowd.

The people became wary.

Tang Hao immediately understood.

The Ye Kingdom was located far away to the north. They were a powerful force that ruled over more than a hundred cities.

“It’s the Crown Prince!”

The people became even more fearful when they saw him clearly.

To them, the imperial family of the Ye Kingdom inspired terror. Even the leader of the White Horse tribe and the others were somewhat fearful.

The three of them stood far away from the other people as though they hated crowds. Their gazes were disdainful and contemptuous.

They looked into the mountains and began to wait.

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