Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion - Chapter 327 - Staring at Her

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Chapter 327: Staring at Her

“It’s obvious that no one wants to waste their time celebrating the Tan family’s daughter’s birthday. They would rather use their time to do something meaningful,” Jiang Siyong said.

“The Tan family sure is a weird bunch. Do they have no self-awareness? If it’s this obvious that no one is going to come, why are they even hosting a party?” Jiang Yongyan laughed. “And next to us no less. Are they trying to embarrass themselves or what?”

“This is just like how the family is. All show. They decorated the hallway with a red carpet and stanchions, but they have no guests inside the hall. Their family is the same. They look successful and well off on the outside since they are one of the biggest furniture companies in the nation, and they even sponsored “Legend of Wei and Jin”, but all this is nothing more than a facade,” Mrs. Jiang said with a smile on her face as she turned to touch up her daughter’s hair. “The Tan family is nothing when compared to us in terms of both money and success. Even their daughter can never be as eye-catching as you are.”

“Of course,” Jiang Yongyan smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror.

No one is going to be better than me tonight, definitely not that Tan Mo!

When the elevator arrived on the floor where the party was, the three members of the Jiang family walked out of the elevator at the same time as the door of the other elevator opened.

Jiang Yongyan turned to check who was inside that elevator and was shocked when she saw the girl who walked out of the elevator.

Whaaaat…? H…how is she so pretty? Which family is she from? Isn’t her dress too formal for a birthday party?

The girl had clear, white skin. She was shining so brightly that it was hard for Jiang Yongyan to look too closely at her.

Jiang Siyong also could not avert his gaze from the gorgeous girl.

As the young master of the Jiang family, he had met all sorts of people in his life, including a lot of beautiful ladies with whom he had gotten acquainted.

He’d even dated a few of the beautiful online influencers that most people could only dream of getting close to.

Yet, none of his past girlfriends could match this girl he was gawking at now while trying to keep his drool at bay.

The girl was so pure and elegant that it was as if she wasn’t bothered by all the ugliness the world had to offer.

Her eyes were so bright and clear that it felt as if Jiang Siyong could stare into her soul without any guidance.

Jiang Siyong even found it hard to breathe when he looked at her.

On the other hand, Jiang Yongyan’s attention quickly shifted from the girl’s face to something else, just like any other woman’s would if they had seen the girl.

She could already tell that this gorgeous girl was none other than Tan Mo, as there were only two families hosting birthday parties in the hotel that day. The other events were all wedding parties.

At most wedding parties, only the bride would wear such formal dresses, but since Tan Mo was clearly still too young to get married, then it could only mean that she was the main character of another birthday party.

Jiang Yongyan’s gaze was now set on the dress that Tan Mo was wearing.

She could tell at first glance from the design that the dress was from the Goddess Brand.

Jiang Yongyan would always pay attention to the newest designs of every brand and knew by heart which design came from which brand.

She had even been invited to a few fashion shows as well.

Thus, she could tell that what Tan Mo was wearing had never been shown to the world before.

And that from the design and finish on the dress she could tell that it was a high-quality custom-made dress.

There were only two possible explanations. The first one was that Tan Mo was wearing one of the new designs for the next season, and Jiang Yongyan didn’t even want to think about the second possibility.

That the dress had been specifically made for Tan Mo by the Goddess Brand’s lead designer.

No! That’s not possible! Mom couldn’t even get in touch with the lead designer no matter how hard she tried. There’s no way Tan Mo or the Tan family could manage that.

Tan Mo was also a little shocked when she saw the Jiang family walking out of the elevator next to her, but she quickly recovered her poise and walked toward the hall.

Since they were heading in the same direction, Jiang Yongyan had no choice but to follow behind Tan Mo. As they walked, she couldn’t keep her eyes off Tan Mo’s dress.

The embroidery on the dress was exquisite. With every step that Tan Mo took, the dress would glitter as if she was wearing the night sky on her.

However, the glitters would only occur when the lighting was bad. The real value of the dress would not shine unless it was completely dark.

Jiang Yongyan kept staring at the dress as if she was cursed, but there was another person who was even more cursed than she was.

That person suddenly walked in front of her and brought her back to reality.

It was only then that she realized that the person who was following behind Tan Mo as if he was enchanted was none other than her older brother, Jiang Siyong.

Jiang Yongyan grabbed her brother by his arm angrily and pulled him back as it was embarrassing if anyone noticed him with his eyes locked on a beautiful girl.

Jiang Siyong turned around to look at his sister and asked, “What’s wrong? Why are you pulling me?”

“Dude, what the heck do you think you are doing? It’s like you’re going to suddenly jump at her,” Jiang Yongyan scolded him in a low voice.

Jiang Siyong turned back to look at Tan Mo’s back and asked, “Is that the young lady from the Tan family?”

The reason Jiang Siyong could recognize Tan Mo was that she was being escorted by Xu Mingzhen and Tan Jinsheng, and he recognized the latter from the previous incident.

“Her dress is from the Goddess Brand. I’m sure of that. But I’ve never seen that dress before,” Jiang Yongyan said to her mother. “Either it’s an unreleased design or the lead designer custom-made it for her.”

“Are you sure?” Mrs. Jiang asked. “Aren’t there a lot of fake products online? They make those dresses so real that it’s impossible to tell unless you look at them up close. Maybe it’s just because the manufacturer made some minor changes to it, and that’s why you couldn’t recognize it.”

“That’s a beginner’s mistake, Mom. Take a good look at it. Do you really think the quality and the design of that dress is something a fake product would have?”

Mrs. Jiang took a look at the dress and agreed with her daughter.

“And here I thought I could shine brighter than her!” Jiang Yongyan scolded herself.

“Calm down. Did you forget that they literally have no guests? Even if she’s that pretty, who’s going to notice?” Mrs. Jiang said.

Jiang Yongyan calmed down a little after hearing that, but she still felt that her 18th birthday had been ruined because of that dress.

Tan Mo raised the skirt of her dress a little as she walked along the red carpet that was lined with stanchions toward the hall.

The Jiang family only had a red carpet.

“Aren’t you going in?” Mrs. Jiang asked when she noticed her daughter stopping outside the door still staring at Tan Mo.

Mrs. Jiang followed her daughter’s gaze and saw the door into the Tan family’s hall open.

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