The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - Chapter 1070 - Experts in Acting

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Chapter 1070: Experts in Acting

Dean Huangfu coughed and everyone quieted down, he braced himself and told Yun Chujiu’s excuse, “This time, the Heavenly Lightning that struck Yun Chujiu might be a bit jumpy. Actually, there were only a dozen or so Heavenly Lightning bolts that struck Yun Chujiu’s body. I helped bear a few of them, and the rest of the Heavenly Lightning bolts struck the empty ground. That’s why there are so many deep pits.”

When everyone heard what Dean Huangfu said, they were skeptical. How could a Wu Yun with the power of Heavenly Lightning do such a childish thing? It was too unbelievable!

Dean Huangfu Glanced at Deputy Dean Yin, who was still recuperating. He sighed and said, “As you all have seen, Deputy Dean Yin was also struck by dozens of Heavenly Lightning bolts. Deputy Dean Yin has always been a straightforward person, so how could he be punished by the heavens? Therefore, it can only mean that the Heavenly Lightning bolts this time are rather jumpy. It can be said that Yun Chujiu managed to take advantage of it. Otherwise, she would definitely be in deep trouble.”

Deputy Dean Yin could still hear Dean Huangfu’s words as he adjusted his breathing. Hearing words of praise weaved in with those of derision, he was so angry that he spat out another mouthful of blood.

When the crowd heard Dean Huangfu’s words, they grew less skeptical. Moreover, if a strange treasure or a strange beast were to be born, the contract would definitely have an image of a contract. So, this Heavenly Lightning bolt was completely used to strike Yun Chujiu?

Some first-year students said, “This Heavenly Lightning should have targeted Yun Chujiu’s. We just finished our beast taming class, and Yun Chujiu suddenly ran into the Dean’s courtyard as if she was being chased by a dog. She must have wanted the dean to help her resist the Heavenly Lightning.”

“Right! I can also prove it. At that time, she said that she had something to do and ran away as if she was running for her life.”

“Also, those Demon Beast eggs in the Spirit Beast Park all went berserk! They must have sensed the arrival of the Heavenly Lightning. So it was all caused by this Yun Chujiu!”

After the accounts of these students, everyone believed Dean Huangfu’s words. Although there were still some who had their doubts, the vast majority of them accepted Dean Huangfu’s words.

Dean Huangfu heaved a sigh of relief. It had to be said that Yun Chujiu’s understood how to manipulate people’s hearts. She had managed to muddle her way through such a big matter.

Dean Huangfu pointed at Feng Ming and the other two and said, “The three of you stay here. After Yun Chujiu has recuperated, you are allowed to ride your swords to send Yun Chujiu back to the dormitory.”

Feng Ming and the other two were also experts in acting. They knew that Yun Chujiu was fine, but they still pretended to be very worried. Even Dean Huangfu had been deceived, and he sighed in his heart. These three children were really kind-hearted.

When everyone saw that there was nothing else, they all dispersed. Only Yin Xinlian and the other two, as well as some of Deputy Dean Yin’s trusted aides, stayed behind to take care of Deputy Dean Yin.

Dean Huangfu said a few words of concern and went back to his study room. The door to the courtyard was left open just like that, in case others thought that something fishy went on inside.

To prevent Deputy Dean Yin from seeing right through her, Yun Chujiu deliberately opened her eyes before Deputy Dean Yin had finished regulating his breathing. She looked extremely weak and let Feng Ming and the other two ride their swords back to the dormitory.

After they returned to the dormitory and activated an isolation array, Feng Ming asked, “Little Sister Jiu, are you alright?”

Yun Chujiu giggled. “Of course I’m Fine! That Heavenly Lightning struck me very comfortably, and it even helped me teach that Old Bastard, Deputy Dean Yin, a lesson. It was so satisfying!”

The corners of Feng Ming and the other two’s eyes twitched for a moment, and they finally relaxed. They thought to themselves that only a monster like Junior Sister Little Jiu could withstand repeated lightning strikes for ten hours.

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