The Queen of Everything - Chapter 548 - Xiao Cha Won’t Go Back

Chapter 548: Xiao Cha Won’t Go Back

Zong Yanxiu fell silent.

His face turned pale.

Seeing his son’s face wither, Zong Bingyi felt a little regretful.

Why did he have to mention that woman?

Zong Yanxiu’s thin lips trembled slightly. Actually, his heart still ached when he thought of Ruan Yin.

Everyone knew that he liked Ruan Yin.

Although so much time had passed, he had been asleep for so many years, and all that time felt like the blink of an eye.

She had become a stranger, but his feelings were still there.

When he willingly agreed to raise Su Cha for Ruan Yin, he’d made such a huge sacrifice, which meant that he could not let this matter go easily.

What if Ruan Yin really wanted her daughter back?

Zong Yanxiu kept questioning himself in his heart. In the end, he could only avoid it. “I respect Xiao Cha’s opinions.”

Xiao Cha might not agree.

Seeing that he was still escaping, Zong Bingyi could only sigh heavily.

His son was hopeless.

Just then, the female butler reported, “Master, Eldest Young Master, Young Master Tan is here.”

Zong Yanxiu’s eyes lit up, and Zong Bingyi’s expression softened. “Have him enter.”

The butler received the order and left. After a while, a handsome and elegant man walked in from outside. His expression softened when he saw Zong Yanxiu. “Yanxiu.”

Then he looked at Zong Bingyi and called out, “Uncle Zong!”

“I’ve heard you’ve been back for a while. Why are you only here now?”

Zong Bingyi glanced at him as he questioned him meaningfully.

Tan Jinsui casually sat next to Zong Yanxiu and answered smoothly, “I’ve just returned to the country recently. I’ve been busy with work and am gathering some information. I’ve met Yanxiu overseas. I’m not in a hurry to return.”

Zong Yanxiu looked at him and shouted, “Jinsui.”

Zong Bingyi glanced at them and stood up. He took the newspaper and went to the back room. “You guys chat. I won’t interfere.”

Tan Jinsui narrowed his eyes. After Zong Bingyi left, Zong Yanxiu looked at him and calmed down, but he could not hide his joy. “You haven’t come to see me for so long. I thought you were really busy, so I didn’t dare to disturb you. If Xiao Cha hadn’t come back, I would have been bored.”

Tan Jinsui had been his brother since he was young. They had a deep relationship, and he was the person Zong Yanxiu trusted the most.

Tan Jinsui’s smile froze. “You found Xiao Cha?”

Zong Yanxiu nodded. “I found her yesterday. I haven’t told you yet. If you saw her, you would definitely recognize her. Xiao Cha is now a celebrity.”

Tan Jinsui coughed and did not speak. Zong Yanxiu could not help but want to tell him everything. When he saw Tan Jinsui, he wanted to tell him everything.

“Xiao Cha is currently a celebrity. I don’t know if she has a manager or not. That child is also a singer. I heard that Manni is not in the mood to work. If you have time, do you mind helping Xiao Cha? With you helping her, I’d feel much more at ease.”

When Tan Jinsui heard this, he looked at him with a faint smile. “You really know how to be considerate of her. You don’t know what has happened all these years. Recently, I’ve heard that the Zuo family has already found her. Aren’t you afraid that she will go back to them? Aren’t you afraid that you will have raised an ingrate? Her biological parents are not ordinary.”

Zong Yanxiu did not like hearing that. He thought about what Su Cha had said yesterday and said seriously, “I don’t think Xiao Cha will go back. She will follow me.”