The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife - Chapter 1948 - I’m Courting You (2)

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Chapter 1948: I’m Courting You (2)

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It was a bleak time outside. Walking along the long walkway, the empty walkway was filled with the sound of cold footsteps. It sounded very desolate.

The temperature had dropped sharply these few days. It was unusually cold. When he went out just now, Dongfang Liuyun had reminded him to bring his coat. He ended up rushing out, so he had forgotten about it later. It was so cold that he could not help but pull tighter onto the thin coat on him.

He came alone and asked his chauffeur to drive him over. His suspended driver’s license was not ready yet, so it might take some time. Anyway, Dongfang Liuyun had personally sent him to and from work these days, so he was happy to be free.

When he walked out of the hospital, a bone-piercing chill hit him. Qi Lei wanted to take a taxi back, so he rushed to the road in the cold rain. However, he had only taken a few steps when he saw a small figure in front of him

Dongfang Liuyun was wearing a black coat and holding a big black umbrella. There was a black coat hanging on her arm. It was obviously his. The cold wind blew her hair into a mess.

Seeing his figure, Dongfang Liuyun, who had been standing in the cold rain for a long time, immediately let out a sigh of relief and quickly followed him

“I didn’t dare to call you. I was worried that I would disturb the rare time that you and your father get along. The rain is quite heavy. I asked you to bring your coat when we went out. Why didn’t you bring it? Put it on!”

As he spoke, she passed the coat in her hand over, and the large black umbrella moved to the top of his head.

Qi Lei was momentarily stunned. He did not immediately take the coat. Instead, he stared deeply at her for a long while. There was some warmth in his dark eyes that could not be suppressed. His silent heart suddenly felt a little gentle, only then did he take the coat and drape it over his shoulders. As he reached out to take the umbrella in her hand, he held her shoulders with one hand.

Dongfang Liuyun’s entire body was practically wrapped under his large coat

“Why are you here?”

His deep voice was somewhat calm and carried some warmth as it entered Dongfang Liuyun’s ears.

Dongfang Liuyun was also extremely cold. She subconsciously reached out to wrap her arm around his waist and responded, “When I returned home and saw that you weren’t around, Driver Wang also drove his car back. Your coat was on the sofa in the living room and it was still raining outside, so I didn’t feel at ease. I came over to take a look after I finished cooking the soup. I didn’t go up because I thought you and your son needed some time alone,” Dongfang Liuyun replied naturally.

“You know, you’re the first person to bring me an umbrella and coat to wait for me on a rainy night.”

The couple walked forward for some distance before Qi Lei suddenly said that. Of course, he did not turn his head to look at her when he said that, but Dongfang Liuyun could feel that his large hand on her shoulders tightened.

That strength made her feel a little pain, but she did not struggle.

“You’re the first person to ask me to do this.”

After thinking for a moment, Dongfang Liuyun answered.

“I’m even more glad that I asked back then. Otherwise, now… I’m afraid that the person by your side might not be me.” Qi Lei said faintly. His tone was laced with a helpless sigh, and most of all, he was also glad. Dongfang Liuyun turned to look at him. For some reason, under the dim streetlights, she could suddenly see the loneliness and loneliness on his face.

Qi Lei would never show this side of himself in front of anyone. This Qi Lei was actually a little fragile.

Dongfang Liuyun’s slightly cold lips moved. She wanted to say something, but she suddenly did not know what else she could say, so…

“All these years, I’ve been quite lonely fighting alone. Especially when I was abroad… other than my mother. After so many years, no one has treated me as well as you. Apart from being my comrade-in-arms and wife, you’re also a valuable person to me.”

Qi Lei sincerely expressed his feelings. While he was glad, he was also very touched. “I really hope that these feelings can be like this forever.”

“I can understand. Are you a little touched now?”

For some reason, Dongfang Liuyun’s heart felt inexplicably sour when she heard what he said. Her heart ached a little—

That is right, she felt a heartache for him.

What kind of pain and twists did this man have to endure to be able to be so indifferent and unperturbed like this.

In fact, he was probably the kind of person who could truly see through the world, right?

Hearing this, Qi Lei suddenly laughed softly. He looked sideways at her and swept his gaze across her face like a feather. His footsteps did not slow down.

“Not just… not just a little, not just a little… it’s more than a little…”

As Qi Lei said this, he was silent for a moment. As if he had thought of something, he continued, “Recently, I’ve been working very hard to think about it. The person who truly accompanied me through those dark times was actually you. Your conviction gave me positive energy. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to walk out of those clouds so quickly

“Before I met you, I didn’t think about getting married. I also didn’t really fantasize about the life of two people. More often than not, I realized that I’m actually a moth too. I’m not as strong as I look, and I just want to go wherever there’s a flame. Since meeting you, I realized that I’m actually a firefly. I’m not a moth to a flame, but I can also shine…”

Qi Lei laughed softly. Suddenly, there seemed to be a hint of raspiness in his voice. “You wouldn’t know how grateful and happy I was after I realized this.”

“Alright, stop talking—”

Dongfang Liuyun suddenly could not listen anymore. She quickly reached out and pulled him. Without hesitation, she hugged him tightly against his warm chest, “You’ve never been a moth, and you’re not just a firefly. You’re a scorching sun shrouded in boundless light. As proud as we are, we must not belittle ourselves.”

“It’s not that we belittle ourselves. In fact, it’s true. In the past, other than the title of the Qi family’s Second Master, I was really nothing.”

“You’re still you, Qi Lei. The Eastern Gust who’s the center of attention in the game, is the real you. What I admire about your strength is your tolerance. In this aspect, I admire and appreciate you very much. I’m not as good as you. There are too many things about you that I can look up to.”

Dongfang Liuyun hugged him tightly and said softly.

Qi Lei just stood there, allowing her to hug him. His warm hands gently wrapped around her shoulders, blocking out all the cold wind and rain. This small world actually became infinitely warm at this moment.

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