The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise - Chapter 567 - Exposed – 2

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Chapter 567: Exposed – 2

Nobody had expected the sudden change of event, including the staff. Squatting on the ground, he was now wiping the snot off his face with a tissue.

The camera was fixed on Fu Zhi’s face, and the netizens were slack-jawed.

After a few seconds of silence.

[Holy! This face looks so familiar!]

[Nobody is going to argue with me if I say she’s Fu Zhi, right?]

[By the way, isn’t Fu Zhi supposed to be attending school right now?]

[Erm, may I know who is Fu Zhi? Why do you all sound so excited?]

[As Ms. Fu Zhi’s No.1 fan, let me tell you who she is. Fu Zhi is the pride of the No.1 High School in Yu City. Her masterpieces include, not writing homework, skipping class, first place in the test, and a sharp tongue!]

[What you say is not complete. She turned into a new leaf later onward and won first place in the International Physics Competition. Not only that, but she also destroyed the Country M’s Physics Association through brainwashing! Then, a few months later, her school found out that she’s the author of the book “Red Sun”, and she has also become the No. 1 most wanted girlfriend on Weibo with her excellent performance in the basketball match with Hang Yuan High School. It can be said that the whole school, from the janitor to the school principal, there is no one who does not like her!]

[Every day, there would be a group of students waiting for her outside of her class because they all want to get her autograph!]

Some netizens went to Baidu to search for her information, and all the popped out was her excellent academic performance, videos of her fighting for her country in the International Physics Competition, and a recording of her playing Suona in a gathering.

All of them could not help but wonder why Fu Zhi could be so outstanding while all their children knew was playing with mud?

However, they realized that could not blame their children as well. After all, they did not have Fu Zhi’s achievement as well despite them being much older than her.

Not only was she good in Physics and knew how to play a Suono, but she was also a pretty lady. No matter how they looked at her, she was a good girl and did not seem like the person who could kill Anmisu in one punch!

They did not believe it!

It must be fake!

Just when they convinced themselves that it was all fake, the face of a burly man standing behind Fu Zhi suddenly contorted into a grotesque mask of hatred.

As if he could not handle the humiliation anymore, he roared madly and charged at Fu Zhi.

“Who do you think you’re, you flat-chested woman. Do you really think we don’t dare to do anything to you? I’ll now show you who is the boss here!”

“Watch out!” The netizens shouted out loud, but Fu Zhi could not hear it.

That said, she knew exactly where he would strike from. Therefore, she took a step to the side and avoided him. Then, she raised her hand and clutched at his handcuff. After that, she delivered a kick to the man’s leg, throwing him off balance. In the next second, she grabbed his collar, pulled him to the front, and slammed a fist in his stomach.

The netizens in the live-streaming room all covered their stomachs as if they could feel the pain.

The man doubled over as he could feel his gastric juice rise up from his stomach. However, before he could spit it out, Fu Zhi grabbed his head and brought a knee up hard on his face followed by another kick to his stomach.

Without giving the man a chance to retaliate, Fu Zhi pulled his head up and took a quick look at his swollen face.

‘Oh my, he’s ugly,’ She commented inwardly.

The man’s eyes were dripped with venom, but Fu Zhi’s face was bereft of emotion. She swept her leg out from under him and sent him to the ground hard.

Then, she stepped on his back and patted the man’s face with her phone.

Nobody talked. Everyone was stunned and by the time they came around to their senses, the burly man was already on the ground.

He was so big and muscular, yet he seemed like a ragged doll in Fu Zhi’s hand. He could not do anything to her right now but squirm on the ground in agony.

Stepping on the man’s back, Fu Zhi squinted her eyes and said, “Do you still want a beating?”

The man had been following Matthew and Anmisu since a long time ago. It was never in his wildest dream that he would get beaten up by a girl one day. He opened his mouth, and just when he was about to say something, Fu Zhi punched him in the face again and commanded, “Shut up.”

The man fell unconscious.

Behind Fu Zhi, Matthew seemed to have not expected that he would have such a loyal subordinate. While he felt grateful, he chided him for his stupidity inwardly.

Suddenly, Fu Zhi threw a glance at him, and he dropped to his knees.

Fu Zhi lifted her brows as if she was asking what he was doing.

“You don’t have to kneel if you don’t want to, do you know that?”

Matthew sobbed, “It’s fine. I willingly kneel down and take the oath to show my determination to die.”

Perhaps they did not want to end up like the brawny man in Fu Zhi’s hand, they all dropped to their knees with a plop.

[Holy sh*t! It took her only three minutes to defeat an adult man?]

[Attagirl, Fu Zhi!]

[So why doesn’t Fu Zhi respond positively to why the man called her a flat-chested woman?]

[I’ve recorded down everything. From today onward, I will watch the video every day so that I know what I should do if I come across a pervert in the future!]

Fu Zhi saw the comment and she said, “That’s not necessary. After all, it would be a waste of time. I suggest that if you bump into a pervert one day, just run towards the place with many people.”

The netizens were stunned for a moment, and then they all flew into a rage.

[What did she just say? Is this the highest level of pretentiousness?]

[I just want to know where are those trolls that keep spreading false rumors about Fu Zhi in Weibo? Has the cat got your tongue? Why aren’t you guys say something? Could it be that you all are afraid that you might end up like Anmisu as well?]

[I have no idea why but I have a feeling that Fu Zhi is not a human at all. Maybe she’s an android? After all, she’s too outstanding!]

[An android? Are you serious?]

[I’m sure he must be out of his mind. Don’t you think it’s scary if Fu Zhi is really an android? Those who are not of our kin are sure to have a different mind. Have you guys never watched those sci-fi movies? It’s always those androids or artificial intelligence that brought an end to humanity. Have you forgotten about the news of the Jiang Family’s android running out of control and began harming people? Please don’t compare my beautiful Zhizhi with those rubbishes!]

In No.1 High School, Fatty suddenly yelled and shot up from his chair, “Why must you be so cruel to me, God. Why would my first love suddenly become Sister Zhi?!

“Initially, I thought of introducing my new love to Sister Zhi, but now…” Fatty could not finish his sentence and broke into tears.

“So are you saying that Sister Zhi doesn’t deserve you?” Wang Yu asked.

“Well… Sister Zhi is good. It’s me who doesn’t deserve her! Look at how ugly I am!”

“Don’t be so hard to yourself, Fatty. You might not be the most handsome man in the world, but you have a big and kind heart!” Song Fang comforted him.

Fatty’s eyes lit up, and before he could say anything, Song Fang continued, “Besides, you’re cute in an ugly sort of way, and I’m sure that someone would take fancy in you in the future.”

Fatty did not know what to say.

‘So should I say thank you to you for comforting me?’

That said, it’s too risky to get into a relationship with Fu Zhi.

After all, not only did he have to bear Fu Zhi’s sharp remarks every day, but he also had to go through her rank of brothers, and he doubt he would be able to see the sun tomorrow if her brothers learned of their relationship.

Song Fang then turned to Fan Gaoda, who was staring blankly at the blackboard, and asked, “Lao Fan, do the things you said earlier still count? Is Fu Zhi doesn’t need to do your homework anymore?”

Fan Gaoda did not know what to say in return.

“Don’t tell her that I talk about her behind her back,” Fan Gaoda said, “I don’t want to die yet.”

The live-streaming session finally ended.

Fu Yuan approached Fu Zhi and began sizing her up and down. After he was certain that she was not injured, he pointed at Matthew and asked, “Do you want us to do to the guy who ambushed you just now?”

“What I want you guys to do to him?” Fu Zhi frowned, “Uncle, I’m a law-abiding citizen. I won’t beat someone else for no reason, and I’m just defending myself just now. What do you think I am? Mafia?”


‘Well, you look like a mafia than a real mafia.’

Fu Yuan cleared his throat and replied, “Forget about it, then.”

After that, he took his phone out and transferred the money to Fu Zhi through his phone. “When are you going back to your country?”

“Tomorrow night,” Fu Zhi said as she put her phone into her pocket.

“Tomorrow night? Well, you might run into the people from the International Crime Unit.”

Matthew and his group were brought away by the police. They were going to spend their life in jail before they were executed.

Fu Zhi was stunned. “Are you sure about that? The sheriff told me that the people from the International Crime Unit has left Myanmar a long time ago. How is there any possibility that I would bump into them?”

She had stayed in the International Crime Unit before. Although she rarely accepted any mission, she knew that they had to report to the organization to receive their reward.

“Only the 6th and the 7th divisions went back. The rest of the teams are still in Myanmar. You don’t know about that?” Fu Yuan said, “I heard that they are carrying out a secret mission. They’re supposed to leave by air, but they’re carrying too many chemical products and medical drugs with them. I guess they will go back by their own private jet or ship.”

Chemical products and medical drugs.

When Fu Zhi heard what Fu Yuan had said, some images from the past surfaced in her mind.

Although the main objective of the International Crime Unit was to fight crime. As a big organization, it went without saying that they also had recruited some geniuses in the medical field. However, Fu Zhi knew that these so-called geniuses were always engaged in some inhumane research, just like the in vivo research that she participated in the last time.

‘Myanmar, medicine…’

Fu Zhi’s face suddenly turned pale as she thought of something. Her hands began to tremble as she made a call to Ye Jiu.

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