The Queen of Everything - Chapter 929 - My Person Did It

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Chapter 929: My Person Did It

“No… I’m sure. I haven’t seen Hall Master Qi in a few days.”

Lady Seventeen found it strange. She had not seen Qi He for a few days.

Qi He and this Alliance Master had always been strange. He seemed to be the Alliance Master’s subordinate, but the Alliance Master seemed to trust him.

He seemed to have said something a few days ago and did not come back.

“How is that possible?”

Greya frowned.

She trusted Qi He very much, so she did not use any tracking methods. However, Qi He had not returned for a few days, so she felt a little uneasy.

She could not describe the uneasiness she felt.

Not long after, Greya received a message. When she rushed to the hospital, she saw that Qi He was unconscious.

He had been stabbed more than ten times. He was lying on the bed, still breathing.

Greya almost went crazy when she saw Qi He like this. Her eyes turned red as she screamed crazily, “Lian Chi!!!”


Su Cha, who had been working in the United States, was also paying attention to Lian Chi’s whereabouts. Soon, she received a piece of unexpected news.

“Something happened to a Hall Master close to Greya. Is it the one who is very close with her?”

Tan Yeluo had told her about this. At the thought of this, Su Cha immediately thought of what Lian Chi had said.

She recalled that there was indeed a man who’s always close to Greya’s side, and he’d wanted to attack Su Cha back then.

When Su Cha retaliated, Greya stopped her.

This person was a hall master close to Greya. His name was Qi He.

Now, something had happened to Qi He.

Su Cha immediately thought of the internal strife between the Killing Alliance.

The people on their side could not have attacked Qi He. Lian Chi said that Greya had attacked him. Could it be that he tried to kill Qi He himself?

Of course, Qi He was not dead yet.

However, Tan Yeluo said that Greya was about to go crazy.

After all, people had been hospitalized. It was the first time Greya had had such a big reaction to something after returning to China.

Su Cha could not help but click her tongue in wonder. How could Lian Chi not understand that it was a bad idea to attack Qi He?

It was obvious how he had angered Greya.

Su Cha did not know about the exact dispute between these people for the time being, but now that she thought about it, Lian Chi and Greya were not on very friendly terms.

At the same time, Bo Muyi’s message arrived.

“Lian Chi is now wanted in the entire country. Lian Ye and his brother have stepped forward to break off their relationship with him.”

Su Cha was stunned. “What’s the crime?”

“Commercial crime.”

Bo Muyi did not say much about such business matters. He just said, “We don’t need to do too much. His hands are not clean. After so long, the methods he’d used to plant people in the Lian Corporation have left a trail.”

It was just that he had dealt with things very cleanly in the past, and Bo Muyi did not pay attention to him.

It was different now.

The Bo family quickly found the clues and used them.

Su Cha also told Bo Muyi about Greya and Lian Chi’s Gu.

“I know.”

Unexpectedly, what Bo Muyi said next surprised Su Cha.

She could almost feel the man’s mocking smile when he said the words. They sounded casual and arrogant. “Qi He was attacked by my people.”

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