The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise - Chapter 566 - Exposed – 1

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Chapter 566: Exposed – 1

Anmisu’s underlings became panic. Without Matthew and Anmisu’s instruction, they did not know what they should do at all.

Fu Zhi had provided the others a good opportunity to intercept. Seizing the chance while everyone was in confusion, the group of police and sniper hastily swooped in and took the members of the Phantom Lord under control.

The sheriff went forward and untied Fu Yuan. Then, he looked at him nervously and asked, “Are you alright, Mr. Fu.”

“I’m fine. Go check on Anmisu! He hasn’t apologized in the live-streaming session yet!”

After he rose to his feet, the first thing he cared about was not his delicate body, but he went to check on Anmisu, who was lying listlessly on the ground.

The netizens in the live-streaming room couldn’t tell what was going on.

[Has Fu Yuan gotten the Stockholm syndrome? Why does he care about Anmisu? Isn’t it good to put people like Anmisu to death on the spot?]

[I have no idea.]

[Why are you guys talking as if Anmisu is already dead? I’m so confused!]

[Maybe the sniper killed him. This is what they usually do when the negotiation is unsuccessful.]

[Well… It doesn’t seem like he’s killed by the sniper… It seems more likely that he’s defeated by the goddess…]

“What the hell is going on with these netizens? Of course it’s my goddess who defeated Anmisu!”

Before Fan Gaoda could say anything, Wang Yu shot up from his chair and replied, “Are you really sure about that, Brother Fang? Can’t you see how tall and muscular Anmisu is? Look at your goddess. She looks just like a dwarf in front of Anmisu!”

“Who the f*ck are you calling dwarf?” Song Fang snapped, “What’s wrong with her being short, huh? Don’t you know that a shorter person doesn’t use up resources that much? She’s helping our country to save our resources!

“She’s the one who apprehended Matthew, so it goes without saying that she could make a quick work of Anmisu as well!”

“That’s right!” Fatty shot up from his chair. Then, as if he was reading a storybook, he chanted, “She yelled and she rolled her eyes as she jumped down from the back of her horse. She’s now holding the Meteor Scimitar and stepping on the Wind Fire Wheels. Her body glowed as an adamantium shield materialized around her, and an additional eye appeared between her forehead. It’s the third eye. Countless purple lasers shot out from the third eye, and…”

“Suddenly!’ Song Fang smacked the table and continued, “The world fell silent and peace returned to the mortal world in a blinding light.”

“Marvelous! Brother Fang, you’re the best!”

“You’re the new hope of Class 21!”

“A new great writer in the literary world! I’m sure your book will see even better than Sister Zhi’s Red Sun!”

The students in the class clapped their hands.

Fan Gaoda did not know what to say.

As a graduate student of an elite university himself, he was greatly exasperated at the group of meddling kids before him.

“Silent!” He yelled angrily, “Watch the live-streaming session and write your essay! Especially Wang Yu, Song Fang, you, you, you, you, and you all… Oh yeah, and Fu Zhi as well!”

The moment he mentioned Fu Zhi, he could not help himself and thought about her literary attainments. He did not know why at the same time while she was a literary giant, she refused to do her essay homework.

The more he thought about it, the more exasperated he became. Seizing the opportunity while no one would talk back to him since Fu Zhi was not in the class right now, he said, “Where is Fu Zhi? Why hasn’t she come back to school yet? Is she going to stay in Myanmar for the rest of her life? Does she think that she doesn’t need to hand in her homework just because she’s not in the class? No way! No matter where she is, she has to pass up her homework in time!”

“Sir, Sister Zhi told us that she will be back after she has finished her stuff.”

“Finish her stuff? Hah! That’s just an excuse! She just doesn’t want to come back to school and hand in my homework! What the hell is she doing in Myanmar, by the way? Arresting criminals and saving the world?”

He paused for a moment before continuing, “Would I be criticizing her if she’s saving the commoners like this lady here? No, right?”

“Sir, are you sure about that? It seems to us that you won’t criticize her is because you don’t dare to do it.”

Fan Gaoda became speechless.

Just when he was about to say something, a hysterical cry erupted from the live-streaming room.

Anmisu’s underlings were not able to accept the cruel fact that Anmisu was dead. One of them rose their heads and looked at Fu Zhi. “How could you? How could you do this? You’re a monster!”

Fu Zhi lowered her head and looked at him condescendingly, “Did I ever say that I’m not a monster?”

“… How could you kill him?!” Another person shouted, “You murderer! The Lord will not forgive a sinner like you who is burdened with the blood offering! And the law will punish you too!”

After that, they all tried to pounce at Fu Zhi only to get a kick back to the ground by the police.

“Ouch!” They yelped in pain.

Fu Zhi said, “It’s okay. I can handle them myself.”

Fu Yuan dusted his shirt and chimed in, “You don’t have to go easy on them, niece. After all, they all are going to prison.”

“You don’t understand,” Fu Zhi replied.

They all looked rebelliously at Fu Zhi as they were certain that she did not dare to do anything to them. After all, the live-streaming session was still going on. If she really beat them up in front of so many people, it would only damage her own reputation.”

However, it seemed like they had underestimated Fu Zhi. Before they could say anything, they heard Fu Zhi saying, “We don’t have to spend our energy and mind on people like them who’re going to die soon.”

They were stunned.

‘What is she talking about? Who is dying? Are we dying?”

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