Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years - Chapter 234 - Sea Shaking Elephant Saint, Gourd Spirits Descend

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Chapter 234 Sea Shaking Elephant Saint, Gourd Spirits Descend

The Sea Shaking Elephant Saint was in a good mood. It was rare for him to encounter a beautiful woman with outstanding potential and no background.

He was a Great Demon Saint of the Demon Court with remarkable abilities. His true form was a savage elephant who had once trampled on an ocean. That was why he was called Sea Shaking

He had a fat body and a mouth full of yellow teeth, leopard eyes, and a wide face. He wore a tiger skin robe and python scales black armor. He walked above the clouds with the wind beneath his feet, looking majestic.

The Sea Shaking Elephant Saint thought of Han Jue’s voice and couldn’t help but sneer.

A nobody dared to ask him to give him face?

It had been many years since he had met such a ridiculous person.

Dao Comprehension Sword was furious. “Master, that fellow is too arrogant. I’m so angry!”

This was the first time she heard someone humiliate Han Jue like this.

Han Jue ignored her and focused on teaching the Invocation Technique. Li Yao’s potential was high, and her cultivation level had also increased. It wasn’t difficult for her to learn the Invocation Technique. She was only practicing the summoning method. The truly complicated part was the teleportation technique that Han Jue mastered.

After he explained it once, Li Yao easily remembered it. She started to consolidate her memories and made hand seals.

Han Jue retracted his divine sense and looked at Dao Comprehension Sword. “It’s fine. He’ll regret it soon.”

Dao Comprehension Sword asked curiously, “Were you teaching her a Mystical Power just now? You can kill that fellow by learning a Mystical Power now?” “That’s right.”

Han Jue returned to his bed and meditated.

Dao Comprehension Sword was even more curious.

What Mystical Power could make Li Yao rise up in a short period of time and kill that fellow?

She waited expectantly.

The next day.

Li Yao cast it dozens of times before finally succeeding

A huge black vortex appeared behind her.

She turned around and was secretly shocked. “What Mystical Power is this?”

She had been very puzzled before as this Mystical Power did not seem powerful.

The reason why she cultivated it was that there was no better option available.

Inside the Connate Cave Abode. Han Jue felt the call of the Invocation Technique and opened his eyes. “I’ll be back soon.”

With that said, he was sucked away by a black vortex and vanished.

Dao Comprehension Sword was stunned. She subconsciously turned to look at the Nine Heavens Galaxy Water.


Han Jue walked out of the black vortex behind Li Yao.

He wore the Nine-Five Supreme Providence Robe, Nine-Layered Heaven Trampling Boots, Grand Imperial Phoenix Wings Crown, and the Giant Spiritual Wrist Guard. His aura was oppressive. Coupled with his unparalleled appearance, Li Yao was stunned.

She had imagined Han Jue’s appearance but didn’t expect him to be so handsome.

She thought that he was a ruddy old Daoist.

Han Jue took out the Primordial Judgment Sword as the Sea Shaking Elephant Saint’s voice sounded, “How can you appear in my Dharma treasure?”

His voice was filled with shock. Han Jue’s sudden appearance frightened him.

Han Jue scanned with his divine sense. The Sea Shaking Elephant Saint was still on his way, and there were no other powerful enemies around.

Now was the time!

Han Jue waved his sword and slashed. Sword intent erupted and directly shattered the bottle, shaking the Sea Shaking Elephant Saint. He and Li Yao appeared in the air.

Li Yao’s beautiful eyes widened. Not only was she stunned by Han Jue’s appearance, but she was also shocked by his strength.

So powerful! The Sea Shaking Elephant was sent flying by the explosion. He stabilized himself and looked at Han Jue, his anger erupting instantly. “How dare you!” the Sea Shaking Elephant Saint roared angrily. Its nose turned into an elephant’s nose and rapidly expanded. It was like a mountain range, raising a terrifying hurricane.

Han Jue flashed in front of Li Yao and raised his sword to execute the first level of the Heavenly Sword Dao.

Sword Pierces Heaven!

The sword Qi swept out and directly shattered the elephant trunk, causing a rain of blood to spray into the sky.

Almost instantly, the Sea Shaking Elephant Saint’s body was sliced into two by the sword Qi.

He was only at the early-stage Grand Unity Golden Immortal Realm. How could he block Han Jue’s sword Qi?

Even if he had a perfected Grand Unity Golden Immortal Realm cultivation, he would still be insta-killed when facing Han Jue!

“Wait!” the Sea Shaking Elephant Saint shouted in horror.

Han Jue waved his sword and used Three Pure World Cleansing, causing billions of sword shadows to hang in the sky. The scene was spectacular, causing Li Yao’s eyes to widen.

Sea Shaking Elephant Saint was so frightened that he immediately escaped with his essence soul and disappeared into the horizon.

Han Jue waved his sword, and billions of sword shadows attacked.

Unparalleled might!

In the blink of an eye, he caught up to the Sea Shaking Elephant Saint and killed him!

Han Jue turned to look at Li Yao and said, “Hurry up and leave, lest his companions come.”

Li Yao came back to her senses and immediately flew in another direction.

She turned around and saw that Han Jue didn’t follow her. Instead, he walked back to the black vortex that summoned him.

Li Yao immediately understood that he was going back.

“Why didn’t Senior bring me back directly?” Li Yao thought doubtfully.

Was he testing her?

But this made sense!

It was truly embarrassing for her to be caught in this situation.

Li Yao’s face turned slightly red. She stopped looking behind and fled at full speed.

On the other side, Han Jue returned to the Connate Cave Abode.

He exhaled.

Too close!

Fortunately, this fellow did not have the help of a mighty figure! Han Jue was worried that an Immortal Emperor would attack.

There were so many demons in the Demon Court. There were also many Demon Saints. It was impossible for every one of them to have an Immortal Emperor watching them. Immortal Emperors were not nannies. They had their own matters to attend to.

“Master, you’re so strong!”

Dao Comprehension Sword was extremely excited, and her face was flushed.

Han Jue said expressionlessly, “This is the result of years of hard work.”

“I’ll definitely cultivate harder in the future!”

Dao Comprehension Sword nodded and clenched her fists.

“Don’t spread this news.”


Han Jue closed his eyes and continued cultivating. He no longer cared about Li Yao.

He had already made a move. If Li Yao was caught again or killed, he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

He couldn’t risk everything for her.

“Don’t disappoint me,” Han Jue thought silently.

Five years later.

Han Jue didn’t receive any new Hatred Points, and Li Yao didn’t encounter any more danger.

This made him heave a sigh of relief.

Indeed, not every enemy had a mighty figure protecting them.

With Li Yao’s current progress, she could quickly find the Heavenly Court.

Through Li Yao, Han Jue learned that the Immortal World was far larger than he imagined. Most of the places were not controlled by the Heavenly Court.

Despite being called above the Nine Heavens, the Heavenly Court did not control the entire Nine Heavens.

With Li Yao’s current cultivation realm, it wasn’t difficult for her to join the Heavenly Court. She probably needed some time to meet Di Taibai. After all, Han Jue’s reputation in the Heavenly Court was very low.

Han Jue stopped thinking about it and continued cultivating.

The Reroll World had the White-Robed Buddha leading the people and the void was guarded by Divine Lord Wu De. Han Jue could cultivate in peace.

Another six years passed.

The eight gourd spirits landed on the ground and directly transformed into eight youths. Under the protection of the Dao Field, they did not transcend the tribulation.

Han Jue had been waiting for this day. He immediately came out of seclusion to meet them.

The eight gourd spirits had already put on their clothes. They looked like octuplets.

They could already speak in human language, so there was no obstacle in communication.

After seeing Han Jue appear, the eight brothers immediately surrounded him and knelt in front of him excitedly.

All these years, through the teachings of the Hidden Sect disciples, they naturally knew that Han Jue was the one who created them.

If not for him, they wouldn’t be here today. They might have long been refined into Dharma treasures.

Han Jue swept his gaze and discovered that the eight brothers had all reached the Loose Immortal Realm.

Not bad!

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