The Sovereign's Ascension - Chapter 1261 - Five Stars Rating

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Chapter 1261 - Five Stars Rating

Not long later, Lil’ Red came back with a few fishes. Lin Yun simply cleaned up the fishes before he threw them into the pot and began to cook.

Half an hour later, the pot was boiling with a fragrance spreading out. The entire island was filled with the fragrance from the pot, tempting everyone who smelled it.

“How fragrant!”

“What soup is that? Isn’t that a little too fragrant?”

“Isn’t it a little too wasteful to use so many thousand-year-old elixirs to brew a soup?”

“Tsk, tsk. How fragrant.” Those who smelled the fragrance began to drool because the fragrance was a little too great, not to mention that the main materials were all thousand-year-old elixirs. This was a scale that no one could afford to eat normally, not even disciples who came from holy lands because this was simply too wasteful.

But Lin Yun wasn’t bothered by this because the amount of divine astral pellets that he needed was too great. So, he might as well cook them to nourish himself and stabilize the Scarlet Blood Fruit that he had just refined.

When the soup was pretty much done, Lin Yun took out two bowls and gave one to Lil’ Red. He had to admit that the soup tasted great, and Lin Yun had satisfaction on his face when he took a mouthful. He could feel warmth spreading throughout his body, and he instantly lost his impact, taking a huge gulp of the soup.

“That feels great!” Lin Yun squinted his eyes with a smile. He then took out a jar of dragon clan’s wine and drank as he ate. Not long later, the satisfaction reached a whole new level, instantly stabilizing the Scarlet Blood Fruit that he had just refined.

“Hahaha. Don’t just watch. There is plenty of soup for everyone!” Lin Yun laughed after seeing that everyone was drooling while looking at him.

When they heard what Lin Yun said, they approached after seeing that he didn’t seem to be joking. When they each took a mouthful of the soup, they couldn’t stop their praises with their faces turning red. They could feel an improvement in their cultivation.

“Holy shit, this is too powerful. I-I actually made a breakthrough?”

“Thank you, Young Master Lin!” With ten-odd elixirs being placed in the pot, with the weakest one being two thousand years old, the soup was really powerful.

Suddenly, a youth who was drinking the soup began to bleed from his nose.

“Hahaha. Yue, aren’t you a little too weak?”

“Hahaha. Yue, you have to nourish yourself more or you won’t last long!” The surrounding people who were acquainted with that youth began to laugh when they saw him bleed from his nose.

Hearing their words, the youth’s face turned red, and retorted, “Who says I can’t last long? Of course, I can last long!”

“Hahaha! Didn’t you say that you only lasted three minutes the other time?”

“I saw that! The woman even wanted to give you five stars because she has never seen someone so fast before!” As all the men began to laugh, the women there had their faces turning red before they couldn’t help smiling and peeked at the youth as well.

“I didn’t! That never happened before! Don’t bullshit!” The youth countered.

“Hahaha!” But his words made everyone laugh even more.

When Lin Yun looked at the youth and calculated in his heart. One minute to take his clothes off and two minutes to negotiate the price. Does that mean that he only lasted for ten-odd seconds? Lin Yun couldn’t help smiling when he heard that because this youth was too adorable.

Right at this moment, Lin Yun’s smile disappeared from the surface of his face when he sensed people coming over, “They’re here.”

All those who were to look for quasi-saint elixirs came back with excitement on their faces.

“Young Master Lin, a quasi-saint elixir has appeared!”

“I heard that it’s a five thousand year old Dragon-Blood Fruit and it alarmed several sects.”

“They’re already starting to expel everyone on the island. Just the leaves of the fruit alone are equivalent to a Scarlet Blood Fruit.”

“A leaf equivalent to a Scarlet Blood Fruit. Just how strong is the Dragon-Blood Fruit?!” They were all excited while trying their best to incite Lin Yun.

Lin Yun was calm and had his own speculation.

“What’s so fragrant?” As they spoke, they could smell the fragrance coming from the pot. When they asked around, only then did they find out that Lin Yun cooked all the spiritual elixirs that he had gathered so far. This instantly made their eyes turn red. When they stepped forth, the soup in the pot was already gone.

This instantly made them want to cry. After all, they spent so much effort and it wasn’t even equivalent to a mouthful of soup. They couldn’t believe that Lin Yun actually cooked all the spiritual elixirs.

“Young Master Lin, the competition for quasi-saint elixirs is too bloody. You have to be cautious.”

“I even suspect that the disciples of the powerful sects might come after it.” They were impressed by Lin Yun’s character and tried to persuade him because it was too dangerous. As for the bolder ones, they became anxious and started praising the Dragon-Blood Fruit.

“Thank you for all your goodwill. Since I intend to compete, I naturally have no fear. If those from the Azure Thunder Sect come back, then there’s no need to hide my information. Just tell them,” smiled Lin Yun. He couldn’t be bothered to remain after waiting for so long.

He didn’t like to leave behind any tails and wanted to deal with them. Otherwise, Luo Hua might be unhappy if they went to the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect. But it looks like he couldn’t wait for them now.

“Let’s go. You guys lead the way,” said Lin Yun.

“Roger that!” The bolder ones all laughed and started praising Lin Yun. This made everyone else shake their heads, thinking that Lin Yun was being used by these people.

An hour after Lin Yun left, the other disciples of the Azure Thunder Sect returned to the island. They all had smiles on their faces because they slew an overlord demonic beast at the bottom of the ocean and even found several hundred-year-old elixirs.

“Junior Sister Ye, we’re back!” But not long later, they saw the woman’s corpse that was split into two. She was bold and even launched a sneak attack against Lin Yun. She even threatened his sect. So how could Lin Yun possibly leave her around?

After seeing their junior sister’s corpse, a killing aura began to explode from them, especially the blue-clothed youth who led the party.

“Not good, the disciples from the Azure Thunder Sect are back!” The killing aura swept over and enveloped the entire island. Not long later, several people were captured and they didn’t hide the information about Lin Yun since he had already allowed them to do so, not to mention that they were afraid of the blue-clothed youth who was the leader.

“Lin Yun? Where did this nameless person come from?”

“The Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect? Isn’t that a countryside sect? They’re really courting death!” They were furious and didn’t believe that Lin Yun would go after the Dragon-Blood Fruit. They felt that there was a high possibility that Lin Yun would flee back to his sect or go into hiding.

“Senior Brother Lan Kong, we can’t take this lying down! We have to level the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect to the ground!”

“No, we can’t kill them all. We have to torture them beyond death! Blood debt can only be paid with blood!” They were furious and trembling with anger because they didn’t expect someone from their side would die in the hands of a country bumpkin.

They didn’t even think who was at fault first because they didn’t even place the Profound Azure Prefecture in their eyes. How could a bunch of ants be compared to the life of their junior sister? So, they naturally have to level the entire Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect.

The blue-clothed youth looked at the fragments of the saint sword and fell into hesitation. He had a feeling that this wasn’t simple, especially since a disciple of the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect could shatter a saint artifact with his hand.

“Let’s go to the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect’s camp first. He and his companions have to pay the price for junior sister’s death,” said the blue-clothed youth.

He then grabbed onto a fragment of the saint sword and crushed it to dust. Although the saint runes were no longer around after the sword snapped, the fragment was still strong and wasn’t something that just anyone could crush.

Looking at this scene, those who were secretly observing the situation suddenly had a change to their faces.

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