Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion - Chapter 328 - She Has Grown Up

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Chapter 328: She Has Grown Up

The hall was in complete darkness; all the lights had been shut off.

As soon as Tan Mo walked into the hall, spotlights were switched on, and they were all focused on Tan Mo.

When the bottom half of her dress came in contact with the light, it suddenly began to shine and glitter.

At first, everyone thought that the effects were from the spotlights, but after a few seconds, they realized those effects came from her dress.

The skirt beneath her knees became semi-transparent. Tan Mo’s beautiful legs could now be seen, but what shone the most were the high heels that were designed to look like a starry night sky.

When Tan Mo’s whole body was lit by the spotlights, the people could see her glittering gorgeously, while her high heels gave the impression that she was traversing the night sky.

Even if the Jiang family could not see her face, they were still captivated by her beauty.

Jiang Siyong told himself that he probably would never forget what he had just seen for the rest of his life.

Jiang Yongyan could only stare at Tan Mo jealously. “Mom, do you still think her dress is a copy?”

Mrs. Jiang couldn’t even reply to her daughter.

That wasn’t a fake product. On the contrary, the dress had been specifically designed for Tan Mo by the lead designer of one of the best brands in the world. It was a one-of-a-kind piece.

Too bad only a few people were going to lay their eyes on such a perfect dress… Mrs. Jiang sighed to herself before urging her daughter, “Come on, let’s head in. This is an important moment for you. Everyone’s waiting inside. There’s no point in Tan Mo wearing such a perfect dress anyway. Who’s going to see it?”

Jiang Yongyan took a deep breath and was about to head into her own party when someone suddenly laughed, “Hey! I can tell this is definitely your protege’s idea! He even brought the red carpet and stanchions that we use at award ceremonies!”

“Right? It’s kind of cool, actually.” Hou Yuehai replied with a laugh of his own.

The two new arrivals were none other than the two famous directors, Hou Yuehai and Liu Runlin.

The moment Jiang Yongyan turned to take a look, she recognized them right away.

These two directors were so famous in the country that anyone who was even slightly interested in the movie business would recognize them.

“Mr. Hou, Mr. Liu, this way, please,” greeted the person from the Tan family who was in charge of leading the guests into the party.

“We aren’t late, are we?” Liu Runlin asked. “I came as soon as I finished my meeting.”

“Of course not. It’s our honor to have both of you here. You can come at any time, and you’ll never be late.”

“Hah! I see why the Tan family has you standing out here greeting the guests. You sure are a sweet talker!” Hou Yuehai laughed.

“Aren’t they Director Hou and Director Liu?” Jiang Siyong asked in surprise, unable to believe that the Tan family had rented such a small space when they had invited the two famous directors.

“Brother, help me keep tabs on who the Tan family has invited. I want the names of all the guests,” Jiang Yongyan asked.

“Yongyan, you shouldn’t pay attention to other stuff on such an important day…” Mrs. Jiang tried to persuade her daughter to forget it.

“I’m doing this because it’s my important day. I can’t let anyone be better than me today!” Jiang Yongyan scolded her mom.

Not long after that, the hotel staff announced, “President Mu of Beijing University has arrived!”

“Professor Zhao of Beijing University has arrived!”

“Professor Guo of Beijing University has arrived!”

“Professor Yue of Beijing University has arrived!”

These four people were famed scholars with high social standings. They were well known throughout the country for their contributions to the academic world.

Any single one of these scholars was more famous than any of the guests invited by the Jiang family.

They were people who had contributed to the Hua Empire and its society.

Jiang Yongyan finally collapsed mentally after seeing this lineup. Instead of having no guests as they thought, the Tan family had actually managed to invite a lot of famous people to the party.

The hotel staff had even announced the arrival of these people with a speaker.

Jiang Siyong didn’t even need to waste his time to find out who the Tan family had invited.

The speaker was so loud that the guests inside the Jiang family’s hall heard the announcements.

“Did they say Professor Guo?”

“I heard Professor Zhao’s name as well!”

“Even President Mu is here!”

“Hey, do you think we can go over there and greet them?”

“Man, if I can get a photo with any one of them, I would hang the photo up in my building’s lobby. It would be such a huge honor.”

“Right? We could even boast about that when we talk business next time.”

The guests invited by the Jiang family slowly shifted their attention from the main character of that night, Jiang Yongyan, to the party next door.

Even Jiang Jiamao was completely shocked.

Before that, he had come to the same conclusion as his wife, that the Tan family had just gotten successful recently and did not have many connections to invite important guests to the party.

Yet, even with all the commotion happening inside the hotel, Wei Zhiqian didn’t pay a bit of attention to it.

His eyes were fixed on the door so that the moment it opened he could see Tan Mo enter.

When Tan Mo walked through the door and into the hall, his gaze followed her every step.

When her dress began to shine and glitter as soon as the spotlights shone on her, it was as if she was an elf walking into the hall while pacing the night sky.

Since the dress was flesh pink in color, it could make one’s skin darker if the tone was wrong.

Yet Tan Mo did not even have to worry about it.

Instead, the dress made her white skin even shinier.

Wei Zhiqian was completely stunned by her beauty.

Everyone else had the same reaction.

Wei Zhiqian only had one thought in his mind.

It looks like the little girl has grown up.

He couldn’t help but smile warmly as he recalled the first time he had seen her.

Tan Mo was still a cute little girl when they first met. Her arms and legs were short, and her body was short and chubby too. It was as if her flesh would sink in if one were to poke her.

Yet now she had grown into a gorgeous lady who could enchant the whole world with her beauty.

Wei Zhiqian didn’t even care who the guests were.

He finally understood why Tan Mo had refused to let him see her in the dress at the shop this afternoon.

Because she was waiting for this moment.

If she’d shown him the dress back in the shop, the element of surprise would’ve been nonexistent.

Tan Mo stood on the stage. There was no reason for her to feel an ounce of nervousness as the people in the hall were either her family and friends or people that she was close to and respected, like President Mu.

And yet, she was completely nervous.

She scanned the crowd and located where Wei Zhiqian was, wondering if she was pretty in his eyes or not.

“Mr. Wei Mingwen and Mrs. Wei have arrived!”

“Mr. Qin Zhenglu and Mrs. Qin have arrived!”

The hotel staff suddenly announced new arrivals.

The people in the Jiang family’s party heard the announcement as well, and no one could control themselves any longer.

“Did they say Wei Mingwen and Qin Zhenglu?”

“Since when did the Tan family get so close to the Wei family and the Qin family?”

“Man, we should’ve greeted the Tan family when we passed by their hall just now.”

“Seriously, why are they keeping such a low profile? If I had such connections, I would’ve let the whole world know. They even got the masters of the Wei and Qin family to come and celebrate their daughter’s birthday!”

Jiang Yongyan could only bite her lips in anger as her spotlight was now completely overshadowed by Tan Mo’s.

Why did the Tan family have to hold their party next to ours?

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