Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years - Chapter 1078 - Returning to the Dao Field

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Chapter 1078 Returning to the Dao Field

The Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal covered the entire bottom of the Chaos the moment it

appeared. It was equivalent to the entire Chaos. It was enough to shock all the living beings at the bottom of the Chaos.

From below, the Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal contained countless obscure patterns. The living beings were actually a little stunned as they looked carefully, as if they saw the various forms of all living beings. Countless images entered their eyes. At the same time, reverence rose from the bottom of their hearts.

It was like a mortal facing an immortal. The reverence was indescribable.

The Ultimate Evil Fiend fell into an unprecedented panic upon facing the vast and spectacular Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal.

“You… what power is this?” the Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil asked with a trembling voice. He already thought that he was invincible, but he felt extremely weak upon facing this power.

Han Jue’s voice sounded, “Any existence has its meaning, but you have to pay the price if you want to erase other existences.

“Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil, leave the Chaos. This place doesn’t belong to you.”

His voice was like thunder, and his divine might was vast. His words were like the constitution of the heavens, deciding the Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil’s fate.

The Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal suddenly shrank and appeared in front of him before the Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil could react.


The Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal collided with the Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil and dispersed the evil aura on his body. Countless evil devils rushed out of his body and dissipated into smoke.

The ground shook and the sky changed!

The Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal pressed down on the Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil and rushed to the end of the ground, sweeping through the murky world.


The Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil struggled with all his might, but the Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal contained an extremely strong suction force, firmly sealing him. He couldn’t move, and even his soul could not escape.

The holy and domineering Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal swept over with the Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil, leaving a point of light for all living beings.

Under the disbelief of all the mighty figures, the Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal rushed out of the Chaos at an extremely fast speed, pressing the Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil towards the

blank domain.


The mighty figures opened their mouths but

couldn’t say anything. There was only the sound of the thunderous wind.

Han Jue turned around and glanced at Han Huang. Then, ignoring the disciples, he

stepped into the black vortex.

The disciples came back to their senses only

after the black vortex disappeared.

The stronger the Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil appeared, the greater the despair they felt. Now, they were even more shocked.

Han Qing’er sighed. “My father is really

powerful. Why do I feel that the Ultimate Evil

Chaotic Devil is nothing much?”

She naturally teased to ease the atmosphere.

Zhao Xuanyuan sighed. “Indeed, it’s completely not the same realm. This also

means that the difference between Master and

the Chaos has already widened.”

Dao Sovereign recalled the adventures over the

years and then thought of Han Jue. He was suddenly confused.

Not long ago, he was stronger than Han Jue.

Now, he was left so far behind.

Could it be that seclusion was the correct path?


Thinking about it carefully, it had been a long time since he had broken through. Even so, was busy looking for opportunities and his Dao heart could not calm down. It was indeed a

waste of time.

Jiang Jueshi smiled. “Don’t think too much. Master’s potential has always been unfathomable. That’s definitely not something that can be achieved through bitter


He reminded them upon seeing the hesitation

in the hearts of his outstanding fellow


Jiang Jueshi knew his limits. He knew that he

could compare to anyone, but he definitely couldn’t compare to Han Jue.

Han Jue’s existence didn’t make sense.

At the same time, the bottom of the Chaos


“We won! The Chaos won!”

“As expected of the Divine Might Heavenly

Sage!” “Why can’t I remember his figure clearly?” “It’s said that there are some unknown existences in the Chaos. Could the Divine Might Heavenly Sage be such an existence?”

“The Divine Might Heavenly Sage did not make

an appearance since the first Chaotic Assembly. It seems that he really doesn’t care about it


“I wonder if that Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil

will make a comeback…”

Han Jue sat on the lotus throne and looked at

the blank domain after returning to the third

Dao Field.

The Chaotic Consciousness and the Immeasurable Destruction Venerable attacked.

They joined forces to send the Ultimate Evil

Chaotic Devil into the mysterious domain. The Formless Transcendent Deity also appeared. The power of the Transcendent Rules of the three Dao Creators interwove into a prison to suppress the Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil. Han Jue was completely relieved upon seeing this scene.

These Dao Creators did not go back on their

word. They knew the situation and would be stupid not to use such a good opportunity. Shan’e and the Nine Divine Stars entered the temple. They looked at him in admiration. Han Zongdao suppressed his excitement and asked, “Progenitor, how much strength did you use to deal with the Ultimate Evil Chaotic


Han Jue smiled. “Of course, I did my best.”

“Impossible! I think you’re very relaxed!”

Han Fan shook his head, feeling that the progenitor was patronizing them. Long Minggu nodded. “That’s right. That

Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil can’t withstand a single blow from you. Is he dead?” Han Jue said, “He’s not dead. He’s just expelled. He’s really strong and can’t be killed.

His body contains a power that can destroy the Chaos. It’s precisely because of this that we transcendent existences don’t dare to rashly attack. Once we’re forced to a corner, that power will erupt and the entire Chaos will cease to exist.”

The Nine Divine Stars looked at each other, feeling even more reverence for the Chaos. They originally thought that they could already see through the Chaos, but they did not expect

there to be many existences they did not know. Han Xuan’ao said, “Progenitor, tell us your story again? We want to know how you became so powerful.”

The other descendants nodded desperately and stared at him expectantly.

Han Jue smiled benevolently. “Then tell me. The last time I talked about the Ancient Desolate, I started from the conflict between

the Ancient Desolate and the Heavenly Dao…”

As Han Jue talked about the past, the tragedy at the bottom of the Chaos began to spread. Too many cultivators had died in this battle. It covered the various factions of the Chaos, including the other Great Dao World domains.

The Chaos would be in a recovery stage in the long years to come.

This battle made the mighty figures of the

Great Dao World realize that they were not strong enough. They didn’t have the right to dominate the Chaos.

The Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil’s existence also traumatized them. After all, he did not die, he had only been expelled. Time passed slowly.

Han Jue became 220 million years old and

obtained another Creation Heaven’s Chosen


Peace had returned to the Chaos after millions

of years. However, Han Jue’s Dao Field became lively.

Dao Sovereign, Zhao Xuanyuan, Jiang Yi, Han Tuo, Han Yunjin, and the other personal disciples and sons arrived. They all wanted to accept Han Jue’s teachings

again, but he was in seclusion. They could only wait in the Dao Field.

Han Jue opened his eyes and didn’t go out. Instead, he started to check his emails. [Your good friend, the Formless Transcendent


Deity, was cursed by a mysterious curse.] [Your good friend Huang Zuntian suffered backlash from a mysterious mighty figure. His soul was damaged.]

[Your disciple Su Qi spread bad luck, causing a

world to collapse and reincarnation to be destroyed.]

[Your son Han Huang was attacked by a Chaotic

Evil Devil] x89827763

[Your good friend, the Ultimate God of

Punishment, was attacked by a mysterious mighty figure.]

[Your good friend, the Holy Mother of Order, received a dream from a transcendent


[Your good friend Zhao Shuangquan received a

dream from your enemy, the Ninth Chaos. His

cultivation has increased.]

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