The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - Chapter 1320 - listened to Little Nine’s arrangements

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Chapter 1320: Chapter 1320 listened to Little Nine’s arrangements

Everyone was naturally overjoyed after meeting up, however, yun chujiu said seriously, “Everyone, don’t be happy too early. We are still caged birds. The number of people from the Netherworld Hall should be much more than ours. It will definitely be a tough battle.” The palace mistress glanced at everyone and then said, “From now on, all of you listen to Little Nine’s arrangements. If anyone disobeys her orders, you will not be let off lightly.” “Yes!”Even if the palace master’s wife did not say anything, everyone was completely convinced by Yun Chujiu. Although they did not know the whole process, the palace master’s wife had been captured previously, so it must have been the ninth miss who saved the Palace Master’s wife, in other words, their survival was actually all thanks to the ninth miss. The palace master’s wife could not help but smile bitterly in her heart when she saw everyone’s performance. She had always looked down on the little rascal, but she did not expect the little rascal to be much calmer than her when it came to real matters. Just like just now, she was in a hurry to save these people.., she didn’t even consider the whole situation. The most important thing was to destroy the formation’s core. Little Nine’s strategy was right. If their main force went over, the Nether World Palace would definitely do their best to guard the formation’s core. They wouldn’t have a chance at all. However, now that their main force, especially her, was here, the Nether World Palace’s people would definitely place their emphasis on this place. That way, the twenty people would have a chance to destroy the formation’s core. “Aunt, is there any place around here that is easy to defend but hard to attack? Before their people arrive, let’s move to that place! It would be best if it is a death zone on one side. That way, we don’t have to worry about being attacked from both sides.”Yun Chujiu asked the palace master’s wife. The palace master’s wife Thought for a moment and said, “Not far from here, there is a small training ground for the guards. One side is a mountain, and under the mountain is a hundred Zhang Poison Abyss. Let’s Go There!” Yun chujiu nodded. “Okay, let’s Go There! Let’s Go!” Yun chujiu divided the people into three groups. She had two groups guard the two sides of the training field while she and the palace master’s wife guarded the main gate. Yun chujiu asked everyone to take out their protective array disks. The palace master’s wife said, “Little Jiu, this training field is quite big. I’m afraid this small array disk won’t work.” Yun chujiu nodded. “I know. I’m going to distribute these protective disk arrays to the guards so that they can hold on for a while longer!” After Yun chujiu distributed the disk arrays to the guards, she took out the explosive talismans on her body and distributed them to them. This way, they could hold on for a while at least. Just as Yun Chujiu finished making the arrangements, the main force of the Netherworld Palace arrived. Just as Yun Chujiu had expected, there were more than a thousand people. Not only were there three times as many people as there were here, but the majority of them had high spiritual power, the difference in strength between the two sides was too great. It was very unlikely that they would be able to win. They could only try their best to stall for time until the reinforcements of the pretty boy arrived. The leader of the Hall of the dead was a sallow-faced person. It should be that Dharma Protector Tao. Dharma Protector Tao had originally thought that the operation this time was 90% successful. He had never expected that something had gone wrong and these people who had been captured actually ran out. The reason why he did not use more people to guard the captives was firstly because the people from the Netherworld Hall had to patrol everywhere, especially the front hall which had arranged many people, afraid that di beiming would lead people to counterattack. Secondly, he had thought that all the people from the temple of Immortals had been captured, moreover, they had been imprisoned in the back hall with their spiritual power, so there was no chance of them escaping. That was why he had been careless.

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