The Steward Demonic Emperor - Chapter 331 - Devoured

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Chapter 331, Devoured

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“When you… do it…” You Yushan shuddered in fear.

Zhuo Fan sported his trademark twisted smile of cruelty. Those words had You Yushan scared to death.


You Yushan found himself paralyzed and slumped.

Zhuo Fan walked up to him and showed an icy gourd, “You Yushan, don’t you find it odd how I’m in control of all your actions? How do I know your precise location? “

Blinking, You Yushan was filled with doubt but couldn’t even speak. All he could do was watch Zhuo Fan with a chaotic mind.

“Ha-ha-ha, I don’t mind telling you my little secret. To be quite honest, none of you are poisoned, but have my demonic creature in you as a parasite. These demonic creatures are linked with me. No matter where you go or you wish to go, I’ll know it all.”

Zhuo Fan opened the gourd and a worm wiggled out.

You Yushan’s heart seized in shock.

A demonic cultivator had demonic creatures of course, but even he didn’t know of such a devastating demonic creature that could control a Radiant Stage expert.

At this moment, he realized that they had Zhuo Fan’s parasites within them and even if they did run, they wouldn’t leave Zhuo Fan’s control.

All of this death game nonsense had been rigged from the start. Zhuo Fan loomed over them like a god and they were his puppets.

You Yushan groaned in despair.

Funny how they were filled with hope in finding the keys to get out alive, when everything was set from the beginning. Their fate was sealed.

Zhuo Fan snickered, “There’s no point in crying over it. You guys still have hope. I won’t be out there looking for my next victim as long as the current one entertains me enough. Make it worth my while, let me forget about everything and the others would have enough time to escape.”

“W-what do you mean by that?” You Yushan had a very bad feeling about this.

Zhuo Fan laughed and said, “Simple really. I’m ready to have some fun with you.”

Zhuo Fan flipped the gourd and Bloodworms spilled out on You Yushan. He was deathly pale but couldn’t move, only panicked, “Zhuo Fan, what are you doing?”

“Ha-ha-ha, what indeed. Can’t you tell? I’m letting you have a taste of a pain worse than ‘death by essence extraction’.” Zhuo Fan’s eyes showed his savagery.


A wail of agony broke the stillness of the forest. Those thousand squirming Bloodworms burrowed into You Yushan’s skin.

They began feasting on his flesh and blood started pouring from his body.

His face twisted in pain, veins popping, mouth trembling from wanting to bite his tongue but he was robbed of even that freedom.

Zhuo Fan watched the convulsing body with eerie calmness, “I’ve fed these thousand Bloodworms my blood essence, but how could my meager blood be enough to quench their hunger? Fighting over a single drop of blood has turned them vicious. But thanks to you showing up, they can finally have their fill, ha-ha-ha…

“And that’s not even half of it. They have tiny jaws but are quite pointy, with a passion for a man’s mind. Over the next few days, you ought to feel it, the pain. It’s likely a hundred times worse than having your essence drawn! The good news is, they are quite the slow eaters and like to keep the taste fresh, you see. So as they work their way deeper, they make sure to keep you from bleeding out. You won’t die anytime soon, let me tell you, just enough for you to enjoy the sweet and blissful pain, ha-ha-ha…”

“Ah~, just kill me!” You Yushan gnashed his teeth, roaring like a beast.

Zhuo Fan only mocked him, “That’s not very nice. All the pain you’re feeling will help buy your eldest young master time. Isn’t he your master? Weren’t you obeying his orders? What can a meager sacrifice compare to that?”

“F*ck him and kill me already! Then go and kill him too. Why should I suffer for him?” You Yushan’s eyes were popping out of his skull.

Zhuo Fan’s eyes glinted coldly, “Since you don’t consider him your master, why did you listen to his order and let Ning’er suffer? Humph, wake up and smell the roses. A man should own up to his mistakes and bear through the consequences.”

Zhuo Fan smiled and sat down to the side to heal. The wails of agony music to his ears.

Yan Fu shuddered, his back cold as ice. Glancing at the howling figure, then at the calm Zhuo Fan, his awe only grew.

[Steward Zhuo’s revenge isn’t to be taken lightly. Not even the insufferable brats from the seven houses have such capacity for cruelty.]

This was a good opportunity to see the vicious side of Soaring Demonic Dragon.

The viewers listened to the screams with fear in their hearts. Xue clan’s three generations knew Zhuo Fan was doing it for Ning’er, but even they found the cruelty a touch inhumane.

They found the murderer of their dear Ning’er a sorry sight, having offended Zhuo Fan. They actually felt pity for him.

If the victims themselves would think so of their tormentor, it went without saying about the rest.

In the minds of everyone out there, a single thought ruled, [Never ever mess with this Demon Archon!]

Even as time trickled by, You Yushan’s ravings never stopped.

A day later, You Yushan’s skin was gnawed away by the Bloodworms, his face unrecognizable. He looked like a dried corpse, red all over yet without a drop of blood on him.

The Bloodworms made sure not to spill their drink, while You Yushan’s screams were relentless.

On the second day, all of You Yushan’s tendons were devoured. All that was left was a pile of flesh, having nothing to hold him together.

But You Yushan’s cries kept on coming.

On the third day, You Yushan’s flesh was next. Even if he wanted to wail now, he couldn’t. Wailing for two days straight had turned him mute.

Then came the fourth day and the Bloodworms went to work on his bones.

Finally, on the 9th day, You Yushan was picked almost completely clean. Whether intentional or not, the Bloodworms left behind his vital organs intact. As if to let him see with his own eyes the gory sight that he was, without flesh and bones.

At this vile and gruesome sight, Yan Fu’s stomach flipped and emptied.

The viewers were horrified by the torture, turning away to keep their own sanity.

You Yushan’s eyes glistened, begging Zhuo Fan for death, the only thing he could do. His throat, neck and tongue had long been devoured.

All that was left of him were a few arteries and organs barely keeping him from flat-lining. Yet it was a pain worse than death.

Zhuo Fan glanced at the sufferer, looked at his pleading face, and said, “Want to die?”

You Yushan rolled his eyes frantically. With the eyelids gone as well, he was hardly equipped to convey his meaning.

Zhuo Fan understood him clearly either way.

Zhuo Fan said, “Let this be a lesson. You can mess with the king of hell, but never with this steward.”

You Yushan’s eyes moved faster, to convey that he understood. The viewers watched in shock.

Zhuo Fan was speaking more to them than to the dying You Yushan. His meaning was crystal clear.

[See that? Be nice and don’t side with that rotten Regent Estate against me. So what if you’re from the seven houses? Your death will be as brutal as I feel like it.]

Everyone came to the same sensible decision then and there, to be cautious. While for Regent Estate’s vassals, their minds began working as well, although from a different angle.

To never involve themselves with the Luo clan, even in death.

[Their steward is a god damned inquisitor!]

Fang Qiubai rejoiced inside. [The brat is awesome. He made one guy take the fall and scared the rest from ever getting anywhere near Regent Estate.]

Huangpu Tianyuan’s face sank. He felt it loud and clear, how Zhuo Fan had trampled on the Regent Estate’s thousand year long prestige.

How could they proclaim themselves rulers over Tianyu if everyone gave them a wide berth?

Everyone from the Regent Estate looked at Zhuo Fan with hatred, and helplessness…

Zhuo Fan signaled the Bloodworms to devour the organs. They moved quickly and You Yushan was gone in moments.

It was obvious that Zhuo Fan was lying out of his ass when he said that Bloodworms were slow eaters. it was only a means to torture You Yushan more.

But watching himself being eaten quickly, spared of any further torment, You Yushan’s final gaze was that of relief.

Yan Fu gasped and rushed with the box over, “Steward Zhuo, please.”

“No need.”

Zhuo Fan waved, his eyes savage, “We’ve wasted too much time here and the criminals are about to escape.”

Zhuo Fan released another flare.

One firework, Huangpu Qingtian’s number was up. [Just you wait. You are the one who will never ever leave this place alive…]

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