The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny - Chapter 535 - Why Don’t You Do it Yourself

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Chapter 535: Why Don’t You Do it Yourself

After the steward finished speaking, he buried his head and looked very timid. However, he could not help but mutter secretly.

He did not know whether this master was a fool or not. His own family did not have much money, yet he still wanted to subsidize the group of blood-sucking parasites outside.

“Second Brother! You are an elder. How can you let your children manipulate you? You can’t just listen to whatever that girl says! Don’t you think that if it wasn’t for Ms. Peng abducting you back then, wouldn’t the relationship between you and your brother be deeper than it is now? At my age, I only want my children to be sensible. You can’t just ignore me,” the old lady could not help but cry.

Xie Niushan thought of Ms. Peng yesterday. He was anxious.

At that moment, the old lady mentioned Ms. Peng again, and Xie Niushan’s old face tensed up.

Ms. Peng was his wife.

He could not be considered to have been abducted to the mountain stronghold. After all, his family could not accommodate him back then, and he wanted to settle down somewhere. Thus, when he was robbed, he was willing to follow them. When he arrived at the mountain stronghold, everyone treated him well.

He was strong and was capable of working. He had the guts, he was not afraid of death. Thus, the chief took a liking to him at a glance, and got him to be with Ms. Peng.

Ms. Peng was beautiful, but she was also very fierce. A slight glare at him almost crushed his soul.

However, in his heart, he really respected his wife and father-in-law.

In fact, he missed them very much.

If he could be honest, the days he spent in the mountain stronghold were much happier than the days he spent in the village.

Moreover, in the village, it was Xie Mangshan who had asked him to fetch water. When the barbarians came, he did not even inform him. That was why he was caught by the barbarians.

If he wanted to live, he had to lead the way for the barbarians. Even if he did not lead the way for them, all families’ belongings would still be taken away.

Those people knew that very well, but they still blamed him for the barbarians going into the village.

It was as if he was the one who had lured the barbarians there.

No one could tolerate him. His elder brother and sister-in-law were also complaining at that time. They said they could not take him in.

Even his mother looked at him with disdain.

However, these things were gradually forgotten after he went to the mountain stronghold. He was a big-hearted person instead of a petty person. Therefore, since he had the ability to be filial to his mother, he would spend the money. It did not matter to him.

However, he was upset at the moment.

“I’ve given you a lot of money. Now that I can’t control it, what does it have to do with me? The last time I went to your house, I asked them to return the treasures to me, and they were reluctant!” Xie Niushan remembered it!

When he thought of his treasures, he could not help but feel a pain in his heart!

“At that time, we really didn’t know what treasure you were talking about. Moreover… the things that Ms. Lu gave back then were sold. Not a single one was left!” Xie Mangshan quickly said.

“You guys sure are quick to sell the treasures that were given to you.” Xie Niushan snorted, “Regarding this matter, I can’t help you guys. My family is also extremely poor. A few days ago, when I went out, the money I made wasn’t even enough to support my daughter. Now that the money has fallen into her hands, you want me to take it? You really want to upset me, don’t you?”

‘If you have the ability, why don’t you do it yourself?’

He was not the vanguard of the battle. He would lose his dignity if he spoke to his daughter about it.

The old lady and the other two were shocked.

“I-In your heart, your mother isn’t as good as that girl? Son, I’m the one who gave birth to you!” The old lady said anxiously.

There should be a limit to how much one loved his daughter, right?!

Could he not see his own mother’s pitiful look?

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