The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex - Chapter 1050 - Simply Wanted To Return To You

Chapter 1050: Simply Wanted To Return To You

Ye Hao didn’t want to know about the past because it didn’t matter anymore. This, however, was important to the women in front of him.

Han Xue bit her lips. After anger, tears surged out of her eyes. She was quite emotional.

“Yes, it doesn’t matter to you, but it matters to me. Because if you weren’t so cold and indifferent to me, I wouldn’t have been unable to let go of this relationship, nor would I have become so stubborn and tried every way to return to you. On the one hand, you let me remember your goodness, while on the other hand, you avoid the past with me. You are selfish.”

Han Xue’s face flushed and her chest was fluctuating violently.

“Do you think I’m really so hateful and so bad? Actually, I have no feelings for your brother. I just want to return to you, and that night we didn’t have sex, so I couldn’t conceive your child, then I turned to your brother. I did so simply because I wanted to come back to you. After all, in my whole life, only you are good to me. I hope we can go back to the time when we loved each other. At that time, I am the only one in your heart. You would fly back from abroad to accompany me because I was ill. You would prepare my favorite gifts at every festival, and would tolerate all my shortcomings and mistakes.”

After saying this, Han Xue covered her face with hands and sobbed, the sound of which made listeners tremble in the heart.

Ye Hao didn’t reply. He sat in the chair, eyes cold, with no expression visible on his face. Probably he felt sad about this woman. He admitted that he was very kind to this woman because he used to love her many years ago. Later he did not love her any more, so he did not want to have anything to do with this woman.

“Ye Hao…” After crying for a while, Han Xue continued, “do you know? In fact, I didn’t intend to let Little Yu inherit the Ye’s property. I thought that after we were together, I could give birth to our own child, and then let you cultivate our child as the heir. But you didn’t give me this opportunity. You had been reluctant to sleep with me or start again. After I married you, I tried so hard to be nice to you, to tolerate your spoiled daughter and to please your mother, but you chose to ignore me all the time, and to be extremely indifferent to me. But even then I didn’t give up attending to our relationship.”

“But what did you do? As soon as He Xiyan returned to Ye City, you asked for a divorce, taking my feelings for granted. You didn’t even want to talk to me, and just appealed to court directly. I tried so hard for so long, but I was unwilling to give up. That was the reason I went to extremes and let Ye Yi deal with Wang Lan who had blackmailed me several times. Wang Lan was too greedy, and deserved to die.”

The more Han Xue said, the more emotional she became. She had already risen up from the chair, face red totally, just like a lunatic.

Ye Hao sighed deeply. He closed his eyes and felt a splitting headache.

He knew that Han Xue was telling the truth, and also at this moment did he get to know all the actions and inner thoughts of this woman for all these years.

“I’m sorry!”

Suddenly, Ye Hao said so. These words were indeed uttered from the bottom of his heart. He didn’t feel that he had hurt this woman, but he was really sorry for the woman because some of the ways he used to handle things were not appropriate. He should have broken up with this woman in person nine years ago and made clear the reasons. He even had not refused the woman the moment she was about to return to him.

He was partly to blame for what the woman was now.