Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years - Chapter 233 - Reroll World, Divine Palace’s Yu Tianbao

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Chapter 233 Reroll World, Divine Palace’s Yu Tianbao

Han Jue used the Heavenly Dao Token to observe the crack in the sky.

From the point of view of the Heavenly Dao, the world was a huge sealed space. Now, this sealed space was torn apart by a mysterious force.

As a deity of the mortal world, Han Jue instinctively felt a sense of danger.

Enemy attack!

Han Jue was about to take action when he saw the White-Robed Buddha flash in front of the crack.


The White-Robed Buddha was surprised. He raised his hands and tried to use his Dharmic powers to repair the crack in the sky. At this moment, a strong wind came from the crack, startling the White-Robed Buddha into taking out the Tathagata Buddha Staff.

A terrifying figure slowly stepped out. He was a thousand feet tall and wore a black robe with nine dragons imprinted on it. He also wore a horn bone crown and held a sinister long sickle.

He smiled sinisterly as his gaze landed on the White-Robed Buddha. “This world belongs to me!”

The White-Robed Buddha frowned.

After staying in the Scarlet Cloud World for so long, he had already preached and obtained countless believers. His providence was already connected to it. How could he allow others to trample on the Scarlet Cloud World?

Without another word, the White-Robed Buddha raised his staff and struck. Before the black-robed man could react, he was sent back into the crack in the sky. The White-Robed Buddha also flew into the crack.

Seeing this, Han Jue was relieved.

“This fellow’s existence is still necessary.”

Han Jue thought silently and suddenly felt that White-Robed Buddha was quite pleasing to the eye.

Now that the White-Robed Buddha’s providence was tied to the Scarlet Cloud World, and Han Jue was its guardian deity, the two of them were basically tied together.

The White-Robed Buddha was still very strong. With him protecting the Scarlet Cloud World, Han Jue could continue cultivating.

Several days later.

The White-Robed Buddha had just returned from the crack in the sky. His killing intent had yet to dissipate.

He turned around and used his Dharmic powers to repair the crack in the sky.

After more than ten days, it was finally repaired.

The White-Robed Buddha heaved a sigh of relief and revealed a satisfied smile before suddenly realizing that something was wrong.

If the Scarlet Cloud World was in trouble, why didn’t Han Jue take action?

After the world returned to normal, Han Jue took out the Heavenly Dao Token and asked Di Taibai why this happened.

Di Taibai replied, “There are also competitions in the mortal world. The Heavenly Court has rules with the Divine Palace, the Buddhist Sect, and the Demon Court. The mortal worlds can compete freely with each other, and the Immortal Emperors are not allowed to interfere.”

Han Jue frowned. “When did we have such rules? Why didn’t we have them before?”

“In the past, the Scarlet Cloud World was too weak. No one cared.” “In other words, the Heavenly Court doesn’t want to interfere?”

“Don’t worry. With Divine Lord Wu De around and your faction, anyone below the Immortal Emperor Realm will die.”


Han Jue finally understood that the Heavenly Court was using him as a spear to suppress the experts of the other mortal worlds.

No wonder they helped the Scarlet Cloud World increase its providence ranking, this was the plot all along.

The Heavenly Emperor had asked the White-Robed Buddha to stay behind probably for this matter.

Han Jue sighed in his head. It seemed that he couldn’t even slack off. The Heavenly Court had nurtured him for so long, it was time for him to repay them.

Han Jue could only accept it and couldn’t refuse.

It was still fine now. At the very least, with the White-Robed Buddha and Divine Lord Wu De around, there was no need for him to take action for the time being.

Han Jue held the Heavenly Dao Token and probed with his divine sense, preparing to change the name of the world.

Chi Yunxian was already dead. Now, Han Jue still had to shoulder the karma for the Scarlet Cloud World. In that case, it was better to completely turn it into his own world. What should I call you?

A question mark appeared above Han Jue’s mind.

Why not call it the Earth Immortal World?


This name was stained with great karma!

Han Jue thought for a moment and changed the name of the Scarlet Cloud World to the Reroll World.

After all, he had started from rerolling providences.

I’ll change it if I find it unpleasant in the future.

It was just like changing his online name.

Han Jue smiled in satisfaction. Then, he put down the Heavenly Dao Token and started cultivating.

Next, he had to try his best to break through to the perfected Reincarnation Golden Immortal Realm!

He had to become an Immortal Emperor as soon as possible!

Han Jue felt that the Immortal Emperor was the foundation of the Immortal World. Without becoming an Immortal Emperor, there was no way to play.

Forty years later.

Han Jue had yet to break through. He took out the Book of Misfortune and cursed the enemies.

In the past few years, three other invasions had occurred, but they were all stopped by the White-Robed Buddha.

The White-Robed Buddha was also a little tired, so he spread the news that this world was targeted by other worlds and hoped that the geniuses would be well prepared.

Instantly, the top cultivators felt a sense of danger.

The various Holy Lands began to recruit disciples to increase Reroll World’s overall strength.

Han Jue learned all of this through the Heavenly Dao Token. He was very satisfied.

The White-Robed Buddha was truly a qualified tool.

Of course, this fellow definitely had his own ambitions, but Han Jue did not care.

His main mission was to cultivate, not govern the mortal world.

After cursing for a few months, Han Jue continued cultivating.

A few days later.

Dao Comprehension Sword suddenly said, “Something happened to Li Yao!”

Han Jue didn’t even open his eyes as he asked, “What is it?”

“She was caught.”

Hearing this, Han Jue sent his divine sense into the Nine Heavens Galaxy Water.

Li Yao was locked in a jade bottle. It was dark all around, and she was stepping on the water. She was using her Dharmic powers with all her might to rush out, but there were clearly powerful restrictions around her that prevented her from succeeding.

“Damn it!”

Li Yao gritted her teeth, her eyes filled with anger.

She didn’t give up and continued to search for a way out. Han Jue extended his divine sense and discovered that the person who caught Li Yao was a Grand Unity Golden Immortal. He was hurrying on his way. To Li Yao, who had just reached the Grand Unity True Immortal Realm, the Grand Unity Golden Immortal was like an Immortal God that couldn’t be defeated.

“Little girl, stop struggling. Once you’re targeted by me, you won’t be able to escape.”

A sinister laugh entered the bottle, causing Li Yao to frown.

“Who!” the sinister voice suddenly shouted warily.

“Why don’t you show yourself?”

Hearing this, Li Yao was confused.

Who was this damned fellow talking to?


Could it be Senior…

Li Yao was pleasantly surprised.

It was normal for Han Jue’s divine sense to be captured by the other party. After all, they were at the same realm.

Han Jue had to say, “Fellow Daoist, give me face and let her live.”

The sinister voice snorted. “Who are you? Tell me your name!”

Han Jue said, “Divine Palace, Yu Tianbao.”

“Yu Tianbao? Impossible! Do you think I’m stupid? If you’re Yu Tianbao, why would you waste your breath?”

“I’m in the Divine Palace. It’s not convenient for me to attack. If I can avoid making enemies, I’ll try my best not to.”

“So what if it’s the Divine Palace? I have the Demon Court behind me! You want to save her? Then come personally!”

Han Jue was secretly furious. How arrogant. “What? Are you afraid? You’re only a Golden Immortal, yet you dare to pretend to be a mighty figure. What a joke. I’m definitely taking this girl. Even the Heavenly Emperor can’t snatch her from me!”

The sinister voice sounded again. Han Jue couldn’t take it anymore.

What a pretentious prick!

Han Jue couldn’t be bothered to reply. Instead, he sent a voice transmission to Li Yao, “I’ll teach you a Mystical Power. You can start learning it now!”

Li Yao didn’t understand and felt that it was impressive. She hurriedly meditated and listened to Han Jue’s voice transmission seriously.

“Tsk tsk, that’s right. Cultivate in peace. The higher your cultivation level, the more useful you are to me. You will have a future if you follow me. As for that person just now, you saw that he doesn’t even dare to argue with me!”

The sinister voice smiled. Li Yao had already entered a meditative state and did not answer him.

Han Jue didn’t answer.

Just you wait!

When I appear in front of you, don’t kneel down and beg for mercy!

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