Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years - Chapter 237 - Perfect Immortal Emperor, Story of Reincarnation

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Chapter 237 Perfect Immortal Emperor, Story of Reincarnation

Han Jue could communicate with the Reincarnation Avatar. After all, this avatar was created by him. He could even sense what the Reincarnation Avatar was thinking, but the latter couldn’t sense his thoughts.

The Reincarnation Avatar, Liu Bei, began to talk about the troubles during this period. A prodigy of the Sword Dao discovered Liu Bei and felt that he had an impressive identity, so he tried to strike up a conversation with him.

In the beginning, Liu Bei could still tolerate it, but as time passed, he could not.

Therefore, he had scolded that genius of the Sword Dao, but in the end, he had offended the guy. The other party had threatened to make him regret it.

Liu Bei had inherited Han Jue’s cautious personality. He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to handle it, so he contacted his main body.

Han Jue was speechless.

Wasn’t this basically himself?

However, he wasn’t so arrogant and dared not to say such harsh words.

Han Jue thought, “Call me when he appears next time.”


Liu Bei still sounded nervous.

He was afraid that the other party had a powerful background.

Han Jue began to cultivate the Six Paths of Reincarnation Technique and sought the method to become an Immortal Emperor.

When he reached the perfected Reincarnation Golden Immortal Realm, a new cultivation technique appeared in his mind.

It was extremely vast and unfathomable. It involved many paths, such as Providence, Heaven and Earth, Heavenly Dao, Five Elements, Yin and Yang, Fate, and so on.

Immortal Emperors didn’t cultivate only one Dao.

Jiang Yi had become an Immortal Emperor of the Sword Dao, but he had said that the Sword Dao was his weakest Dao.

Cultivation was so difficult. It was unlike fantasy stories. Geniuses could always temper their bodies endlessly. Even if they didn’t understand other aspects, they could still forcefully reach the strongest realm.

Cultivation meant cultivating the Dao and the heart.

The legendary twelve Ancestral Magi had powerful bodies and no Essence Soul. They had inherited the orthodox lineage of Pangu.

Several months later, Han Jue finally finished reviewing the Six Paths of Reincarnation Technique.

Now, he couldn’t reach the Immortal Emperor Realm just by meditating.

Han Jue opened his eyes.

Providence! There were three paths to reach the Emperor Realm.

The first was providence. Using great providence to obtain the recognition of the Heavenly Dao and stepping into the Emperor Realm. Such Immortal Emperors were the weakest.

The second was the Great Dao. By relying on the Great Dao, he could use his comprehension of the Great Dao to transform his soul.

The third was to combine the Great Dao and providence. Such Immortal Emperors were the strongest. They had both powerful strength and great providence to protect them.

Han Jue himself had the Great Dao of Life and Death, but his providence might not be strong enough.

Since he wanted to become an Immortal Emperor, he had to be the strongest kind!

[Detected that you are facing the choice of attaining the Emperor Realm. You have the following choices:]

(1: Providence Immortal Emperor. You can obtain a Great Dao Fragment, a Supreme Treasure, and a Mystical Power inheritance.] [2: Great Dao Immortal Emperor, you can obtain two Great Dao Fragments and a Supreme Treasure.]

[3: Perfect Immortal Emperor. You can obtain three Great Dao Fragments, a Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone, and a Mystical Power inheritance.]

This choice couldn’t be made immediately. It would only be completed automatically after reaching it.

Han Jue fell silent.

How could he obtain great providence?

One was to kill the enemy and seize their providence. This was why the geniuses would trample on each other.

Second, with the Reroll World as the foundation, as the Heavenly Dao got stronger, his providence would rise accordingly. This was also the reason why the White-Robed Buddha worked so hard.

Han Jue felt that he still had to rely on the Reroll World.

Although he was a deity of the mortal world, Han Jue’s providence was not tied to the Reroll World. Instead, the White-Robed Buddha had already fused with the providence of the world.

Han Jue immediately took out the Heavenly Dao Token and contacted Di Taibai.

On second thought, something was wrong.

Di Taibai wasn’t an Immortal Emperor. If he knew, wouldn’t he have long become one?

Han Jue chased Dao Comprehension Sword out of the cave abode and asked, “Is the Heavenly Emperor here?”

After a while.

The Heavenly Emperor’s voice sounded, “What is it?”

Han Jue asked with a strange expression, “You’ve been staring at me all the time?”

“Hmph, if you didn’t call my name, would I have paid attention to you?”

The Heavenly Emperor snorted. He was the Heavenly Emperor, the leader of the Heavenly Court. How could he have the time to stare at him?

Han Jue couldn’t help but tense up.

The Heavenly Emperor could sense it just by calling out to him?

Fortunately, he didn’t speak ill of him behind his back.

“I want to ask how to fuse with the providence of the mortal world and strengthen it,” Han Jue asked.

The Heavenly Emperor’s voice sounded, “Oh? You’re about to achieve the Immortal Emperor Realm?”

Han Jue hesitated for a moment and then nodded slowly.

In front of the Heavenly Emperor, he felt like he had been seen through.

“The karma between you and the Scarlet Cloud… no, Reroll World, is too little. You have to enter the mortal world.”

Enter the mortal world?

Han Jue said in surprise, “You mean to travel the world and interact with people?”

The Heavenly Emperor teased, “Didn’t you obtain the Reincarnation Inheritance? Why don’t you reincarnate as your trial?”


Han Jue fell silent.

“Reincarnation doesn’t mean death. You can hide your body in the depths of your soul. When your mortal body dies of old age, you can regain consciousness. Even if someone wants to kill your mortal body, you will sense it,” the Heavenly Emperor explained.

Han Jue felt that it was feasible.

It would only take a few decades in the mortal world. It was equivalent to entering seclusion.

No wonder so many powerful people reincarnated.

“Thank you for your guidance, Your Majesty.”

Han Jue thanked him. The Heavenly Emperor didn’t reply and the communication ended.

Han Jue began to comprehend the Great Dao of Life and Death.

After he reached his limits, he would reincarnate and train.

Beside a large river, Mo Fuchou and Zhou Fan sat on the grass. Facing the river, they were both thinking about something.

Zhou Fan came back to his senses and asked, “Have you thought about it?”

Mo Fuchou said leisurely, “Go. Fang Liang is Brother Han’s grand-disciple. We’ve seen him in the mortal world before. Since we heard that he’s in trouble, how can we ignore it?”

Zhou Fan snorted. “This kid’s providence is too strong. It’s said that he just killed dozens of Heaven Immortals not long ago! We might not be his match even if we cooperate.”

Mo Fuchou smiled and said, “We’re not bad, either.”

With that, he stood up and said, “Since you’ve decided, let’s go!”

Zhou Fan nodded.

The two of them flew in the same direction and vanished at the end of the river in the blink of an eye.

On the other side, Heavenly Court, in a stone pavilion.


Murong Qi slapped the table and stood up angrily.

In front of him sat Di Taibai.

Di Taibai said helplessly, “That kid Fang Liang is being controlled by a family under the Divine Palace. It’s said that he’s delirious and has gone mad. If you want to save him, you’ll have to face several Grand Unity Mystic Immortals. With your current strength, I’m afraid…”

Murong Qi frowned and said, “The Heavenly Court can’t do anything? Fang Liang is also a Heavenly General!”

“The Divine Palace is on good terms with the Heavenly Court now. We can’t save him for the time being. Let’s wait a little longer. That family won’t take Fang Liang’s life for the time being. They’re still counting on him to make a comeback.” “Does my Grandmaster know about this?”

“No. Do you want me to tell him?”

“No need. I’ll save my junior brother. Don’t trouble Grandmaster.”

Murong Qi turned around and left.

Di Taibai hurriedly called out to him, “You don’t have the strength of your previous life now!”

Murong Qi waved his hand and said, “Even if I don’t, killing Mystic Immortals is nothing difficult.”

Looking in the direction he had vanished, Di Taibai frowned.

“Could it be that this fellow has already recovered his cultivation from his previous life? Impossible. He died in his previous life. Could it be that he had a huge fortuitous encounter in the Heaven Punishment Divine Region?”

Di Taibai couldn’t understand. He also yearned to reach the Immortal Emperor Realm.

However, due to his limited potential, he had been stuck at the perfected Grand Unity Golden Immortal Realm for a long time.

So many years had passed.

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