The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise - Chapter 511 - Rescue – 2

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Chapter 511: Rescue – 2


A loud gunshot erupted and Gu Yanqi was stunned. Then, when he heard something fall to the ground, his heart leaped into his throat and he hastily lifted his head up to look at his surroundings.

However, he could not see anyone around.

“Fu Zhi!” He shouted at the top of his lungs, sounding as if the most important person in his life was dead.

‘This is it. It’s over,’ Gu Yanqi thought as he closed his eyes.

Everything had happened too fast, and by the time he came around to his senses, Fu Zhi had been shot.

Gu Yanqi felt a strong sadness welling up from the bottom of his stomach pit as he murmured, “May you rest in peace forever, my friend. Remember to pick a good family when you’re going into the next life…”

“Shut up.”

A sound came, followed by a gunshot. The bullet grazed past Gu Yanqi’s cheek and the man behind him fell to the ground.

Gu Yanqi turned his head around and he realized that the one who was talking was none other than Fu Zhi.

‘If she’s still standing, the person behind me is…’

Gu Yanqi swallowed a big gulp of bloody saliva and asked, “You know how to use a gun?”

“Yeah,” Fu Zhi replied flatly.

Even though their situation was dangerous and they could be dead at any moment, a hint of joy that they might be able to survive this ordeal rose from the bottom of Gu Yanqi’s heart. At the same time, he also felt a little bit angry and deceived after knowing that Fu Zhi knew how to use a gun.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Gu Yanqi asked.

“Did you give me a chance to say anything?’ Fu Zhi replied expressionlessly, and Gu Yanqi was stumped.

Well, he admitted that he was a little bit paranoid just now, but it was because he cared about her! He took two steps forward and asked, “Did Nanli teach you how to use a gun? Or did you learn it somewhere else?”

Fu Zhi did not seem like an amateur to him at all. After all, she was able to hit her target even though their visibility was low.

Was she really a high school student from a normal high school in a small town? Gu Yanqi doubted it.

“You’re too noisy,” Fu Zhi said as she pointed her gun at Gu Yanqi’s chest. “I have been putting up with you for quite a long time, so keep your mouth shut, or else I can’t guarantee what will happen to you.”

After that, she threw the first-aid kit to Gu Yanqi before continuing, “Hold it for me and let’s go find Li Nanli.”

Gu Yanqi was speechless.

There were two things he wanted to tell her. First, he was injured and the first-aid kit was a little bit hefty. Second, was Fu Zhi not supposed to be the one to hold the first-aid kit? After all, he had better accuracy and he was more experienced than her in this kind of situation.

However, he soon realized how wrong he was.

Following behind Fu Zhi, he saw with his own eyes that Fu Zhi had never once missed her shot along the way, and she did not need his help at all.

If Gu Yanqi wanted to describe his feelings right now, it would be like someone telling him out of the blue that he had won 5 million in cash prizes. His heart was filled with surges of excitement and disbelief.

However, the feelings did not last long. Just when lifted his head and saw a dimly lit house at the top of the mountain, he turned to Fu Zhi and said, “I think Nanli and his team are inside that house.”

The moment the words spilled from his mouth, a streak of light crossed the sky.

Fu Zhi’s expression changed and she shouted, “Gu Yanqi, get down!”

Gu Yanqi was stunned, and Fu Zhi hastily launched at him.

Just when both of them rolled down the slope, the hill that they

Just when both of them rolled down the slope, the hill that they were staying on just now blew up. Yellow sand filled the sky, and the searing heat and explosion tore away Gu Yanqi’s cloth, causing his wound to open up again as a stabbing pain shot through his body.

For a moment, he could not hear anything but buzzing noises.

Fu Zhi got up to her feet and said something, but he could not hear it well. However, judging from her mouth, he surmised that she was asking about his condition so he just shook his head as a signal that he was fine.

Then, he turned towards the hill that had been razed to the ground. Cold sweats were trickling down his back as his heart raced into a gallop.

Fu Zhi had saved his life. When the realization hit him, a mixed feeling rose from his heart but at the same time, he was grateful that Fu Zhi was here.

It took him roughly half a minute to regain his hearing. Then, he heard Fu Zhi talking, “Is my first-aid kit okay?”

Gu Yanqi was stunned.

It was only now that he realized Fu Zhi was not trying to save him but the first-aid kit in his arms. It took two people a lifetime or a life-or-death process to form a deep relationship, but it only took one second to destroy it. This was what Gu Yanqi had concluded and he was going to make it his motto of life.

Gu Yanqi expressionlessly showed Fu Zhi the first-aid kit.

Fu Zhi took a look at the kit and heaved out a long sigh of relief after seeing that it was still in one piece.

In the meantime, Gu Yanqi’s pupil constricted and he hastily pulled to his back.

There was a man standing in front of them, and there were ten or so SUVs behind him.

At the moment Gu Yanqi saw clearing the man’s face, his heart sank.

There was a scar across the man’s face. He was wearing a green combat uniform and he was thickly built. His muscles were so huge that it seemed as if they were going to burst from his cloth at any moment.

There was a silver skull badge surrounded with roses on his chest, and he was holding a heavy armament in his hand right now.

Apparently, he was the one who shot at them just now.

“They’re the mercenaries of the Phantom Lord!” Gu Yanqi said and he became anxious.

The Phantom Lord was the strongest and the most mysterious mercenary group from Country M. They were notoriously known for their ruthlessness, and most of their members were cold-blooded killers.

And Matthew, the mastermind of the internationally famous serial murders, was once one of them. It was only because he had a different ideology from the group that he decided to leave.

Gu Yanqi did not run into Mark, so even though he knew that these mercenaries were from Country M, he did not expect that they belonged to the Phantom Lord.

Things would be easier if it were another mercenary group, but if they were facing the Phantom Lord…

The Phantom Lord was built by Shen Cizhou, the former strongest mercenary in the world. Although Shen Cizhou had quit being a mercenary for many years, the things he left in the Phantom Lord were lethal and deadly.

Gu Yanqi took a deep breath and clapped his eyes on the man standing at the front. From the badge, he knew that the man was Mark, one of the heads of division in the Phantom Lord. He was best known for his cruelty and brutality, and many people had lost their lives in his hands.

Mark threw the weapon in his hand to one of his underlings. He took a look at the list and walked a step forward.

“You are Gu Yanqi?”

He was not well-versed in Mandarin. There was a gleam of amusement and contempt in his eyes as he fixed his gaze on Gu Yanqi, looking as if he was staring at an unarmed prey

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