The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - Chapter 1321 - Bear and bear  

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Chapter 1321: Chapter 1321: Bear and bear

When Dharma Protector Tao learned that the captives of the temple of Immortals had escaped, the first thing he did was naturally pay attention to whether or not the palace master’s wife had escaped. In the end, not only had the palace master’s wife disappeared, even his own uncle had disappeared without a trace. When he asked those guards.., only then did he know that his own uncle had done those stupid things, and he almost fainted from anger! From the looks of it, the matter must have been with the palace master’s wife. That slut must have had some immortal artifact on her, and after removing the spiritual power restriction, she had killed his uncle. Therefore, when Dharma Protector Tao came to the outside of the martial arts practice field, although he saw the palace master’s wife standing with a little girl, he didn’t put Yun Chujiu in his eyes at all. Dharma Protector Tao signaled for his people to stop moving forward, then, he sneered at the palace master’s wife and said, “Palace Master’s wife, I didn’t expect you to hold back. I was really careless! “However, your efforts are useless. As long as I give the order, you will still be taken down by us. Moreover, it is inevitable that you will die in the process of fighting. Therefore, I advise you to be sensible and surrender voluntarily!” Dharma protector Tao knew that although he had the advantage, if they were to really fight, it would not be over in a short time. It was better not to fight if he could avoid it. Before the palace master’s wife could say anything, Yun chujiu curled her lips and said, “So what if there are many people? What’s the use of a bunch of useless people? If you ask me, it is only right that you surrender as soon as possible. Otherwise, I will kill all of you!” Dharma Protector Tao was furious. “Where did this little girl come from? ! Do you have the right to speak here? Palace Master’s wife, you don’t want this little girl to talk to me, do you?” Unexpectedly, Madam Palace master nodded. “That’s right. Little Nine will be in charge of all our matters here.” Dharma Protector Tao couldn’t believe his ears. Could This Madam Palace Master have been provoked to madness? She actually let a little girl take full responsibility? This little girl was just a little trash at the fifth level of the Spirit sect. How could she be valued by Madam Palace Master? “Dharma Protector Tao, since both sides are evenly matched and don’t want to waste time, why don’t we have a competition? Do you dare to compete?”Yun Chujiu said with a cold smile. “Competition? What kind of competition?”Dharma Protector Tao asked in confusion. “It’s very simple. We’ll have five rounds and three wins out of five rounds. As long as either side loses, they are willing to accept their loss and give up resisting. What do you think?”Yun Chujiu said provocatively. Dharma Protector Tao was amused. “Little girl, do you think I’m an idiot? We have the advantage and we don’t need to compete with you.” “From what you said, you’re afraid of losing? But that’s right. Your Netherworld Hall only knows how to scheme and scheme. You’re really not up to the table!”Yun chujiu pouted and said. Dharma Protector Tao was so embarrassed that he became angry. he shouted angrily, “Stupid girl, don’t talk nonsense. Otherwise, I’ll kill you first.” “Your reaction is so strong, could it be that I was right?”? “As the leader, you actually have no confidence in your subordinates. What do you think your subordinates will think?”? “As the saying goes, a sheep leading a pack of wolves can not defeat a pack of sheep led by a wolf. This soldier bears bears bears bears, bear bears bear bear nest!”Yun chujiu hugged her shoulders, she shook her legs and was very arrogant. “You! You are courting death!”Dharma protector Tao attacked Yun chujiu with his spiritual power. His spiritual power materialized into a colorful tiger, and it already had some intelligence. It pounced towards Yun Chujiu. The palace master’s wife raised her hand and attacked the tiger with her spiritual power. It was the first time Yun Chujiu saw the palace master’s wife attack. The palace master’s wife’s spiritual power materialized into a peacock. Yun chujiu could not help but complain. The thing materialized from spiritual power was indeed related to human nature. This old hag was just like a peacock! Then, this guy remembered his spiritual power materialized into a little piglet..

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