The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny - Chapter 536 - Worldly Possessions

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Chapter 536: Worldly Possessions

The old lady looked at Xie Niushan in disbelief, feeling as if she had suffered a heavy blow to her heart.

Xie Niushan was rather calm. “That definitely can’t be compared to it. That wretched girl is my child.”

She was even Ms. Peng’s daughter!

When Ms. Peng was pregnant, he had a feeling that it would definitely be a daughter.

He clearly remembered how careful he was back then. He could ignore others, but not this daughter. If she was upset or angered to death, how could he face Ms. Peng in the future?

When Ms. Peng died, she said that he could do whatever he wanted in the future!

He could marry as many wives as he wanted, but he should not cheat, as she thought it was disgusting. He could have as many children as he wanted, but he could not abuse her daughter. Otherwise, she would die with a grievance.

After Xie Qiao was born, he was really prepared to dote on her.

However, did he not have a choice but to send her away due to her fate that was lethal to her family?

Of course, although he sent her away, he had also paid money back then. That old Taoist master was quite reasonable. He thought the person should be better than him in teaching his daughter.

Therefore, he left the wretched girl out there and did not care too much.

With his temper, not caring too much meant that he was being kind.

However, the old lady could not understand that.

At that moment, she knew that she could not compare with that girl Xie Qiao. Since her second son doted on his daughter so much, if she continued to compete with her, she would not be able to get any money.

“It’s okay for you to dote on her. In the future, your Eldest Brother, Youngest Brother, and I will dote on her. Isn’t that great? Now that we don’t have enough food at home and your financial status is stable, you’re the only promising one in our family. Other than you, who else can help us?” The old lady said.

Xie Niushan was extremely annoyed by them.

He mumbled to himself. It was too noisy.

“How much silver did you owe?” Xie Niushan asked.

The steward’s heart jolted when he heard that.

The old lady was about to say 150 taels of silver, however, she changed her mind. “One hundred and fifty taels of silver in cash, but our house is gone. We’re about to be chased out. There’s also no food at home. Many of them are on credit. Your Third Brother’s child is about to get married, so the silver is also gone…”

Xie Niushan was even more annoyed now.

How much silver would that be?

However, his mother’s constant crying was annoying.

“Here you are…” just as he was about to conclude the number, Xie Qiao walked out with Xie Xi.

Xie Niushan’s heart skipped a beat. He saw Xie Qiao clutching her chest. She looked very weak, and her expression was terrible. He did not know if she was angry again.

However, what could have angered her?

Needless to say, it must be caused by his mother who was right in front of him.

“Father wants to spend money? Do you have any silver?” Xie Qiao entered the door and asked gently.

Only then did Xie Niushan remember that he had lost a bet, and all the silver would have to go to Xie Xi.

“I’ve no money.” Xie Niushan felt that his pocket was empty. “The money of the family is under the Second Daughter’s control. I have no money for you.”

The old lady stared at the two sisters who had suddenly appeared. She was so angry that she was about to go out of her mind.

Her son had relented earlier!

The two sisters had actually appeared out of nowhere!

“Xi’er is so young. Can she manage the silver? Stop with your joke…” The old lady’s face was stiff, and the gaze she gave Xie Xi was somewhat sinister.

“It’s just silver. Xi’er is the Second Young Lady of the Xie family. Even if she doesn’t manage it well, she will only lose some worldly possessions. It doesn’t matter.” Xie Qiao’s words were even more infuriating.

The old lady wanted to vomit blood.

Just silver? Worldly possessions?

If she did not want it, then she could give it to her! She would accept just any amount!

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