The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce - Chapter 1058 - Confusing Relationship

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Chapter 1058: Confusing Relationship

When Lu Jinghong got inside, she realized that she had made a big mistake!

Lu Xiaohang was good at everything, but there was one thing that was a headache for the whole family: he liked mature women.

They didn’t know where he went wrong, but he liked mature women! Women more than ten years older than him!

When he was young, this problem wasn’t obvious.

However, when he grew up, people realized that he did not like young and beautiful girls; he liked women with maturity!

If it was just a few years difference, it was still in the tolerable range.

However, e actually liked women who were more than ten years older than him!

What kind of inexplicable fetish was this?!

However, what comforted his parents a little was that even if he liked mature women, it was all about looks.

His girlfriends were all beautiful, and although a little older, they were very charming.

He was young and good-looking. Even when the older women had more experience, not many of them could escape him.

Besides, he was extraordinary, so no one could resist his pursuit.

The family couldn’t stop him from fooling around, they could only let him do as he liked.

He would one day be the head of the Lu family!

If it was normal times, Lu Jinghong would not be concerned about this.

This time, however, Liu Manhong was in this store!

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Although she did not like Liu Manhong, she had to admit that Liu Manhong was Lu Xiaohang’s type!

This was like the lamb going into the tiger’s mouth!

If Lu Xiaohang fell for Liu Manhong, she would be furious!

Besides, her big brother would have to scold her to death to!

What a messy relationship!

Her nephew’s girlfriend was her husband’s ex-wife?!

It was scary to think about!

Lu Jinghong went in, then immediately tried to exit.

They could leave before Lu Xiaohang noticed Liu Manhong!

However, it was already too late!

Lu Xiaohang had already seen Liu Manhong and was walking towards her!

Lu Jinghong’s heart was pounding, and as soon as she stood in front of Lu Xiaohang, she pulled out a smile.

“Well, Xiaohang, let’s go to another store. Other stores should be better!”

Lu Xiaohang’s eyes stared at Liu Manhong, who was smiling lightly in front of him, then smiled at Lu Jinghong.

“I think this store is quite good. If you have anything you like, just tell me and I’ll pay!”

After saying that, he bypassed her, and continued to walk ahead.

Lu Jinghong was so angry behind him that she stomped her feet.

What the hell was all this?!

Zou Zheng’s expression was not good either.

He had also heard about Lu Xiaohang’s preferences, and naturally knew what he was trying to do as he went over.

Although nothing had happened between the two of them yet, he felt cuckolded just thinking about the possibility!

Although they had been divorced for many years, the terrible nature of men made him treat Liu Manhong as his woman all the time.

Liu Manhong had never remarried, so she was just waiting for him!

It just didn’t occur to him that Lu Xiaohang would take a fancy to Liu Manhong!

The couple looked at each other with ugly expressions.

They could only pray that Lu Xiaohang wasn’t interested in Liu Manhong. Otherwise, they would die of anger!

Unfortunately, Lu Xiaohang didn’t hear what they were saying in their hearts.

Even if he did, he wouldn’t care.


He walked up to Liu Manhong with a gentle smile on the corner of his mouth.

“Hello. Mind if I sit here?”

Liu Manhong looked up and met a young, handsome face. Suddenly, she looked to the side and saw Zou Zheng and his wife’s expression, looking like they had eaten bile.

“Sure! Sit down,” she laughed.

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