The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny - Chapter 1188 - Discipleship Gifts  

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Chapter 1188: Discipleship Gifts

Meng Jifang hesitated.

He had always cared about his dignity. Mo Chusheng’s words almost made him tear off his own skin and rub it against the ground.

He could not take it.

He turned around and wanted to leave, however, Marquis Meng directly pressed on his shoulder. “Master, this child of mine has been spoiled. He has done many bad things in the past. It’s also my fault as a father. It’s only right for him to apologize to those people. In less than a month, when I return, I’ll bring my son over personally. I won’t use the power of the Meng family to oppress others. I must let Master see my son’s sincerity.”

“Father?!” Meng Jifang was truly stunned this time.

His family was the marquis’ family, and also the Fourth Prince’s external family. What kind of honor was that?

Even if he had made some mistakes, how could he lower his head like this?

“My son has been well fed and clothed since he was young, and has never been wronged. Now that I think about it, I was wrong. If I had disciplined you strictly, perhaps you would not be in this predicament now. You have always been strong, and you have always loved to play and have fun. If you go to the other Taoist temples, you’d have to follow the rules all your life. It really doesn’t suit you.” Marquis Meng added.

He looked at it carefully. This Water Moon Temple… Even if there were many things to learn, Mo Lingzi and Mo Chusheng were not stubborn and inflexible people. In the long run, his son would not feel stifled here.

It was nothing to lower his head for a moment.

Even in the officialdom, when it was time to admit defeat, one had to admit defeat.

Furthermore, what he said was the truth. Recently, he had been feeling very regretful. The great masters mostly said that his son was used to indulging himself in the nest of the rich and powerful. The more he did so in the future, the sooner he would die.

He was well aware that the entire Meng family, including himself, had no power to restrain this child. Even if he had committed a grave mistake, there was no way he would be cruel to his son.

Just this alone was enough to send his son to eternal damnation.

As for seeing something like ghouls…

Marquis Meng could not imagine how terrifying that thing was. He did not think it was a big deal. The scariest thing in the world was the living. If the dead were capable, then would it not be meaningless for the living to live?

“Father, I don’t…” Meng Jifang resisted.

“Son, be obedient. Don’t let your mother and I worry.” There was an underlying meaning on Marquis Meng’s face.

Meng Jifang had a headache.

Was the sin he had committed so great? Did the heavens want to do this to him?!

Yes, he was insensible. Sometimes, when he saw those poor students, he could not help but mock and bully them, but that was it…

At least he did not kill people and start fires, right? He was much better than many good-for-nothing young masters!

“Since Marquis Meng is thoughtful, then it’s a deal.” Xie Qiao smiled faintly.

She wanted to know if this Meng Jifang could really lower his head.

After Marquis Meng finished speaking, he did not forget to do something important. He hurriedly moved the things into the Fortune Pavilion. There were boxes of items and… a stack of banknotes in front of Xie Qiao.

When the boxes were opened, there were many precious items inside. All of them looked quite valuable.

“Since he is your disciple, how can he not show his sincerity? My son is useless, he only has afamily background that’s rather great. Although it has not been completely settled, it is not good to come here for nothing. I will drop off the discipleship gifts and wait for my son to turn over a new leaf. When the time comes, I will officially kowtow to Master Mo…” Marquis Meng was smart.

He did not wait for Xie Qiao to reject him. He pulled his son and left.

The rest of the Meng family members also left quickly.

Xie Qiao and Mo Lingzi stared at each other.

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