The Real Young Miss's Secret Identities Revealed - Chapter 1154 - On-Site Modification  

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Chapter 1154: On-Site Modification

The Fu Corporation’s costume was officially on display.

A large number of media outlets were curious about the collaboration between the Fu Corporation and Qiu Huang. Although the exhibition this time was very low-key, Jiang Li was fully in charge of it.

They were all waiting in front of the display case. When they heard the noise and shouts of fans, they realized that a very popular celebrity couple was wearing the new costume and walking toward the display case.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the celebrity couple, but they did not notice that someone was silently following behind them. They pushed up their sunglasses and retreated into the crowd.

This person was Jiang Man.

How could Jiang Man miss the opportunity to attack Jiang Li.

Since Jiang Li was in charge of this event, she had to make Jiang Li lose face and never raise her head again.

Jiang Man was also afraid that she would be recognized, so she turned around and walked into the bathroom to change her clothes and become the popular Lydia.

At this moment, an accident happened in front of the display cabinet.

While Jiang Li was talking to the representative sent by the Fu Corporation, Qiu Huang’s assistant rushed over and said a few words to her.

How could such a big thing happen?

Jiang Li arranged for the assistant to help her get the work tools, and she and the representative rushed over first.

At this moment, behind the display cabinet, the male artiste’s face was already filled with anger. He took off his coat and draped it over his girlfriend’s body.

The length of the coat was just enough to cover the female artiste’s back and the part where her skirt was torn.

If it was not for the female artiste’s quick reaction to cover her chest in time, she might have been exposed and embarrassed. The responsibility was not only Qiu Huang and Jiang Li’s, but also the Fu Corporation’s misfortune.

The media did not expect that an accident would happen before the exhibition officially began.

However, there were also reporters who were raising their cameras to check if they had captured a thrilling scene.

If they had the chance to capture a special scene, they could send the news to the headlines. As for which direction the public opinion would go, they did not care.

It was enough to have traffic.

Jiang Li’s face darkened. When she walked over quickly, the male artiste also saw her.

“Jiang Li, it’s not that we don’t want to give you face, but it’s really too much,” the male artiste lowered his voice and said to Jiang Li.

He had worked with Jiang Li before, so he understood Jiang Li’s character. That was why he accepted the contract, but who would have thought that such a thing would happen.

The female artiste was afraid that her boyfriend would have a conflict with Jiang Li, so she tugged at his coat with one hand and covered her chest with the other. She tried to be as generous as possible and smiled, “I believe that Miss Jiang can handle the matter well.”

Seeing that her assistant had rushed over with the suitcase, Jiang Li turned to the male artiste and said, “Don’t worry, leave it to me.”

She took out a thin pearl ribbon from the toolbox and said softly to the female artiste, “When I tell you to let go, you can let go. Don’t worry, it won’t fall off.”

The male artiste did not understand and only asked, “What do you mean? Doesn’t that mean…”

The surrounding professional reporters could tell what Jiang Li was going to do at a glance.

Was she going to make a modification on the spot?

This was not a joke.

If she did not make a good change, she would be ruining her reputation.

Jiang Li was full of confidence. After she made a few movements toward the pearl ribbon, she took off the male artiste’s jacket. She raised her right hand slightly and said to the female artiste, “You can let go now.”

The female artiste’s eyes lit up. She already understood what Jiang Li had done. She turned her head and slowly put down her hand.

There was no trace of the dress falling off. It perfectly fitted the female artiste’s curves.

After passing the coat to the male artiste, Jiang Li apologized softly, “Sorry to trouble you. I’ll take care of this problem in a while.”

When she stepped back slightly, the female artiste also turned her body to the side, showing the part of the dress that was torn apart.

If it was said that the tear had caused an accident, since there was an exquisite irregular bow at the moment, it accentuated the female artiste’s beautiful back even more.

The male artiste also let out a sigh of relief. He put his coat on his arm and walked to the display cabinet with his girlfriend.

When Jiang Li saw the couple’s cooperation, her eyes darkened slightly.

She did not have time to take another look just now. She only hoped to cover up the accident first. At the moment, she could be sure that the female artiste’s clothes were man-made damage.

Who was so bold?

Did they think that she did not have the ability to find out?

Jiang Li was not in a hurry to find out who the real culprit was. Instead, she stood by the side and waited for the event to end.

If there was another incident, she could also deal with it in time.

Everything happened too quickly.

Jiang Man had already blended into the crowd and could not squeeze to the front anymore.

When she saw the female artiste’s dress break, she immediately took a blurry photo and posted it on the internet. She contacted the troll army that she had hired in advance and mocked Jiang Li’s unique design, saying that it was very ‘tasteful’.

Who knew that her post would be deleted so quickly.

It was because there was an even more popular content that appeared.

An accident had happened at Fu Corporation’s clothing event. Jiang Li had saved the scene in time and changed the design with the concept of ‘without destruction, there could not be construction’.

Naturally, there were some more professional analyses at the end. Instead, they felt that Jiang Li’s design was more stylish than the previous one.

Jiang Man raised her head in shock and stood on her tiptoes to see what had happened. However, Jiang Li’s assistant noticed her.

The assistant quietly moved over and said behind Jiang Man, “Lydia, you’re here?”

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