Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years - Chapter 238 - Comprehending the Great Dao, Beaten to Death

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Chapter 238 Comprehending the Great Dao, Beaten to Death

Ten years later.

Han Jue raised his Sword Dao Mystical Powers to the limit.

In the simulation trial, other than the Heavenly Emperor, everyone else was instantly killed!

Han Jue’s cultivation had already reached the limit and could no longer be strengthened. Therefore, he decided to start comprehending the Great Dao of Life and Death next.

As for reincarnation and fusing the providence, Han Jue was still conflicted.

What if the enemies took the opportunity to mess with him during his reincarnation?

If it was him, after knowing that his invincible enemy had reincarnated, he would definitely think of a way to completely kill him and prevent future trouble.

Han Jue placed the reincarnation plan last on the list.

If he could avoid reincarnation, he would never do it!

Half a year later, he was pleasantly surprised to discover that comprehending the Great Dao of Life and Death could allow his cultivation level to continue growing stronger.

That was quite impressive!

Was this the Great Dao?

Han Jue was extremely excited and continued to comprehend the Great Dao of Life and Death.

The Great Dao of Life and Death controlled life and death. The Six Paths of Reincarnation were created with the Great Dao of Life and Death as the foundation.

If there was no life and death, how could there be reincarnation?

During the comprehension process, Han Jue’s essence soul entered the Great Dao of Life and Death. He witnessed the cycle of life and death of countless people. There were all kinds of forms in life. At first, his emotions would fluctuate. But after watching too much, his heart became numb.

Numbness wasn’t the ultimate success. He had to transcend numbness, understand life and death, believe in life and death, control life and death, and not be controlled by life and death.

In the Connate Cave Abode, Dao Comprehension Sword blinked at him.

There were two visible auras around Han Jue. One was black and the other was white. His hair alternated between them. It was extremely strange.

Although Dao Comprehension Sword was filled with doubts, she didn’t dare to disturb Han Jue.

Half a year later. Di Taibai came to visit. Han Jue was in a state of Dao comprehension and didn’t hear his voice.

Dao Comprehension Sword had no choice but to go out to welcome him.

Di Taibai stood at the edge of the cliff. Beside him was a woman in white. It was Li Yao.

The others had already seen Di Taibai. Thus, they were curious about the white-robed woman beside him.

What a beautiful woman!

She was prettier than Tu Ling’er, Xing Hongxuan, and Chang Yue’er. Only Dao Comprehension Sword could compare.

This woman in white was Li Yao.

Her expression was indifferent, making everyone think of Han Jue.

Her temperament was too similar to his.

Especially that wary gaze.

Li Yao looked indifferent, but she was actually extremely nervous.

Ever since she was saved by Han Jue, she had an indescribable feeling towards him.

After living for so long, she only knew how to cultivate and had never fallen in love. However, Han Jue’s appearance that day was really stunning, causing her to remember it clearly.

She had been to so many worlds, even the Immortal World and the Heavenly Court, but she had never met a man more handsome than Han Jue.

He was good-looking and powerful. He even saved her.

Even if her heart was made of stone, it still melted.

However, after arriving at the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain, she subconsciously became vigilant. What if the one on this mountain was not the Han Jue she knew?

What if he had ill intentions?

Seeing Dao Comprehension Sword walk out of the Connate Cave Abode, she became even more nervous.

Could it be that Han Jue liked…

Dao Comprehension Sword’s eyes lit up when she saw Li Yao. She immediately walked over and carefully sized her up.

Li Yao was frightened and subconsciously retreated. If she took another step back, she would fall off the cliff. Of course, with her cultivation level, that was impossible.

Dao Comprehension Sword looked at Di Taibai and said, “Master is comprehending the Dao. He can’t come out for the time being.”

“This woman claims to know Han Jue. He asked her to come, right?” Di Taibai asked.

Originally, Li Yao’s immortal position was not enough to attract his attention, but when she mentioned Han Jue, he had to be serious.

Li Yao was very mysterious and was ambiguous about the past. If Di Taibai had not guessed that she had ascended from the mortal world, he would have directly captured her.

“Yes, it’s true. I thank Great Immortal on Master’s behalf.”

Di Taibai smiled and nodded before disappearing

Dao Comprehension Sword looked at Li Yao and smiled. “I’ve watched you with Master before. I’ve seen all your experiences over the years. You’re really impressive…”

She began to talk non-stop, causing Li Yao to frown.

She wasn’t proud. Instead, she felt insecure.

Anyone would feel uncomfortable being spied on.

If it was Han Jue, he would probably want to kill the other party. Dao Comprehension Sword could tell that she wasn’t in a good mood, so she arranged for her to sit in front of the Fusang Tree and let her cultivate first.

The Black Hell Chicken asked curiously, “What’s her relationship with Master?”

Han Jue spent most of his time cultivating, but he would occasionally go out.

Dao Comprehension Sword snorted. “What does it have to do with you? Are you at the Loose Immortal Realm yet?”

The Black Hell Chicken glared at her, not daring to reply.

Although the others were curious, they did not approach. Li Yao’s expression was too cold, as if she did not want anyone to approach her. The disciples of the Hidden Sect were all geniuses, so they were naturally not too humble.

In the blink of an eye.

Another ten years passed.

Han Jue woke up in realization. The Great Dao of Life and Death really fascinated him.

It was like a dream. He only felt that several days had passed.

Han Jue’s cultivation level had increased greatly, surpassing decades of bitter cultivation. He was very satisfied with this.

He took out the Book of Misfortune and did his usual missions.

Dao Comprehension Sword suddenly said, “Li Yao is here.”

Han Jue raised his eyebrows.

He scanned with his divine sense and discovered that Li Yao was cultivating outside.

“Okay, let her continue cultivating,” Han Jue replied.

Li Yao’s cultivation level had already reached the early-stage Grand Unity True Immortal Realm. Back then, when he first saw her, she was still a mortal.

Dao Comprehension Sword asked in surprise, “You don’t want to see her?”

“What she wants is a place for cultivation. It’s fine as long as I don’t disturb her. I don’t need her to do anything for the time being,” Han Jue replied. He hoped that Li Yao would treat this place as her home. This way, when the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain encountered danger, it would also increase his combat strength.

However, this woman’s personality was too similar to his.

If he encountered a problem, his first thought was to run.

Li Yao was most likely the same.

Han Jue continued cursing and checked his emails.

[Your grand-disciple Fang Liang was attacked by a cultivator] X20943

(Your good friend Ji Xianshen received guidance from a mighty figure and learned a Mystical Power.]

[Your grand-disciple Fang Liang was attacked by demons] x142800

(Your good friend Zhou Fan was attacked by your grand-disciple Fang Liang and was severely injured.)

(Your good friend Mo Fuchou was attacked by your grand-disciple Fang Liang and was severely injured.]

(Your disciple Yang Tiandong was attacked by a righteous cultivator and was killed. His soul fell into the cycle of reincarnation.]

[Your good friend Divine General was cursed.]

Han Jue suddenly frowned.

Not to mention why Fang Liang attacked Zhou Fan and Murong Qi, why was Yang Tiandong dead?

Han Jue immediately captured Yang Tiandong’s soul and discovered that he was already in the netherworld.

He immediately sent his essence soul into the netherworld to find him.

At this moment, Yang Tiandong was already lining up in front of the Bridge of Forgetfulness.

He was in a daze, similar to the ghosts in front and behind.

Han Jue sucked Yang Tiandong towards him.

“What happened?” Han Jue asked in a low voice.

The moment Yang Tiandong saw him, he immediately lowered his head in shame and gritted his teeth. “Master… I’ve let you down!”

He suddenly knelt.

Han Jue frowned and asked, “What is it?”

Yang Tiandong replied with a trembling voice, “I… I took the initiative to spar with someone and was beaten to death… I’ve embarrassed you…”

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