Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years - Chapter 1042 - Great Chaotic Battle

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Chapter 1042 Great Chaotic Battle

“The three of you have to work together. I allow you to compete, but that’s amongst yourselves. You have to unite when you face a common enemy, understand?”

Han Ling’s voice was indifferent, but it was extremely oppressive.

Han Ye and the other two nodded and

promised not to act recklessly.

Han Ling instructed again before Han Ye and the other two left.

Han Ling took out a mirror as she looked at their departing figures. This mirror was golden and murky.

Han Ling’s lips moved as she silently chanted.

Soon, a shadow crawled out of the mirror. It was her Emperor Soldier.

The Emperor Soldier transformed into a beam

of light and sped away.

Han Ling smiled and closed her eyes.

Shi Tian, in the extreme abyss.

Dense mist filled the air. One could vaguely see the undulating mountains. A huge river of light floated in the air and flowed quietly, bringing light to a radius of billions of kilometers.

Dao Sovereign, Zhao Xuanyuan, Jiang Yi, and Lao Dan flew over and stopped in front of the river.

Lao Dan clicked his tongue in wonder. “Shi Tian is really magical. A Supreme Rule actually fell. This is something that I don’t dare to think about in the Chaos.”

Jiang Yi shook his head. “I’m afraid it’s a conspiracy. Recently, the Chaos has been wreaking havoc in Shi Tian. The appearance of this Supreme Rule can attract most Chaotic cultivators. We can destroy everyone in one go if we set up an ambush.”

Zhao Xuanyuan smiled. “It’s not that easy. Junior Huang swept through Shi Tian alone. How can Shi Tian organize their combat strength to annihilate the Chaos?”

Jiang Yi smiled as he felt that it made sense.

Dao Sovereign stared at the Supreme Rule, thinking about something.

Lao Dan was about to speak when a powerful aura arrived.

“I, the Great Heavenly God King, want this Supreme Rule!”

A powerful shout sounded. Great Heavenly God King, one of the Ten Absolute Prodigies of the first Chaotic Assembly.

Dao Sovereign frowned. He naturally remembered the Great Heavenly God King. This fellow made him very unhappy. He didn’t expect to encounter him here today.

Dressed in a clean white robe, the Great

Heavenly God King stepped on a white dragon. The white dragon was ten thousand

miles long. Its four claws stepped on the clouds and rode the mist. It was mighty and domineering.

The Great Heavenly God King smiled as his gaze landed on Dao Sovereign. “Isn’t this the dark horse who suddenly deflated halfway through the Chaotic Assembly? Tsk tsk, are you coveting external forces again? Be careful not to empty your Dao heart and lose yourself!”

These words were extremely vicious, causing Dao Sovereign’s eyes to erupt with killing


Without another word, Dao Sovereign attacked the Great Heavenly God King.

Jiang Yi followed closely behind.

Zhao Xuanyuan did not attack. Instead, he

looked at the Supreme Rule and asked Lao Dan, “Old man, what power do you think this

Supreme Rule represents?”


The three Great Dao Supremes fought chaotically, shaking the world, causing the evil mist in the world to churn violently.

Lao Dan stared at the Supreme Rule and said,

“Its aura is vast, but it’s not ferocious at all. Perhaps it’s related to karma and


At this moment, powerful auras arrived from

all directions of this endless abyss.

Zhao Xuanyuan and Lao Dan were moved.

“Damn it, why is it so fast?”

Zhao Xuanyuan cursed in a low voice. He took

out a red sword made of dragon blood and

prepared to fight.

On the other side.

Han Yu, Qin Ling, Azure Heaven Mystic, Ji

Xianshen, and Zhao Shuangquan rode a green light and sped through the void.

Zhao Shuangquan stared ahead and said, “The battle has already begun. There are at least

ten Great Dao Supremes. The number of Great

Dao Sages is constantly increasing. There are already more than thirty.”

Han Yu sighed. “The fight for the Supreme Rules is really crazy.”

Ji Xianshen smiled. “This scene reminds me

of when I was still a mortal. Sage Fang Liang and I also wandered around. We dared to barge in no matter how many enemies there were.”

All sorts of things from back then appeared in front of him.

“Then, why is your relationship with Sage

Fang Liang…” Qin Ling asked in surprise. Han Yu glared at him.

Ji Xianshen smiled. “There will always be differences on the path of pursuit. Once some cracks appear, they can’t be healed. Even if

the two sides want to reconcile, you juniors have to consider carefully, especially when it involves people close to you.”

Qin Ling, Azure Heaven Mystic, and Zhao Shuangquan were thoughtful.

“Alright, let’s not talk about this. The commotion caused by the Supreme Rules this time is so great. Just try your best when the

time comes. You can’t fight to the death even

if you can’t obtain it, understand?” Ji Xianshen waved his hand and smiled. His gaze landed on Azure Heaven Mystic and Zhao


Zhao Shuangquan said proudly, “I am the Eternal Peak. I’m naturally invincible.” Azure Heaven Mystic snorted. “You’re really arrogant. If not for the fact that I didn’t

attend this Chaotic Assembly, how could you

have obtained the Eternal Peak so easily?” Zhao Shuangquan chuckled.

They were not the only ones. Other Chaotic factions also rushed over. The current Shi Tian had already become a

banquet of the Chaos. The various factions

were fighting to split it amongst themselves.

Five million years later.

Han Jue opened his eyes and checked his

emails. During this seclusion, he felt many times that

a huge battle had erupted. It was not only Shi

Tian, but also the Chaos. It even involved the Ultimate God of Punishment. However, the Ultimate God of Punishment and the disciples

did not use the Invocation Technique to summon him, so he did not care. [Your disciple Dao Sovereign was attacked by your good friend Zhao Shuangquan.] [Your disciple Dao Sovereign was attacked by your good friend Azure Heaven Mystic.] [Your disciple Jiang Yi was attacked by your descendant Han Yu.]

[Your disciple Dao Sovereign was attacked by your son Han Tuo and was severely injured.] [Your son Han Tuo was attacked by your descendant Han Ye.]

[Your son Han Tuo was attacked by your descendant Han Yao and was severely injured.]

[Your descendant Han Yao was attacked by

your enemy, the Nine-Headed Divine Spirit. He was severely injured.] [Your enemy was attacked by your good friend Huang Zuntian and was severely injured.]

Good lord, had these guys gone mad?

Han Jue couldn’t help but deduce that chaotic battle. So it was to fight for a Supreme Rule of Shi Tian. This Supreme Rule was controlled by

a force that Han Jue couldn’t even deduce.

The Immeasurable Destruction Venerable! How despicable!

No one from the Chaos obtained the Supreme

Rule even after tens of thousands of years of

chaotic battle. Instead, they were all injured. The Supreme Rule shattered into three thousand fragments and scattered in every corner of Shi Tian under the Immeasurable Destruction Venerable’s deliberate control. In the next two million years, it became a divine

crystal that could satisfy any wish of all living beings, causing another huge commotion. Han Jue discovered that after the Chaos fused

with Shi Tian, the overall domain was actually expanding. New creations and strange lands

were also born in the Chaos, and the Chaotic Spirit Qi was also steadily increasing. The Chaos would increase by another level

when the Purity Great Dao World arrived. From the looks of it, the four Dao Creators had already compromised with the Ninth Chaos. Otherwise, they should have resisted

and not watched as their Great Dao World was


Although the Immeasurable Destruction Venerable was plotting against the Chaos, his

methods were too small and could not be shown. He couldn’t stop the situation of the

Chaos at all and could only avenge himself. “Progenitor, I’ve already comprehended the curse power. Do you want me to curse

anyone? Tell me, who do you want me to curse?” Shan’e’s voice floated over from the side. His tone was filled with excitement and anticipation.

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