The Schoolgirl Secret Agent - Chapter 725 - Who Killed Him? I Did

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Chapter 725: Who Killed Him? I Did

Hearing Han Biao’s voice from afar, Yun Jian wore a slight frown and pressed her lips together unnoticeably.

She had killed Xu Zhouzheng. She was also the one to take out Flying Passage. Before the man died, he also warned her of his elder brother. It was just that Yun Jian could care less back then and killed Xu Zhouzheng anyway.

As for his elder brother, Xu Zhouming, with the moniker Leopard Head, he was a bonafide member of Gu Sha Mercenaries.

Yun Jian had been occupied with the Inferno Ring earlier and had forgotten about all these. After Gu Sha Mercenaries took down Inferno Ring, the organization had requested its members to isolate themselves from the outside world for a duration in order to absorb Inferno Ring’s forces as their own the fastest they could.

This meant that the news of Xu Zhouzheng’s death had yet to reach his brother Xu Zhouming, Leopard Head of the Gu Sha Mercenaries, to this day.

Yun Jian averted her gaze down. Just as her train of thoughts carried her here, she heard Mr. Ouyang guffawing again from the distance and bragged to Han Biao, “That’s right. My bro, Xu Zhouming, is from Gu Sha Mercenaries! Ahaha!”

There was an unmistakable pride and superiority in his expression when he made the declaration.

Mr. Ouyang and Xu Zhouming were old friends while the latter was Xu Zhouzheng’s biological elder brother. Indirectly, Xu Zhouzheng was close to Mr. Ouyang due to his elder brother’s connection. This was also why his gang, Flying Passage, could secure the position as Zhe Province’s second top mafia group.

In spite of it, people there felt their heart lurch for Falcon Hall when they personally heard Mr. Ouyang say that the elder brother to the dead Flying Passage’s boss was actually a member of Gu Sha Mercenaries.

If one were asked which two organizations must they not provoke, it would definitely be An Hun Group and Gu Sha Mercenaries!

Therefore, the main thought everyone had right now was that Falcon Hall was meeting its end.

“Grandpa, isn’t Flying Passage…” Dai Qingqing could not help turning to ask Grandpa Cai when she heard about the gang as well.

Did Flying Passage not get uprooted by Falcon Hall?

“Shush, child. Eat!” Worried that the girl would say something wrong, Grandpa Cai raised his voice quickly. A grand event like this was unlike other occasions—a wrong word here could very possibly get one killed.

“Yun Jian! I finally found you!” Just then, Ye Kai who had gone around the venue with his family spotted Yun Jian ultimately. Leading his family as well as Gao Meihan’s family, he made his way to the girl in delight regardless of Yu Xiaodan’s resistance.

Yun Jian blinked. She had felt Ye Kai’s gaze just now and loathed it but did not avoid him intentionally. The place was only as big; it was pretty easy to hunt someone down.

Mr. Ouyang’s enraged voice barked from the distance suddenly, “What! Xu Zhouzheng died? Flying Passage has fallen? Who was it? Who killed Xu Zhouzheng! Who did it?”

Yun Jian did not hear what Han Biao told Mr. Ouyang as Ye Kai’s call from the side had interrupted her but she could see from Han Biao’s moving lips that he told Mr. Ouyang, “Xu Zhouzheng’s dead and Flying Passage’s destroyed.”

Mr. Ouyang’s initial presence plus his abrupt bellow squeezed the heart of the guests there. Even Han Biao squirmed; he knew well about how powerful the force behind Mr. Ouyang was.

“It was…” Han Biao was about to say Falcon Hall when a melodic and fearless ring of a girl’s voice sounded, “It was me!”

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