The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL] - Chapter 710 - AMAZINGYOUNGMASTERJIN VS LOVELEE (II)

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LUO JIN felt his whole body freezing the moment he inhaled some of the green smoke. It was not the same as simply not being able to move. It was more like the feeling of someone being hit by a stun gun.

The smoke had a paralyzing effect!

This could last for a few seconds, some could even last for a minute. But no matter how long its effect could last, it would still be detrimental for him. Being unable to move his avatar as he wished, his opponent could easily attack him.

It didn't need a genius to understand that this was a trap set by Lovelee. The last attack he did, did not hit her. Instead, it hit this mannequin. Therefore, the one he saw that fell was not his opponent but this thing lying on the ground. 

So, where was Lovelee?

No, before asking that question, he should do something to remove the paralysis status inflicted on him. He felt the gem hanging on his necklace that was under his shirt heat up. He smiled inwardly. Well, maybe he should also set up a trap.

"What a mess you made," said a voice from behind him. 

Then, from his peripheral vision, he saw a pair of wings fluttering. It didn't take long before Lovelee appeared before his eyes. 

"Did you like my doll?" the other asked, looking at the mannequin that was still producing green smoke. "I made it myself. Today is actually its debut. What do you think? It's very effective right?"

She made it? – Luo Jin thought. Then, a suspicion of what the other's class was started to sprout in his mind.

"Oh, can't you talk because of paralysis status?" Lovelee asked when she didn't hear a response. "Or is that you just don't want to speak to me?"

Luo Jin continued to be silent.

Lovelee just shrugged. "Ah, I probably shouldn't waste time."

Glass vials suddenly appeared in front of Lovelee. The vials had some colored liquid in them. And it was a different color for each.

"Hmm… what should I choose?" she said while looking at the floating vials.

It would actually be faster if she simply used her [Fairy Toxic Dust]. But she had already used that last night against her opponent in the last round. It's a skill unique to fairies. It could deliver a toxic substance to the enemy via the fairy dust. As what everyone had seen, the effect was very immediate. Her opponent was poisoned in a blink of an eye just for inhaling a bit of her fairy dust. 

After setting this trap, it would have been perfect to use [Toxic Fairy Dust]. But sadly, because of its potency, the skill had a 24-hour cooldown after it was used. Which was super unfair, in her opinion. It's not like the skill was super OP. She even had to make sure that she was close to her opponent in order for it to work. 

Now, she was regretting a bit why she didn't save it for today. But she was just so annoyed by how that Supreme King acted like some dignified gentleman asking her to admit defeat. He managed to corner her. But instead of finishing her off quickly, he asked her that. As if 'killing' a girl in a virtual game was so unethical.

To Lovelee's ears, the other only sounded like some hypocrite. Because the way he acted showed just how much he was looking down on her. So, before she could think clearly, she had already used [Toxic Fairy Dust]. Her only thought then was to defeat the other at that very moment. Because wouldn't that be more shameful? Acting all high and mighty, only to be defeated in the end.

In that regard, he preferred this churlish gnome. At least, the other was being honest with how much she was getting on his nerves. 

Well, whatever. Her eyes looked at the vial and then shone at the one with black liquid inside. This one would be perfect. The effect was a bit gory. But she would be able to quickly defeat the other. It's just that she had to come closer to this young master and let him drink the liquid in this vial for a much more potent effect.

But that's fine. Since the young master gnome was currently incapacitated. This situation was perfect for her.

Lovelee took that one vial and floated in front of her opponent. The other was glaring at her quite intensely. 

"Hey, young master, that stare is going to bore holes into me," she said, then added in a teasing voice. "It's making me feel a bit shy."

As usual, the other remained tight-lipped. But he continued to look at her coldly. Lovelee just chuckled. Then, she pinched the other's chin and was about to pour the black liquid contained in the vial she was holding. But before she could do so, she felt something hitting her stomach. No, it was actually two somethings.

Before she could even react, a barrage of bullets hit her body, making her fall on the ground. The places the bullets hit either froze or burned. That's when she realized that her opponent could already move. No, it's more accurate to say that he could move long ago.

Yes, Luo Jin quickly dispelled his status ailment because of the effect of the necklace he was wearing. It's called [Blessing of Isis]. It could negate any status ailments for three times in a day. 

So, he pretended to no being able to move and waited until he could counterattack. And it came sooner than he expected. The moment Lovelee got close to him, he pulled the trigger of both his guns and shot the other.

He glanced at the spot where the vial fell. The blood liquid from it corroded that area. He narrowed his eyes at Lovelee. His guess as to what the other's class was had already solidified at this moment.

  "You're an Alchemist," he said, more of a statement rather than a question.

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