The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - Chapter 1071 - Could It Be That You Just Want a Love Letter From Me?!

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Chapter 1071: Could It Be That You Just Want a Love Letter From Me?!

Deputy Dean Yin had finished adjusting his breathing and touched his head with his hand. When he noticed the black ash on his hand, his face immediately turned pale. The Yin sisters and the instructors were so frightened that they did not even dare to breathe loudly.

Although Deputy Dean Yin had been distracted just now, he had heard Dean Huangfu’s words clearly. He did not believe that those Heavenly Lightning bolts would scare Yun Chujiu for no reason, the Wu Yun must have been attracted by that smelly girl, Yun Chujiu. He had suffered an undeserved calamity!

That smelly girl was a jinx. Ever since she entered the Tianyuan Academy, he had experienced all sorts of difficulties. He had to think of a way to kill her, or it would be difficult to appease his anger.

Deputy Dean Yin looked into Dean Huangfu’s courtyard. Sure enough, there were a few deep pits. A few guards had filled up the pits with soil, but there was nothing unusual.

That old man Huangfu Zhongheng was very cunning. He might have obtained some heaven-defying treasures. Humph! However, it was going to be his sooner or later. Let’s wait and see.

Yun Chujiu sneezed twice and mumbled, “It must be that old bastard Deputy Dean Yin, badmouthing me. That Heavenly Lightning was also the same. If you wanted to strike him, just do it to your heart’s content. Why didn’t you strike him to death?!”

She took a bath and started to cultivate. Strength was the most important principle. Without strength, everything else would be useless.

While Yun Chujiu cultivated, the sound transmission talisman in her storage ring started to vibrate. After Yun Chujiu sent her spirit sense to probe into it, Di Beiming’s anxious voice came from inside, “Little Jiu, An Feng said that Tianyuan Academy was struck by the Heavenly Lightning for more than ten hours. Was it you? Are you alright?”

Yun Chujiu giggled and said, “My Prince Charming, Congratulations on getting the right answer! Those lightning bolts were there to strike me. I feel very comfortable now!”

On the other side of the transmission talisman, the corner of Di Beiming’s eyes twitched, “It’s good that you’re alright. However, aren’t you afraid that the lightning bolts expose you? I’m afraid that it will attract a lot of trouble.”

“Hehe, my Prince Charming, you’ve underestimated me. How can I do such a stupid thing?! I’ve already taken care of it!”

Yun Chujiu told Di Beiming about what had happened. Since the two of them were now in the Tianyuan Continent, the voice transmission talisman could be used more often. It was very convenient.

The two of them chatted for a while more, then the voice transmission talisman turned into ash due to the number of times it was used.

Yun Chujiu pursed her lips. This thing was too useless. It was only used for a short while, but it already broke, so she took out a new voice transmission talisman and said to Di Beiming, “Prince Charming, ask An Feng to send me another 180 voice transmission talismans. This thing’s lifespan is too short!”

On the other side, Di Beiming sighed, “Little Jiu, these voice transmission talismans are not that easy to find. In the future, we should try to communicate as briefly as possible. If you have something to say, we can meet face to face. Or you can write me a letter and ask An Feng to send someone to send it to me.”

Yun Chujiu pouted, ‘HMPH! What a tsundere! Could it be that you just want a love letter from me?!’

However, she blinked her eyes and her face was beamed with joy, ‘If I were to write a letter to the Pretty Boy, the Pretty Boy would also reply to me. I have never received a love letter from Pretty Boy before! Ahhh, I’m looking forward to it!’

Therefore, she hurriedly said a few words to Di Beiming. Then, she took out her brush and ink to write a love letter to Di Beiming. She had written all the love letters she could think of, then, she wrote the closing– “Little Jiu who loved you to the bone”.

She then put the love letter into her storage ring. She planned to give it to An Feng in a few days and ask him to send someone to pass it to Di Beiming..

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