The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - Chapter 1069 - Maybe He Deserves to Be Struck by Lightning?

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Chapter 1069: Maybe He Deserves to Be Struck by Lightning?

Dean Huangfu watched as Yun Chujiu went from lively to half-dead in an instant. The corners of his eyes twitched violently.

‘This little girl was too good at this!

‘However, would the little girl’s story stand up to scrutiny? The Heavenly Lightning had struck her with such fury there was no hiding it! Why would it scare people for fun?! Who was she kidding?!’

Yun Chujiu saw through Dean Huangfu’s thoughts, then, she said, “Dean, I know that there are many flaws in this story, but think about it. Who would believe that I won’t die from being struck by the Heavenly Lightning? So, even if they have any doubts, they can only speculate Besides, the Heavenly Lightning is so random. Didn’t it strike some other target dozens of times outside the courtyard just now as well?”

Yun Chujiu jumped to the door and peeked out through the gap of the courtyard door. She said mysteriously, “Dean, come here quickly. Something good has happened!”

Dean Huangfu was shocked by Yun Chujiu’s abnormal behavior just now, so he really did not pay attention to the movements outside. When he heard Yun Chujiu’s words, he went over to take a look and saw that Deputy Dean Yin was meditating nearby. His hair had been burnt off and his clothes were also covered in blood. It was obvious that his injuries were substantial.

“Tsk tsk, that Heavenly Lightning did a good thing! This deputy Dean Yin probably did too many wicked things! He deserved to be struck!” Yun Chujiu said gloatingly.

Dean Huangfu coughed dryly. “Little girl, let’s continue the topic from before!”

Yun Chujiu pursed her lips in her heart. ‘That Old Fox might be secretly happy, but he still pretended not to be happy with me! Hmph!’

“Lord Dean, Deputy Dean Yin has been a great help to us after being struck by lightning! Initially, my story just now was not convincing enough, but now that Deputy Dean Yin had also been stuck bald, it proves that the Heavenly Lightning was indeed mischievous. Otherwise, could it be that Deputy Dean Yin had done too many bad things and was struck for that reason instead? Hahaha!”

Dean Huangfu thought to himself, this little girl was most likely Yin Haoyu’s nemesis. In just a month, she had already eliminated three of his trusted aides. Today, he was even implicated and struck by lightning. Meeting this little girl, it could only be said that Yin Haoyu was unlucky!

The two of them had already come to a decision. Dean Huangfu removed the restriction in the courtyard.

As the Heavenly Lightning had already stopped, many students and teachers had already gathered around the courtyard. They all eagerly waited for the courtyard door to open, wanting to know what went on inside.

As the restriction lifted and the courtyard door opened, everyone finally saw the situation inside clearly.

They saw that several deep pits had been created in the courtyard. A little girl was sitting cross-legged on the ground as she adjusted her breathing. The corners of her mouth and her clothes were covered in blood. It seemed that her injuries were heavy yet Dean Huangfu was fine, but what was going on?

Just as everyone was puzzled, Dean Huangfu opened his mouth and said, “You all know that Yun Chujiu has the Heavenly Thunder Root Spirit. The existence of a Heavenly Thunder Root Spirit has never been tolerated by Tian Dao. The lightning strikes this time were aimed at Yun Chujiu.”

As soon as Dean Huangfu finished speaking, whispers sounded from below:

“It seems that there are pros and cons to this matter. I heard that the cultivation speed of the Heavenly Thunder Root Spirit is very fast, but it will eventually be wiped out by the Tian Dao. This Yun Chujiu will definitely not be able to cultivate to the Great Dao.”

“You’re missing the main point, okay? That Heavenly Lightning strike just now lasted for more than ten hours! How is that Yun Chujiu still alive and kicking?”

“Yeah, could it be that she withstood the lightning for ten hours?”

“Are you talking nonsense? Deputy Dean Yin was only struck for fifteen minutes and was already heavily injured. How could she have withstood the lightning for ten hours?!”

“What you said makes sense. Then how did she survive?”

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