The Queen of Everything - Chapter 549 - Let Go

Chapter 549: Let Go

Tan Jinsui was very detailed about his blind confidence. Su Cha was a little like Zong Yanxiu.

Although they were not related by blood, she was raised by him.

The child had looked so confident when she was about to perform.

Tan Jinsui did not speak. His expression was a little mysterious. His usual sternness could make one feel less pressured. Zong Yanxiu was also worried that he would feel uncomfortable. He thought about it and decided not to force him. “It’s fine if you don’t want to. I think Xiao Cha can make a name for herself. I just want her to have an uncle like you.”

Tan Jinsui could not help but sneer. “Yanxiu, you really forgot about your brother after you got a daughter. Are you saying that despite being her uncle, I won’t help her?”

Zong Yanxiu made his stand. “I didn’t mean that!”

“Do I even need you to ask me?”

Tan Jinsui sighed in his heart. Seeing that Zong Yanxiu was concerned about Su Cha, he told him the truth, “Her boyfriend found me a long time ago and paved her path. Why do you need to worry about this? I’m her manager now, but I didn’t tell her that I know you. She must have just regained her memory, right? She didn’t look like she remembered you.”

Zong Yanxiu was surprised. “So you already know each other? Did Muyi ask you to come back? No wonder.”

When he was overseas, Zong Yanxiu woke up and met Tan Jinsui. Tan Jinsui followed Zong Yanxiu back to the country, but he said that he had something to do. Zong Yanxiu knew that he was a manager in the entertainment industry. He knew Zou Manni, but he did not expect Tan Jinsui to have returned for Su Cha.

At the thought of this, Zong Yanxiu could not help but laugh. “What a coincidence. It just so happens that Xiao Cha and Bo Muyi are coming over for dinner tonight. You should stay as well. I’ll introduce you to her officially. She was only one or two years old when she saw you when she was young. I think she can’t remember.”

“Those who can remember can only be considered gods!”

How could a one- or two-year-old child have any memories? He was rebutting him, but Tan Jinsui sounded helpless.

“Muyi, I’m going to eat with my father tonight. Do you want to come with me?”

After school, Su Cha had called Bo Muyi and told him that she was going to the Zong family residence for dinner. Bo Muyi felt a little helpless. When she recalled her memories yesterday, Bo Muyi already had this feeling. In the future, Su Cha would definitely run to the Zong family.

“I can’t go today.”

He was also a little gloomy. There were too many things to do. He could not even go back to the Lookout Pavilion to accompany Su Cha for dinner. At most, the two of them would meet and sleep together every day.

However, he could not help but feel a sense of crisis at the thought of Su Cha going to the Zong family often. “Do you still want me?”

“Yes, yes, of course!”

Such was jealousy. Su Cha was happy right now, so she coaxed him, “I’m just going there to have dinner, not to move in. I’ll come back after dinner. Be good. After dinner, I’ll do some work. I’ll definitely wait for you at home, okay?”

Hearing Su Cha’s words, Bo Muyi felt much better. He obediently let out a sigh. “Okay.”

Actually, since he was not going to see Su Cha during dinner, it did not matter where she ate.

Of course, if Bo Muyi could go back to eat, he would definitely follow.

Not long after Su Cha hung up, Fu Mo suddenly appeared and stood behind her. “Student Su!”

Su Cha had sharp senses, but she was a little distracted while talking on the phone. When she noticed it, Fu Mo was already standing behind her like a ghost.