The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - Chapter 1319 - has a mission for you all

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Chapter 1319: Chapter 1319 has a mission for you all

Yun Chujiu’s brain was working non-stop. She had to think of a way to stall for time. Hence, she pointed at the sky and said, “Hall Master! The hall master is Back!” The five of them were shocked and subconsciously looked up at the sky. Of course, there was nothing there. Yun chujiu took advantage of their little distraction to escape from the encirclement, then, she turned around and threw a talisman and a big sack! The five of them knew how powerful Yun Chujiu’s Talisman was and quickly dodged to the side. However, they did not expect the sack to be blown into pieces by the talisman. The chili inside instantly scattered everywhere! The five of them thought that it was poison and quickly held their breath. However, their noses and mouths were fine, but their eyes were damaged. Immediately, they choked until tears flowed down their faces. Yun Chujiu took advantage of this time and kept throwing talismans. She did not have any hopes of killing the five of them, as long as she could stop them from chasing after her. The five of them were not fools. They could not approach her from the front, so three of them rushed over from the side and once again surrounded Yun chujiu in the middle. “Stinky Girl, you are indeed full of tricks! Let’s see what other tricks you have up your sleeve this time!” Yun chujiu was feeling a little anxious. Why hadn’t the Secret Guards Come Out Yet? If they didn’t come out now, all her spirit tools would be gone! Right at this moment, several secret guards of the Temple of Immortals rushed out from the courtyard and attacked the five secret guards of the Temple of Immortals. The five guards turned pale with fright. It was over! They had fallen into the damn girl’s trick of luring the tiger away from the mountain! The five of them could only shout loudly, “Someone come quickly! Help! Someone come quickly!” However, it was already too late. The Secret Guards of the Temple of Immortals had been holding back a long time ago. F * ck, they had actually been captured by such a cowardly person. It was simply a great humiliation! When those brothers who had gone out returned, they would definitely laugh their teeth out! Only by killing these bastards of the Netherworld Palace would they be able to wash away this humiliation. There were more than three hundred secret guards of the Temple of Immortals trapped in this courtyard, so it was naturally not difficult for them to deal with five people. In less than fifteen minutes, five people were killed. The palace master’s wife was still concerned about the trapped servants and guards, so she was about to rush to the courtyard where the servants were being held. Yun chujiu stopped her. After sending some secret guards to guard, she said to the secret guards, “Immediately choose the twenty people with the highest spiritual power and the best movement techniques among you. I’ll give you an arduous task.” Soon, twenty people were chosen from the secret guards. “Go and destroy the array core of the eight gates golden lock array. The array core must be where the array core used to be, because only by setting it up there will it cover the entire temple of Immortals.”. “After you destroy the array core, immediately send a message to the temple master and His Excellency.” “Take these concealment talismans and supreme-grade explosive talismans, in case you need them in the future. Remember, no matter what happens on our side, you must focus on your task. You must change the array core. Do you understand?”Yun Chujiu asked sternly. “I understand!”After this incident, the Dark Guards’opinion of Yun Chujiu had changed 180 degrees. Their tone was full of respect. “Alright, take advantage of the fact that the enemy is still in chaos. Hurry up and move.” “Yes!” Yun chujiu blinked her eyes, she handed Xiao Hei Rat to one of the dark guards. “This is my spiritual pet. You can let it help pass the message. In addition, you saw that it is good at digging holes. Maybe it can help you.” The guard said seriously, “Miss Jiu, don’t worry. I will protect Xiao Hei’s life.” Yun chujiu nodded. The guard took Xiao Hei away with him. After the twenty people left, Yun Chujiu and the palace master’s wife led the guards to the courtyard where the servants were being held. On the way, they met some guards of the Netherworld Palace. They were killed one by one. Soon, they arrived at the courtyard. The two guards at the door saw that the situation was not good and immediately ran away. 

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