The Sovereign's Ascension - Chapter 1262 - Demoness

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Chapter 1262 - Demoness

Seeing that the Azure Thunder Sect’s disciples were finally back to take revenge, all the cultivators nearby were startled, fearing that they would be implicated by them.

“The Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect is doomed. I’m afraid that all of them will lose their lives.”

“Just Lan Kong alone should be able to annihilate all of them, right?”

“Lin Yun is still a little bloated. He shouldn’t have offended the Azure Thunder Sect. I’m afraid that the fellow disciples of his sect will be implicated before he even reaches the island with the quasi-saint elixir.”

“He really shouldn’t have offended the Azure Thunder Sect…”

They had all received benefits from Lin Yun, so they naturally didn’t want to see his sect being implicated and annihilated. They couldn’t help voicing concern in their tones, but they were restricted by their strength and didn’t dare to help. If they had the strength, then they wouldn’t try to stop Lin Yun from descending onto this island earlier.

“Let’s go and take a look. I just hope that they won’t take it too far…”

“That’s right. There are so many of us here, and we can help persuade them.” Many of them hesitated, but most of them still followed behind the Azure Thunder Sect. If the Azure Thunder Sect took it too far, they would try to speak up and help within their abilities.

After all, it wasn’t often that they could run into someone like Lin Yun. Not just anyone would be willing to offer a soup cooked with such luxurious ingredients to strangers.

Lan Kong and his group were high profile while they travelled, and all of them were enveloped in killing auras. Anyone who dared to stand in their way would be heavily injured in an instant by them. They were like fiend gods who came from hell, heading straight towards the direction of the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect.

There were some cultivators who were in mid-air that nearly bumped into the Azure Thunder Sect’s group. Before they could even respond, the disciples of the Azure Thunder Sect immediately attacked them, sending those cultivators flying back as they threw mouthfuls of blood.

“Get lost!” They were overbearing and arrogant, causing all the other cultivators to tremble in fear and had no idea what was going on.

“The disciples of the Azure Thunder Sect have gone insane!”

“Who offended them? They’re really terrifying. I’ve never seen them so furious before.”

“What dense killing aura. Someone is going to be doomed.” All the other cultivators discussed amongst themselves with fear written on their faces. Just looking at the Azure Thunder Sect’s formation, they instantly knew that there would be a bloodbath today.

Very quickly, all the cultivators found out the reason why. A local sect in the Profound Azure Prefecture offended the Azure Thunder Sect. A disciple by the name of Lin Yun had killed a female disciple of the Azure Thunder Sect.

The scene was brutal because that female disciple was split into two. But someone immediately retorted that the Azure Thunder Sect’s disciple was the first who started it. She failed in her sneak attack against Lin Yun and even tried to threaten Lin Yun with his sect, and this was why she was killed by him.

But regardless of anyone, everyone was extremely shocked. After all, for an Azure Thunder Sect disciple who wielded a saint artifact to die by the hands of the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect’s Lin Yun was a huge matter.

One must know that the Azure Thunder Sect wasn’t a small sect. The Azure Thunder Sect was an ancient sect with a long inheritance. In the Ancient Barren Domain, their position was only secondary to those powerful sects, not to mention that they even had a monstrous genius like Dugu Yun, who could compete for the title of the strongest genius on the Empyrean Ranking.

This was why only ten-odd disciples could take and occupy this entire territory for themselves. They set up the rules that anyone who obtained spiritual herbs in their territory had to offer them or they would die a terrible death. It was so much so that the biggest island was marked as a forbidden island by them, killing anyone who dares to intrude.

They were overbearing, and this was the impression that everyone had about the Azure Thunder Sect. But now that one of their core disciples died, this meant that those from the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect would probably have to face annihilation.

At the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect’s camp, Luo Hua was sitting on a rock, dressed in white with a veil covering her face. She was calm and didn’t do anything, giving off an ethereal temperament that made no one dare to approach her.

On the other hand, Ye Ziling stood donning purple clothes and wielding a sword in her right hand while looking into the distance. Her cold beauty added a heroic temperament to her. The scene of her gazing into the distance made her look like a perfect jade scripture.

“The sky has turned dark, and Junior Brother Lin is still nowhere to be seen. Looks like there’s a huge harvest!”

“I’m really envious of Junior Brother Lin. I wonder when we can have such confidence like him?”

“Hehe. Speaking of which, are you guys done refining the divine dragon aura? The divine dragon aura is really good and it has strengthened our foundation several times. It’s a little terrifying.” Jiang Lichen, Feng Zhang, and Liu Qingyan were casually chatting amongst themselves.

“Senior Brother, someone’s here. Go and take a look.” Ye Ziling suddenly turned around and said with her brows locked together.

“Someone’s here?” Jiang Lichen stood up. Just when he was in deep thought, he suddenly sensed a surge of terrifying killing aura surging over.

From a distance, a group of people enveloped in killing aura was charging over, and they were all terrifyingly fast. Furthermore, they didn’t even bother concealing their aura.

Aside from that, there was also a huge group of people following behind them. This scene made Jiang Lichen lock his brows together while Feng Zhang and Liu Qingyan’s faces changed and quickly followed behind Jiang Lichen.

“Who are they?”

“No idea. Let’s go and take a look.” Jiang Lichen shook his head and went over along with the other two while wearing a grave expression.

In a few breaths’ time, Lan Kong and the rest had already arrived, and they were all enveloped in a killing aura when their gazes fell onto Jiang Lichen, Feng Zhang, and Liu Qingyan.

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