The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way Ex - Chapter 1133 - Don’t TouChapter Me

Chapter 1133: Don’t Touch Me

Ye Hao walked to the doorway and suddenly remembered that he had closed the door, so he guessed that it was probably the nurse coming to check on He Xiyan.

He didn’t even think too much in this before he pushed the handle down and opened the door.

The wooden door smacked against the wall with a loud bang and the person in front of him was none other than…

“Who let you in?!”

Ye Hao’s brows arched and his face immediately darkened.

Mo Yixuan rushed forward and gave Ye Hao a hard shove as he swung his long arms.

He practically rushed to her bedside.

“Yan Yan…”

Mo Yixuan looked at his ex-wife who lay on the bed in agitation and in concern. He had already guessed earlier that Ye Hao must have used his phone to respond to his messages.

Damn it, this wasn’t the first time Ye Hao had done this.

He didn’t know that Yan Yan was sick and had undergone surgery at the hospital because no one had alerted him to this. Otherwise, he would have rushed over at the first instance to by her side.

“Yan Yan, how are you?” Mo Yixuan said as he stretched out his hand to take hers but his hand had just stretched out when another hand shot out and stopped him.

“Alright, Mo Yixuan. Stop kicking up such a big fuss. Can’t you see that she’s sleeping?” Ye Hao snapped in irritation. He didn’t know who had tipped Mo Yixuan off that Yan Yan had been hospitalized.

Mo Yixuan clearly wasn’t aware of this three hours ago.

Mo Yixuan said, “Don’t touch me!”

Ye Hao was speechless.

Damn it!

Who wanted to touch Mo Yixuan’s dirty hands? He must be out of his mind!

These two men glared at each other coldly, menacingly, and angrily.

Mo Yixuan’s sharp, black brows slammed together in a frown and his eyes were cold as he looked at Ye Hao. If they weren’t in a hospital, he would have given Ye Hao a good beating.

“How is she doing?” Mo Yixuan asked.

Although he was extremely angry, he was still very worried about Yan Yan. Why did she have to go for an operation when she seemed healthy? Why was there suddenly a tumor growing within her?

Ye Hao scoffed coldly but ignored Mo Yixuan’s question.

These two men reined in their urge to lunge at each other in the hospital ward. However, their faces were cold as they glared at each other and their eyes blazed with anger.

Mo Yixuan moved a stool over to sit beside Yan Yan while Ye Hao stood by the window and placed a hand on the windowsill.

“Mo Yixuan, you stink of cigarettes. Why are you sitting so close to her? Are you trying to kill her with the stench from your cigarettes?” Ye Hao asked as he arched his brows. He did not have a nice word for Mo Yixuan.

Mo Yixuan snapped back, “That’s none of your business!:

The atmosphere crackled with explosive energy in addition to the scent of cigarettes from Mo Yixuan.

Mo Yixuan sniffed and he could smell the stench of cigarettes on his body. He had been smoking way too much recently so that even his breath smelled of cigarettes.

He moved the stool a little further away and took out his jacket.

However, his gaze never left He Xiyan who laid on the hospital bed.

He was enraged at the thought of the messages that Ye Hao had sent.

“Ye Hao, you must be a fool if you think that I wouldn’t be able to tell that those messages were from you,” Mo Yixuan said.

Ye Hao pursed his lips and smiled.

“Does it matter? Yan Yan doesn’t even want to speak to you, so you’re just deluding yourself,” he said.

He had peeked at Mo Yixuan’s chat with Yan Yan and noticed that Yan Yan had rejected him on more than one occasion. Yan Yan would ignore most of his messages unless they were related to Yuan Yuan.

Ye Hao was extremely happy when he thought about the chat history he had read three hours ago. He had clearly forgotten that Yan Yan hardly responded to his messages as well.