The Surgeon’s Studio - Chapter 790 - Surgical Live Broadcast

Chapter 790: Surgical Live Broadcast

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“He said that he’s the CEO of Xinglin Garden,” Zheng Ren said.

Su Yun had completely rested. He was in high spirits. In addition, he did not have any surgeries today, so he was not wearing a hat. The black hair on his forehead fluttered in the wind. He looked very handsome.

“Huh?” Su Yun frowned and said, “He’s looking for you?”

“Who knows? Chief Qi called. It’s not good not to receive him.” Zheng Ren did not care. He changed his clothes and caressed his flattened hair. He said, “You’ll know when you go and take a look.”

“I’ll go with you,” Su Yun said.

“Sure.” Zheng Ren only understood the literal meaning. He definitely did not think too deeply into it.

“Boss, this bunch of businessmen have a lot of thoughts. Don’t let them sell you off,” Su Yun said.

“Why would they sell me off if it’s nothing? I only know how to perform surgeries,” Zheng Ren said casually.

“Being able to perform surgeries is already very…” as he said this, Su Yun stopped. He seemed to have thought of something.

Then, Su Yun, who had always been a chatterbox, fell silent.

Zheng Ren seemed to be able to feel that Su Yun’s brain was operating at a high speed. The black hair on his forehead stopped fluttering, as if it was cooling off.

However, Zheng Ren could not be bothered to think about what Peng Jia meant. No matter what he meant, he was only a doctor. If he wanted to sell himself, he would have to see if he had the ability.

As the saying went, if one had no desires, one would be firm. Zheng Ren was such a person.

Soon, the two of them came out of the changing room and came to the front door of the operating theater.

“Manager Peng, let’s go.” Zheng Ren called out to Peng Jia.

Peng Jia nodded and came closer to ask, “Chief Zheng, let’s find a quiet place to talk.”

“Sure.” Zheng Ren said casually. “Su Yun, let Lil Fugui take care of the postoperative patients.”

“Let’s go have afternoon tea. How about it?” Peng Jia asked tentatively.

“It’s fine as long as it’s quiet. Can’t go too far. After that, I still need to see the postoperative patients when I come back,” Zheng Ren said, holding an intravenous infusion.

“Then, do you like Yun Ku or the Red Wall Courtyard?”

Yun Ku was in the international trade building, overlooking the Imperial Capital from a bird’s eye view. It was very interesting, while the Red Wall Courtyard was in an alley belonging to the Shi family. It was the Old Imperial Capital’s quadrangle courtyard.

Zheng Ren and Xie Yiren had recently gone to the Red Wall Courtyard, but thinking about it, and it was still a little far.

“It’s too far. Let’s just go nearby.” Zheng Ren refused without hesitation.

Although this Manager Peng did not seem to be annoying, he still needed to see the postoperative patients and buy groceries to go home.

He could not delay his family life because of work. Zheng Ren now used his family life to describe his and Xie Yiren’s days together.

Although they were not living together yet, thinking about it made him feel much warmer.

Fortunately, there was no lack of high-class cafes around. Peng Jia’s secretary quickly found one and booked a private room.

There was nothing to say on the way. They arrived at the café, entered the private room, and sat down.

Zheng Ren randomly ordered a cup of freshly squeezed mango juice and asked, “Manager Peng, why are you looking for me?”

Although it was a little impolite to say so, Zheng Ren had many things to do, so he could only ask directly.

Otherwise, Zheng Ren would feel that it was a waste of time just to exchange pleasantries for 20 to 30 minutes. With this time, Zheng Ren would rather go to the System library to read books.

Besides, Peng Jia was the one who needed something from him now, so it was fine to ask directly.

“Ahem…” Peng Jia was choked by Zheng Ren’s straightforwardness. This aura was really the kind that only a doctor had.

“It’s like this.” Peng Jia placed both his hands on the table and put on an honest posture. He looked into Zheng Ren’s eyes and spoke in full detail.

He described the matter of the live broadcast room of Xinglin Garden’s surgery, but he did not mention that the traffic of Xinglin Garden had skyrocketed or plummeted.

He only talked about the ideal, but he did not explain the situation of the market and the traffic.

Zheng Ren listened carefully and remained silent.

“Manager Peng, don’t tell me you’re looking for my boss to do a live broadcast of the surgery?” Su Yun originally had a guess, but after listening to Peng Jia’s description, he understood what he meant.

Since everyone was very busy, Su Yun had asked directly.

“Yes.” Peng Jia’s heart suddenly jumped, but the expression on his face became gentler.

“What are the conditions? Tell me.” Su Yun was not a person who did business. He knew about the matter of testing each other’s limits, but he was too lazy to argue with Peng Jia.

Su Yun did not think highly of this matter.

If the live broadcast surgery was successful, it would be fine. But if it failed, would the glory of the Nobel Prize candidate be lost?

Although Zheng Ren’s surgery was very stable, there had not been any mistakes until now. But who could guarantee this kind of thing?

“Listen to Chief Zheng’s conditions, we…”

“Chief, Manager Peng is not sincere. Let’s go.” Su Yun was not polite at all. Once he heard Peng Jia start talking in circles, he immediately turned hostile.

The speed at which he turned hostile was even faster than flipping through a book. It really gave Peng Jia a fright.

Zheng Ren did not move. Instead, he smiled and said, “Manager Peng, if it’s a live broadcast of the surgery…”

Peng Jia’s heart suddenly jumped into his throat.

If Chief Zheng directly rejected him without leaving a single gap, what would he do?

He began to feel a little regretful.

Would it not be better if he directly threw money at him? However, this was just a thought. Peng Jia did not believe that a Nobel Prize candidate would be persuaded with his money.

“I’m still interested, but we still have to discuss the specific operation in detail.”

Zheng Ren’s words made Peng Jia’s heart stop beating.

He agreed just like that?

Su Yun looked at Zheng Ren as if he was looking at an idiot. Was this the stance of a business negotiation? Not haggling at all? Saying that he was interested?

Stretching his neck out and waiting to be ripped off?

Zheng Ren saw Su Yun’s dissatisfaction, but he only smiled, then he continued, “First of all, the patient side has to agree to the live broadcast. Manager Peng has to worry about the cost of this job. Second, the website has to give a strong promotion, but the internal advertising of the website is probably not enough. Third…”

Without thinking, Zheng Ren listed out five opinions.

This was not an act of foolishness, but a deliberate consideration! Su Yun looked at Zheng Ren in surprise. Could this guy have the ability to predict? Or could it be that he had already started thinking about the live broadcast of the surgery?

Peng Jia was also stunned.

These conditions were all specific work processes, and none of them involved personal interests.

He was also very puzzled as he looked at Zheng Ren.

“What do you think, Manager Peng?” After Zheng Ren finished speaking, he calmly looked at Peng Jia.

“Boss Zheng, how much do you need to pay for a surgery?” Peng Jia glanced at Su Yun and asked carefully.

“You have money from your website?” Zheng Ren was also very surprised. “I have been going there often recently, and the number of people who post new cases has decreased a lot. I’m afraid that the traffic will run out soon.”

‘Chief Zheng, can you not be so direct…’ Peng Jia’s face was full of tears.

“Let’s talk about business first. As for the specific fees, you can talk to Su Yun when you have time. I think that your profit model is not good, and I don’t think that the prospects are good. But this has nothing to do with the live broadcast of the surgery. We are talking about two things.”

After Zheng Ren said that, Peng Jia was dumbfounded.

He would never stray from the topic. The name for the live broadcast of the surgery was not just for a temporary gimmick.

Yesterday, the editor changed the cover. It was said that it was because of a copyright issue.

In the next few days, he would go to the operating theater to take photos of the operating theater to make the cover. The current cover was too dark, and it did not match the theme.

If there was anything related to the content and work, he would report it. At 6 p.m. at the end of the month, and at 7 p.m. at the beginning of May, he would book a guaranteed monthly ticket for next month.