Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years - Chapter 1180 - Chapter 1181 End Point and Foundation

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Chapter 1181 End Point and Foundation

The Endless Era wasn’t affected after Han Jue exposed the truth to his children and disciples. They acted as if they had never been here and returned to their previous cultivation state.

A thousand years later.

Murong Qi was the first to move his Great Dao World close to the Ultimate Origin World and let it devour his world. He also stayed in the Great Dao World and waited.

He would automatically obtain the Ultimate Origin Providence once his Great Dao World was devoured. The only difference was that he needed to create the Great Dao World again.

Dao Sovereign, Jiang Yi, and Zhao Xuanyuan also followed. They moved their Great Dao Worlds closer and let the Ultimate Origin World devour them.

Their actions caused an uproar among the mighty figures of the Endless Era.

This was completely crazy!

Were the Hidden Sect disciples so stupidly loyal to the Lord?

At the same time, they wanted to see if the Ultimate Origin World would really devour the Great Dao Worlds.

In less than a hundred thousand years, Murong Qi’s Great Dao World was the first to be devoured by the expanding Ultimate Origin World. This time, all the mighty figures who had created their own Great Dao Worlds panicked.

What should they do now? They were facing the Lord!

Primordial Chaos.

The three Primordial Fiendcelestials gathered in the hall. Chu Xiaoqi was also there. The atmosphere was silent.

Chu Xiaoqi looked at them and wanted to say something, but he did not know what to say. When he learned that the Ultimate Origin World would devour other Great Dao Worlds, his first reaction was disbelief. Later, when he saw that Murong Qi’s Great Dao World was gone, his emotions were extremely


He would not be where he was today if not for his grandfather. He was unwilling to give up his Great Dao World and start again.

He had finally embarked on the path of pursuing the Dao Creator. He didn’t know if he could catch up from the beginning.

It was said that the number of Dao Creators

was not limitless.

Chu Xiaoqi was still struggling after learning this.

Huang Zuntian was the first to speak, “Forget it. It’s better to follow the Lord. It’s very difficult for ordinary Dao Creators to break through. Don’t be confused by the Lord. Look at the other Dao Creators. It’s very unwise to go against the Lord for the sake of the so-called illusory becoming stronger.’

Han Huang sighed.

Primordial Origin frowned. “Indeed. So far, I haven’t discovered any potential stronger than the Primordial Fiendcelestial. I’m afraid that in the entire blank domain, only the Lord’s

potential surpasses the Primordial Fiendcelestial. Can we touch the Lord’s bloodline?”

Han Huang asked, “Then we’ll let the Ultimate

Origin World devour the Primordial Chaos?” Huang Zuntian said, “Actually, we don’t have to be anxious. Do you remember? The Ultimate Origin World was not as big as the Chaos. However, the Lord can counterattack the Ninth Chaos, which means that becoming the Creator Lord has nothing to do with the Great Dao World. The Great Dao World is only helping the Dao Creator, not surpassing him.” Primordial Origin nodded. Han Huang relaxed his brows.

Seeing that they were not going against his grandfather, Chu Xiaoqi secretly heaved a sigh of relief. He smiled and said, “Good idea. Let’s immediately move the Great Dao World there.” Han Huang nodded.

It was not only Primordial Chaos. The other

Great Dao World Lords also had fantasies. It was mainly because the Ultimate Origin World was far enough from them.

In the Ultimate Origin World.

Dao Sovereign, Jiang Yi, Zhao Xuanyuan, and

Dao Heaven were recreating their Great Dao Worlds. They were going to create them close so that they could take care of each other in the


Dao Heaven asked as he cast his spell, “Master,

don’t you regret it? You’re out of the first batch of those chasing after the Dao Creator Realm now. You might have been able to become a Dao Creator before the Ultimate Origin World devoured your Great Dao World if we had stayed away from it.”

Zhao Xuanyuan opened his eyes and smiled.

“How can it be that easy? I feel that entering

the Ultimate Origin World is faster. Don’t you realize that this place is very different?” Dao Heaven nodded and sighed. “The Spirit Qi

here is too abundant. I feel that I can

constantly become stronger without cultivating.”

Jiang Yi didn’t even open his eyes as he

snorted. “It’s wise to join the Ultimate Origin World first. Those who come later will definitely be suppressed in the future. How ridiculous. I can’t see through them.” Dao Sovereign smiled and said softly, “It’s not that they can’t see through it, but they’re too ambitious and indignant.”

Three worlds were already condensing and

becoming larger and larger in front of them. A figure appeared behind them at this moment.

It was the leader of the Nether Race, Han You. Han You came up and smiled. “Long time no

see. Welcome. Feel free to come to me if you need anything in the future.”

Dao Sovereign and the other two turned around and smiled when they saw him.

“I was wondering why you were gone. So you

were here long ago?” Zhao Xuanyuan said in surprise.

They were naturally happy to see an old friend in the Ultimate Origin World.

Dao Heaven was very nervous. Han You’s aura

was unfathomable, making him, a Great Dao Supreme, uneasy.

The Ultimate Origin World was indeed filled with hidden talents. He encountered an existence that was not inferior to his master not long after he arrived.

Han You chatted with them warmly for a while

before bidding farewell.

On the other side.

Murong Qi stayed in the Great Dao World he

recreated and discussed the Dao with the Life Fiendcelestial. They were both Fiendcelestials, so they naturally had many topics to talk about.

The four disciples who chose to join the Ultimate Origin World were all doing well, making them even more glad about their decision.

In the third Dao Field.

Han Jue opened his eyes. He was already 7.4

billion years old.

Now, every time he entered seclusion, it would

take a billion years. He felt that time passed very quickly.

However, it was fine to hurry up. To him, time had already lost its meaning.

He first looked at the Ultimate Origin World.

Dao Sovereign and the other two were already

doing well there with Murong Qi. Their Great Dao Worlds had already been successfully reestablished and were even quickly catching up to their previous strength.

There were already more than thirty Supreme Rules in the Ultimate Origin World. The abundance of rules could instead help a Great Dao World condense.

At this rate, the four of them might be able to overtake the others.

They were future Dao Creators. Dao Sovereign and the other two had the Chaotic Physique of the Heavenly Dao. In addition to the increase of

various opportunities, their potential was already powerful and was something that all

living beings needed to look up to. Murong Qi was even more so a Chaotic Fiendcelestial. Their potential might be inferior to the Primordial Fiendcelestial, but the potential of

the other Dao Creators was also inferior to theirs. Han Jue’s gaze landed on Dugu Wu. This fellow was the first true Dao Creator in the Ultimate Origin World. The Life Fiendcelestial was formed by Han Jue’s Great Dao and was not a product of the Ultimate Origin World. Dugu Wu’s potential was also the strongest in

the Ultimate Origin World, even stronger than the Primordial Fiendcelestial.

He was already close to the Dao Creator Realm. The Life Fiendcelestial was stuck on the fifth Supreme Rule and was about to be overtaken by him.

Compared to the Life Fiendcelestial, Han Jue looked forward to Dugu Wu more. This fellow’s final destination represented how

deep the foundation of the Ultimate Origin World was. Han Jue looked away after a while. He didn’t need to worry about this kid for now.

He didn’t encounter any bottlenecks on the

path to becoming a Dao Creator. It was smooth


Han Jue began to check his emails. They recorded what happened in a billion years, hoping that something would happen that interested him slightly.

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