The Queen of Everything - Chapter 1041 - Blindly Guessing Pregnancy

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Chapter 1041: Blindly Guessing Pregnancy

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Tan Jinsui was worried about Su Cha.

Su Cha turned around and shook her head. “I’m fine.”

Tan Jinsui frowned. “You don’t look fine.”

Su Cha paused.

“Uncle Tan, can you check which situations could cause a woman’s emotions to change drastically?”

Su Cha instinctively felt that something was wrong.

She did not believe that there was anything wrong with her self-control, so there must be something else wrong.

Tan Jinsui frowned.

“It’s that time of the month?”

He’d said this casually. After all, women would only have intense emotions at this time…

Su Cha shook her head. Tan Jinsui took out his phone and checked. In the end, he was silent for a moment. “According to the Internet, it’s either it’s that time of the month or… the woman is pregnant.”


Su Cha’s mind exploded.

She immediately felt that it was impossible. If she was pregnant…

No, although she could check it herself, if her inner force did not automatically guide her to check, even if she was pregnant, she would not know immediately.

Su Cha’s expression changed.

She placed her fingers on the vein on her other arm. In just three seconds, she could clearly feel something different in her lower abdomen using her inner force.

The little thing was very subtle and almost undetectable.

It seemed that it had only been around for a short while, but indeed, there was another life source in her body.

Tan Jinsui found Su Cha’s movements a little strange. In the end, he saw her place her hand on her arm and measure it. Her voice trembled. “I… I’m pregnant…”

Tan Jinsui: “…”

Are you kidding me?

Who would know they’re pregnant just by putting a hand on their arm? Are you an old Chinese doctor?

His eyes were almost glued to her. His tone was filled with horror and disbelief. “Are you sure?”

Su Cha nodded and suddenly felt a headache. “I’ll go to the hospital for a detailed checkup.”

She had never been pregnant and had no relevant experience, but she could not explain the sudden appearance of the life form.

It was very small. She only sensed it with her inner force. As for the specific situation, it could only be determined by the hospital.

Tan Jinsui opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he suddenly did not know what to say. Suddenly, he did not know whether to laugh or cry. “Luckily, you will be 20 soon.”

They would be legally married after they got their marriage certificate, and this child would not be born before their marriage.

After all, Su Cha’s stomach was not yet showing. She must have just gotten pregnant.

No wonder she had become so…

Tan Jinsui knew that a woman’s personality would change greatly when she was pregnant, but he did not have much experience, so he was at a loss.

However, he reacted quickly. First, he arranged for the scenes in the afternoon to be temporarily suspended. He said that Su Cha had something urgent to attend to. Then, when Fu Mo returned, he and Fu Mo brought Su Cha to the local hospital for a checkup.

Seeing Su Cha leaving the production crew in a hurry, Hua Nie and the assistant looked at each other in shock. “It can’t be true…”

Otherwise, why would she suddenly ask for leave?

Where could they have gone?

Of course, the production crew was baffled, but it was good to have a break. However, it was not only the little assistant who’d blindly guessed that Su Cha was pregnant.

After all, some women in the production crew had given birth before. Su Cha’s sudden change in personality made them discuss privately whether or not she was really pregnant.

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