The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce - Chapter 1053 - Foul Mouth

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Chapter 1053 Foul Mouth

Liu Manhong turned around and saw Zou Zheng, whom she hadn’t seen in a long time. He still had a fat belly and a greasy face.

There was a younger woman by Zou Zheng’s side, but Liu Manhong quickly saw her age.

She was at least almost 40 years old, but was well maintained and looked quite young.

The woman looked pretty, but what made Liu Manhong speechless was that she was tightly holding onto Zou Zheng’s arm, as if she was afraid that he’d leave.

Zou Zheng was balding and had a belly. He was only fifty years old, but looked almost sixty or seventy years old.

The two of them looked like father and daughter.

Liu Manhong looked at the woman with a complicated gaze.

This woman should be Zou Zheng’s new wife, but the problem was, there was something wrong with this woman’s eyes!

She seemed to look at her with a vigilant look, so Liu Manhong was quite speechless.

Did she even see Zou Zheng’s face? Who would want to steal him away?!

Her taste would not be so bad that she would go back to Zou Zheng!

She didn’t know what this woman really wanted from Zou Zheng. How could she value him like this?! Was she out of her mind?

Zou Zheng was happy to see Liu Manhong.

Just after greeting his ex, he felt a tight presence on his arm.

His heart jumped, and only then did he remember that he had someone beside him.

He hurriedly smiled at the woman beside him, “Jinghong, this is Liu Manhong, my ex-wife. I’ve told you about her before. Manhong, this is my wife, Lu Jinghong.”

Lu Jinghong looked at Liu Manhong warily, her eyes not too friendly.

“You are his ex-wife?” She looked Liu Manhong up and down and showed a sarcastic smile of disgust. “You don’t seem to be that great!”

Lu Jinghong was very upset. When both of them had the same word in their names, it really upset her to the extreme.

The smile on Liu Manhong’s face also sank, and the corners of her mouth were pulled with a fake smile.

“Yeah, I’m really not that great, but my eyes are still pretty good. At least I don’t treasure a pile of poop and don’t mind the stink!” While saying that, she also fanned her nose while taking a few steps backward.

The feeling of disgust was overflowing.

She determined that this female’s eyes and brain really had problems!

Otherwise, how could she treat a piece of trash like Zou Zheng as a treasure and be afraid that others would steal him?

Looking at Zou Zheng’s greasy face and big belly, Liu Manhong could no longer control rolling her eyes.

Why were there so many blind women nowadays?

How could this woman stand Zou Zheng’s appearance and look at him? She actually treasured him?

Lu Jinghong was so angry by Liu Manhong’s words that her face turned black.

“What did you say?!”

Her status was different. Others would usually appease her, so she never needed to argue with others.

Liu Manhong’s sharp tongue was something she had never encountered before, and it almost killed her.

Zou Zheng hurriedly pulled his wife back, “Don’t be angry! She just has a foul mouth and can’t talk properly! Don’t be like her.”

Zou Zheng was actually right, especially when he said it to his wife to show his attitude.

However, Liu Manhong was still in front of him! If he said this kind of thing, wasn’t he just asking to be destroyed?

Liu Manhong hummed, “Old Zou, our company will soon launch a hair growth product, and the effect is particularly good. It is the holy grail for bald patients! Don’t worry, I’ve already prepared a super VIP treatment for you. In your case, you need to spend more money. Otherwise, it will be hopeless! It doesn’t matter if you’re not saved, but if you have children, especially sons, the genes will be passed on, and that’s a problem!”

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