The Rise of Otaku - Chapter 377 - Jack’s Trouble

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Chapter 377: Chapter 377: Jack’s Trouble

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The leader of the red team was Diandian. While the blue team was General. Little Firefly also tried her best to cheer for her mount. However, the one that received the most cheers on the field was the red team led by the veteran of Luhua city, Diandian. After all, it was very well known to all the audiences, and it was also the mount of the former Starlight Knight Jack, which naturally attracted a lot of attention.

Naturally, audiences in the real world were not allowed to gamble, but in the ACG world, every little person who came in to watch the game would hold a ticket in their hand, which was officially issued by the stray cat Hank’s commercial bureau. There were many gambling methods. Betting who would win or lose was the most common one. There was also gambling on goal difference or the player with the most goals, which was very similar to general football gambling.

This football event was also very popular in the ACG world. Looking at the number of people pouring in like a torrent, and the popularity of the amusement park kept increasing, Zhou Yu knew that this event would become an important festival in the amusement park.

Coupled with the Flying Bird Knights’ air ball and the water ball of the Ocean Knights, the performance would be more exciting if these three ball events were available. Of course, this was just a hope. In fact, Zhou Yu didn’t know when he would be able to get all three of them. At least until now, he didn’t have a single ocean knight.

Anyway, let’s come back to the game.

At this time, Xiao Gao took the coin and walked between the two teams, and used the method of guessing the coin to decide who would have the ball first. However, Xiao Gao was very confused. He didn’t know if the two roosters understood the rules. He tossed the coin high, then pressed it in his hand, quietly watching the two roosters.

In the next second, Diandian stretched out its claws to make a stroke on the ground, while General made two strokes. Xiao Gao was completely confused, not knowing what it meant. Fortunately, Zhao Zan’s voice on the radio saved him, “One stroke is the face, and two strokes is the trail. Now, Xiao Gao, please show us the coin.”

Xiao Gao was lost for words. He didn’t expect that these monsters would really understand the rules. Opening his palms, it was the face, the red team had the ball first.

As everyone watched with anticipation, the football match at the Colosseum finally began. What opened the eyes of the children was that not only did the animals in the Colosseum know how to play football, but they were also very ‘professional’.

Kicking the balls, passing the ball, tactical coordination, and following the football rules, unexpectedly, they played it very decently. The strange referee on the radio would shout out every time there was a foul, and then the on-field referee Xiao Gao would announce the main referee’s judgment.

It was an orderly game.

The chicken striker, the duck defensive midfielder, the rabbit center-back, and the goose goalkeeper, all the animals had a specific position. It made people wonder if those animals were actually robots. Otherwise, how could they understand the tactical rules? It was not difficult to kick the ball, but being able to play in such a coordinated way simply would not be seen outside the amusement park.

Not only the children were stunned, but some adult tourists, and reporters were also shocked. Where did they find the animal trainer that could train the animals so well? It was said that these animals in the Colosseum were all personally selected by Zhou Yu and enjoyed the treatment like the employees of the park. They were completely different from the animals that were waiting to be butchered.

With this kind of ability, it was indeed worthy of such treatment.

The reporters pressed their camera button frantically, taking pictures of the majestic scenes in the Colosseum, for fear of missing any exquisite shots. And our host Zhao Zan, at this moment, also used his gentle voice trying to hype up the audience.

“No. 8 White Bull in the Red team was intercepted! But the ball was quickly passed toward No. 2 Diandian. After getting the ball, Diandian immediately passed the ball to No. 3 Big Bone, what beautiful teamwork! The three defenders of the blue team finally caught up, and Big Bone was surrounded! This is not good! Ah! Big Bone kicked the ball into the air! Diandian caught the ball in the air! It kicked! It kicked the ball in the air!”

Some of those animals could fly, and flying was not forbidden in the Colosseum ball game. The coordination of Diandian and Big Bone was as smooth as flowing water. It was such great teamwork. However, it was a pity that the blue team was not a weak team either. The blue team’s No. 9 defender was a Bunny called Flower. It sprinted toward the ball, jumped up, and used its back leg to kick the ball back before it could get into the goal.

This was the unique technique of the rabbit family – The Back Leg Kick

Instantly there was a round of applause from the stands. The fierce offensive and defensive battles were very exciting, and reporters also captured many photos of Diandian’s heroic posture. The kick in the air was very amazing. If Flower hadn’t reacted in time, the red team would have scored a point first.

When people heard that there was animal football, to be honest, everyone thought it was just some casual entertaining game. At most, people would have some fun watching the animals playing the game foolishly. What they didn’t expect was that the scene was so intense. It was as if they were watching a real football match. Some people that were drinking even spat out their drinks in shock.

Holy shit, this ticket was really worth it!

And the audiences watching the live broadcast of the amusement park online were also completely stunned. Alas, emperor. Your pets are incredible! They are probably even able to defeat our national football players.

The innocent notional football team was being mocked repeatedly by the people online that they could not even compete with those animals. Although the national football team was terrible, if there was an animal World Cup, those animals would definitely become the world champion.

Zhou Yu had to admit that animal football was far more interesting than human football in terms of entertainment. Because he, who has never been interested in football, could cheer out loudly for Diandian, let alone other people.

The game lasted for an hour, and the final score was fixed at 10 to 8. The red team won. The field was small, and it took less than ten seconds for the animals to go back and forth, so the scores were like the professional football scores in the real world, which were often very small.

At the end of the game, the two sides returned to the center of the field and extended their wings or salutes to the audience. After winning more applause and cheers, they left the field very orderly.

Yuanyuan had been cheering constantly while shaking the little flag during the game, so after the game ended, her voice also became hoarse, causing her boyfriend to worry constantly.

“Brother Yu, when will the second match be held? It’s really enjoyable!”

Yuanyuan, who was much more excited than when she played the tank game, was looking forward to the next game. However, Zhou Yu shook his head and said: “Diandian and other little animals are also exhausted. So they probably need one week to rest.”

This was the time schedule given by Mouse Jack. After all, most of the time was just training. The official game could be arranged on the weekend when there were the most visitors in the park.

But while people were talking about “Animal Football” in the amusement park, a little trouble appeared in Luhua village without Zhou Yu noticing it.

To be exact, it was Jack Mouse who brought the trouble onto itself.

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