The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - Chapter 1073 - The Class Monitor Will Definitely Lose This Time!

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Chapter 1073: The Class Monitor Will Definitely Lose This Time!

Yin Sulian heard everyone say so, and Yun Chujiu remained silent the entire time, she said proudly, “Yun Chujiu, are you afraid? HMPH! That’s right, trash like you obviously can’t compare to me. If that’s the case, if you meet me in the future, just get lost. What right does a piece of trash have to talk to me?”

What Yin Sulian did not expect was that Yun Chujiu said indifferently, “Where will the competition be held?”

“Junior Sister Little Jiu!”

“Class Monitor!”

Feng Ming and the other two and the Huang Class members looked at Yun Chujiu in disbelief. The outcome of this competition was almost predictable.

‘Why did Yun Chujiu agree to it?! Was this not asking for trouble?!’

Yin Sulian was also stunned. She thought that Yun Chujiu would not dare to agree to her challenge. She thought that in the future, she would be able to use this to mock her but the tables had turned. She did not expect that Yun Chujiu would agree to it so recklessly. She really courted death.

“Since it’s a competition, the more people there are to witness it, the better. Let’s do it at the Tianyuan Academy’s main square!” Yin Sulian’s eyes flashed with a trace of viciousness. When the time came, she would make Yun Chujiu kneel and apologize to her in front of everyone. She wanted to see if Yun Chujiu still dared to stay in Tianyuan Academy in the future after she was defeated.

“Alright! I will see you there in three days!” Yun Chujiu said calmly.

“Yun Chujiu, you should cherish these three days. Your good fortune will come to an end soon! At that time, you will be the number one trash in the Tianyuan Academy! To prevent you from not admitting your loss, let’s swear on the inner demon oath! If the losing party does not honor the agreement, then their souls will be scattered and they will die a horrible death!” Yin Sulian said viciously.

Yun Chujiu smiled faintly and made the inner demon oath according to Yin Sulian’s words. Yin Sulian also made the inner demon oath and then left with her class leader, Yang.

“Junior Sister Little Jiu, you are too impulsive! That Yin Sulian learned the materialization of spiritual power when she was in the family. We have only learned it for less than a month, how can we beat her?!” Feng Ming said worriedly.

“Yes, class monitor. It’s not that we want to admit defeat, but right now it’s like hitting a rock with an egg when you compete with Yin Sulian in the materialization of spiritual power. This… Sigh, the words have already been said. What should we do now?”

“Class monitor, why don’t we go back on our words? It’s better than kneeling and admitting our mistakes in the future!”

“Class monitor, why don’t you pretend to be sick when the time comes? Drag it out for as many days as you can!”

Yun Chujiu smiled faintly. “Don’t worry. Since I dared to make the promise to her, I naturally have a way to defeat her.”

When everyone heard Yun Chujiu’s words, they immediately asked in surprise, “Class monitor, could it be that you can already materialize your spiritual power?”

Yun Chujiu shook her head. “Not yet. I should be able to do it in three days.”


What kind of joke was that?!

Not now, but in three days?! Do you think the materialization of spiritual power is a joke?!

It’s over! The class monitor will definitely lose this time!

When the time comes, she will kneel in front of everyone and apologize to Yin Sulian. In the future, she will not be able to raise her head in Tianyuan Academy. She was too impulsive!

After Instructor Ji Sha received the news, he specially asked Yun Chujiu to stay back after the spiritual power class. With a slightly gloomy expression, he said, “Yun Chujiu, I always thought that you were quite smart. Why are you so reckless this time?! That Yin Sulian can already materialize a treasure sword. What about you? Our Huang Class’s will still need at least another two months of lessons before we can materialize anything. Aren’t you just asking for trouble?! Forget it! I’ll go find Mo Hanxun and ask him to find Yin Sulian to cancel the competition.”

Yun Chujiu felt a warmth in her heart. She naturally knew what Ji Sha would face if he went to look for Mo Hanxun. He would definitely be further ridiculed and despised by Mo Hanxun. However, he still decided to do so. That meant that he was truly considerate of her situation.

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