The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex - Chapter 1051 - Now That I’ve Lost, Don’t You Dare Think You’d Win

Chapter 1051: Now That I’ve Lost, Don’t You Dare Think You’d Win

Han Xue smiled and she wiped at her eyes with both hands.

I’m sorry? There was no point in apologizing.

Her fate was set in stone thanks to this cold-hearted man.

“Ye Hao, don’t you love He Xiyan very much?” Han Xue’s eyes suddenly narrowed as she looked at the man in front of her.

Ye Hao paused for a moment when he heard the sudden change in Han Xue’s tone. She wore a frightening expression and smiled creepily.

Han Xue laughed once again and cackled loudly. She took a few steps forward, walked up to Ye Hao, and saw how anxious he seemed through the metal grills.

“I bet you love her a lot! Ye Hao, unfortunately, she has been infected with an incurable disease and her days are numbered.” Han Xue said.

Ye Hao’s face turned pale and he asked, “What do you mean?”

Han Xue laughed coldly and said, “I don’t mean anything by it. Why don’t you ask her to do a blood test one or two months later and tell her to test for the HIV virus?”


Ye Hao’s tall and large frame suddenly stumbled backward into his wooden chair. He felt as though he had been hit by a thunderbolt and his limbs immediately went numb.

Then, two policemen approached him and said, “Mr. Ye, please step out for a moment. Inspector Liu would like to speak to you.”

Han Xue burst into laughter as she watched Ye Hao leave. She wanted to see if Ye Hao would still want He Xiyan back even after finding out that she has contracted such a terrible illness. She wanted to know if He Xiyan was truly the only woman for him.

She knew very well how he behaved when he claimed he was in love. He was only in love with himself. He was nothing but a selfish man.

Ha… He Xiyan, now that I’ve lost, don’t you dare think you’d win.


He Xiyan stood in front of the school gates and she was in the waiting area with the rest of the parents who waited for their children to be released from school.

She looked at the time and saw that the children would be released in a few minutes.

She suddenly felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see Yue Yue’s mother Chen Xi who had added her as a contact on WeChat.

“Hello,” He Xiyan greeted her with a smile.

She had started chatting to Yue Yue’s mother over the past few days and they had struck up a friendship. Yue Yue’s mother was a foodie and she was especially good at making desserts.

“Are you free this weekend?” Chen Xi asked.

He Xiyan thought for a moment and realized that she didn’t have anything special planned that weekend.

“Yes, I am,” she replied with a smile.

“Why don’t you bring Yuan Yuan over to play? I’d be at home this weekend as well. Didn’t you mention that you wanted to learn how to make those cookies? I could teach you,” Chen Xi said with a friendly pat on He Xiyan’s shoulder, as though they were fast friends.

She didn’t have much of a choice since her daughter was constantly harping on about Yuan Yuan, so she tried to create chances for her daughter to spend time with Yuan Yuan.

He Xiyan paused for a moment and looked a little hesitant. Frankly, she wasn’t in the habit of bringing her children to visit other people’s houses. However, she just said that she was free, so how could she reject this invitation now that it was extended to her?

She couldn’t come up with a proper excuse and thus, she could only accept Chen Xi’s invitation with a nod.

Chen Xi said, “That’s settled then. Oh yes, don’t you have a daughter as well? Why don’t you bring her over too? It’d be good for my child to have another friend.”

He Xiyan didn’t know how to respond.

The school bell rang as they were talking and the children filed out of the school in neat rows.

The earliest to be released from school were the youngest children and the last to be released were the eldest.

Xi Xi was always standing at the back. She walked at a moderate pace and was always seven or eight meters behind her class.