The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL] - Chapter 709 - AMAZINGYOUNGMASTERJIN VS LOVELEE (I)

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"WHAT was that attack you use yesterday? You know, the last one?" Lovelee asked while continuing to dodge the bullets coming her way. "Is it called Ice-Fire Age? Nah, I think Bullets of Ice and Fire sounds cooler.  What do you think?"

Luo Jin's frown became even deeper. What's wrong with this girl? Fairies were usually portrayed in mainstream media as mischievous beings. Was this girl trying to be the embodiment of her race? Or was she just naturally this annoying? He had a feeling it was the latter. He even had a hunch that the other was doing this on purpose just to irritate him.

He shook his head and continued to fire shots after shots. He didn't want to use any skills yet. Especially since he still didn't know what Lovelee's class was. 

During the other's last fight, her actions did not reveal her class. She simply flew around, avoiding her opponent's attack. And then, when everyone thought she was cornered, she blew some kind of weird fairy dust on her opponent's face. Then, the guy turned blue and just fell down on the rink.

Lovelee did not use any weapon. So, it's hard to guess what her class was. Luo Jin was leaning towards the possibility of her being a Mage. That fairy dust thing certainly looked like some kind of magic. That's why he needed to be careful.

"Are you going to use that skill again?" Lovelee asked, in that voice that one just didn't know if she was curious or if she was trying to get a rise out of her opponent. "I really want to see it up close."

Luo Jin ignored the other and just continued what he was doing, all the while thinking of the strategy he should use. 

"How come you don't answer? Tch. You're no fun. That surliness is ruining your cute face."

Luo Jin just felt the corner of his eyes twitching because of what the other said. He was seriously on the verge of talking back. But because of his innate stubbornness, he refused to do so. It just seemed like he would follow along to what the other wanted. Why would he even give her that satisfaction?

"You really are no fun," Lovelee pouted, obviously because her opponent was not reacting the way she wanted. "Oh, well. We might as well make this match a bit more interesting. I was really hurt when the duke called my match 'boring', you know? So, I have to redeem myself."

She was saying that while swaying in the air, dodging Luo Jin's bullets. Her actions were all in some sort of rhythm. If there was music, people might think that she was dancing. That's how supple and swift her movements were.

Then, as if to prove what she just said, silver dust started to fall from her wings every time it flapped in the air. 

Luo Jin narrowed his eyes. He knew those fairy dusts were dangerous. If he was not careful, he could end like the other's opponent during the last round. He avoided the floating fairy dusts while still firing shots at the other.

Because of Lovelee's movements, the fairy dusts kept on being dispersed across the rink. It was as annoying as its owner. 

Luo Jin finally decided to use a skill. While continuously firing shots with his fire gun, he pointed he pointed his ice gun at Lovelee. He used the skill – [Iceberg Bullet]. It's a skill that was a variation of another skill – [Missile Bullet]. 

The latter was a common skill among Gunslinger class. Using it, the Mana bullet that came out of your gun would then turn into a missile with a homing property. But because of the weapon specially created by Yu Jiao for him, this missile had been turned into an iceberg. 

That was only when he used the gun with ice attribute. But if he used the one with the fire attribute, it would still produce a missile. The only difference was, the missile would be surrounded by flames. And both would still have a homing property.

The moment he pulled the trigger, a simple ice bullet came out. But when it was only a few centimeters away from Lovelee, the small bullet suddenly turned into a huge iceberg. It was so big that it almost occupied half of the rink. 

This was one of the traits of [Iceberg Bullet]. Suddenly changing its size the moment it was near its target. That when its homing property activated, to make sure that the target would be hit no matter what.

Luo Jin quickly drank a high-grade potion to supplement his MP that was almost halved because of the attack he made just now. He looked up. The iceberg that he shot was now slowly falling on the rink. Although he didn't see whether it hit Lovelee or not, he was sure that it did. Because it would only fall down if it hit a target.

And just as he thought, he saw a slight figure falling alongside the iceberg. Being hit in this distance, his passive skill [Chaotic Mind] would activate. His opponent would be temporarily confused and would be unable to move for a few seconds. That's the perfect moment to attack the other and finish this match.

When the iceberg crashed, it broke into pieces and destroyed a part of the rink. This crash produced smoke and rubbles around, preventing the audience from seeing everything. But not Luo Jin. With the help of the [Sniper Specs], he could see what was happening in front of him. 

He did not see Lovelee's body. So, it must have been hidden behind one of the biggest pieces of ice on the rink. He walked to that direction. He should not waste time. At least not while [Chaotic Mind] was on effect. 

He jumped over the piece of ice, ready to pull the trigger of his two guns at any second. But once he did, the body he saw behind the ice was not that of his opponent. It's not Lovelee but a mannequin shaped like her!

Before he could react, green smoke was suddenly from the mannequin lying on the ground.

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