The Rise of Otaku - Chapter 376 - Animal Football

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Chapter 376: Chapter 376 Animal Football

The enthusiasm for football in the real world has also been projected to the ACG world, but this sport has been given other meanings in the ACG world. Although there was no territorial dispute in the ACG world, having a force was still very important. For example, when a rare item appeared in the wild, having a Mount Legion would increase the chance of getting the item. Thus, between big cities, the ball battle of mount legions became a means of military confrontation.

Luhua City was just a small city, but it suddenly had a Mount Legion that completed ball battle training. This was very shocking! Of course, the credit for this must belong to Mouse Jack. For this reason, Zhou Yu praised Mouse Jack at the internal meeting, which made the squirrel Bubu even more envious.

“Damn stinky mouse, tell me, what kind of magic did you use to make the knight mounts complete the ball battle training! Don’t talk to me about your Spartan-style education! Without enough knights, it is impossible to complete the ball battle training, not to mention that you have two teams that have already completed the training!”

The squirrel Bubu felt very frustrated. How come it would lose to someone who didn’t have a regular knight. No matter how it thought of it, it just didn’t make any sense.

“Hmph! This is the true difference in our strength. What? You want to know the secret? If you are willing to call me big brother, I can consider it.”

Mouse Jack said with a complacent expression that made Bubu want to punch it in the face. However, from the record point of view, the probability that Bubu was able to punch its face was very low.

“You… You wish!”

The squirrel Bubu gritted its teeth and ran out. It seemed like the students of Sky Knight Academy were going to have trouble soon. Probably squirrel Bbubu would also use a Spartan-style education method soon. It made Zhou Yu wonder if those flying bird riders would be able to endure it.

The issue of the education method was left to the experts. Zhou Yu didn’t want to intervene. The most important thing right now was to grab a seat to watch the game.

At this time, Yuanyuan also appeared, and it seemed like she had been running. Her face was quite red. During the period of living in Zen Villa, her body did not continue to deteriorate, at least she was not as pale as in the hospital. The doctors also couldn’t find the reason, they could only say that it may be because life in the amusement park was very good, so her body and mind were naturally very healthy.

Although the terminal illness has not been eliminated, it was a good thing to be able to live healthily for the rest of the day.

“Brother Yu, hurry up, there are a lot of people gathering at the Colosseum. If you don’t go now, you won’t be able to get any tickets.”

Behind Yuanyuan was Lou Xiaobao. He was also dragged here by Yuanyuan. Seeing she was very excited, Zhou Yu knew that she was looking forward to the animals’ performance.

Yuanyuan liked animals very much. There were several pastures in the amusement park with many animals that could be watched. However, the small pasture, which was directly managed by Brother Yu, was the one that she liked the most. The animals inside were smarter than the other, and they had many skills. They were another type of star in the amusement park.

Unfortunately, the small pasture was the most heavily guarded place in the amusement park. Even the breeder could not enter that place without a small red token.

For this small pasture, Zhou Yu even planted a big tree inside. The birdhouses above looked like villas on the tree. Under the big tree, the rows of poultry houses were neatly arranged, and all of them had two stories, and the environment inside was also very comfortable.

In here, it was like a city of animals, all management and guard were done by the animals themselves. Just the two big geese that were guarding at the door alone were enough to deter many people, who tried to enter the pasture. Yuanyuan once pestered Zhou Yu to get the small red token. After she finally got one and entered the small pasture, all of her views of the world were shattered. He couldn’t figure out how these animals were willing to do the training themselves without an animal trainer, and why they were so obedient.

It was a pity that there were not many opportunities to enter the small pasture to observe them.

Therefore, watching animal performances at the Colosseum was also a daily routine for Yuanyuan. But today’s performance was a bit different.

In front of the Colosseum, large posters had been posted. As the football team leader, Diandian stood heroically in the poster, attracting many visitors’ attention. Coupled with other small animal stars, it indeed would make the little brats in the summer camp crazy.

The teachers who brought them to the park were also very helpless. There were too many interesting things in the amusement park, and it always disrupted their summer vacation plans. First, it was the live-action tank battle, then it was animal football, it would completely make kids forget the purpose of coming to the summer camp But if they didn’t take them to see the game, they would be crying, throwing tantrums, and making all kinds of noises. So in the end, they had to bring the children here.

Fortunately, the tickets were not expensive, and the discount was even greater for group purchases.

Originally the Colosseum was quite big, but today it felt a bit overcrowded. Many people even brought cameras. It seemed like they were some professional reporters hiding amongst those visitors, and they wanted to get the first news.

Zhou Yu and Yuanyuan naturally got the best seats. There were some people selling snacks, drinks, and even small flags to cheer on the animals. Obviously, the management of the park wanted to get more money out of those children.

Yuanyuan also bought a little special cheering flag for Diandian and other snacks as well.

It was not bad that the management team that Zhou Fu trained could arrange the Colosseum like this in such a short period of time.

After a while, the players began to enter the Colosseum.

Under the host’s loud yelling, the two teams that entered the center stage from the main gate were wearing special red and blue armor.

The original combat armor definitely could not be used, because the sharp teeth and claws would injure other players easily, and it would also destroy the ball. So the armor they were currently wearing was especially used to play football, and the claw sets were only for protection and were not very sharp. On the back of the armor, there were different numbers, which looked exactly like football players.

“Hello everyone, this time it will still be me, Zhao Zan commentating the game for everyone, and next to me is Mr. Jack, the head of the first knight mount regiment of Luhua village, and he will be the main referee of this game.”

“Hello everyone, I am Jack.”

As the main referee, Mouse Jack would monitor the game on four small TVs and then tell the on-field referee what to do.

Xiao Gao was the on-field referee, and when he was appointed, he was very confused. Normally, he was just a referee for animal races, and all he needed to do was to give a start signal and look at his watch, which was very simple. But this football referee? And it was an animal football, he didn’t even know the rules!

“Hey, you! Yes, you, I am calling you, Xiao Gao, why don’t you have any enthusiasm? Please hurry up and get the ball? Everyone is waiting to watch the game!”

Xiao Gao, who was very speechless, could only hold the ball and came to the two teams that had already formed their formation.

First, it was to decide who was going to get the ball first.

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