Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years - Chapter 410 - Upgrade of the Dao Field, Ma Chao

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Chapter 410 Upgrade of the Dao Field, Ma Chao

Han Jue didn’t know the situation in the Immortal World. He was focused on comprehending the Dao of the Zenith Heaven.

In the blink of an eye, thirty years passed.

The system finally succeeded in upgrading and interrupted Han Jue’s attention.

(System upgrade successful]

[The Dao Field has been upgraded. The array formation has been upgraded to the Pseudo-Sage Realm. The Dao Field’s internal space has been expanded.]

[Dao Field Immortal Qi has increased by ten times. Connate Qi has increased by five times.)

[The Dao Field can block the prying of Heavenly Dao-level divine sense.]

[The system has added a new guard. You can completely duplicate a Zenith Heaven expert in the simulation trial as a guard. He will listen to you. The guard cannot leave the Dao Field for more than an hour. Otherwise, he will directly melt.]

It took decades to successfully upgrade!

Han Jue took a look and was pleasantly surprised.

The safety of the Dao Field had increased greatly with the Pseudo-Sage Formation. Not only that, but it could also block the divine sense of a Heavenly Dao existence!

Han Jue felt a strong sense of security.

In that case, as long as he did not go out, he couldn’t die in the calamity!

Han Jue began to choose the second guard’s template. At the same time, the Spirit Qi and Connate Qi in the Dao Field began to increase. The disciples thought that Han Jue was using a Mystical Power, so they were not shocked. After all, this was not the first time. After hesitating for a long time, Han Jue still decided to choose Zu Tu as the template. After all, he was once the number one in the Immeasurable Calamity. He was equivalent to the strongest person in the Zenith Heaven.

“At this rate, will I create an army of Zu Tus?” Han Jue thought sinisterly.

Although Zu Tu was dead, he was still alive.

It also took time to duplicate the guard. Han Jue continued to comprehend the Zenith Heaven Dao.

Ever since he broke through, he had never started cultivating. He had always been sensing the Zenith Heaven Dao Fruit.

The Zenith Heaven Dao Fruit was all-encompassing. It contained countless truths of the world and the rules of the Heavenly Dao, causing one to sink into it.

The Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal was not only powerful in terms of Dharmic powers, but he also had other mysterious advantages. If he completely understood them, he would be omnipotent to a certain extent. Five years later.

The second guard was successfully generated.

Han Jue named it Ma Chao.

First, there was Lü Bu of the Three Kingdoms, then there was Ma Chao. He had assembled a set!

When Ma Chao walked out of the Connate Cave Abode, everyone was stunned.

They finally realized that Lü Bu was really not Zu Tu. He had really died. It was just that Han Jue used some powerful Mystical Power to create a new Zu Tu.

Not only did Ma Chao look identical to Zu Tu, but his aura was also extremely terrifying.

Chu Shiren, Murong Qi, Li Yao, Tu Ling’er, and the other talented disciples were all stunned.

They felt that they might not be important to Han Jue.

He could already create powerful subordinates that far exceeded them. Why nurture them?

In other words, Han Jue treated them with sincerity.

Thinking of this, they were even more grateful to him.

After Ma Chao went out, Han Jue received several notifications that his favorability had increased. He couldn’t help but be baffled.

Not minding it, he continued to comprehend the Zenith Heaven Dao Fruit.

Han Jue opened his eyes again as Xing Hongxuan used the Invocation Technique to summon him.

He checked his attributes panel and discovered that another 43 years had passed. He couldn’t help but sigh.

To the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals, each of their naps could last as long as several dynasties.

Han Jue stepped into the black vortex and arrived at Xing Hongxuan’s chamber.

He discovered that Connate Qi had appeared in her chamber, and it was very dense. Seeing Han Jue appear, Xing Hongxuan immediately came up and smiled. “Husband, you’re finally here!”

She pulled him to the table and sat down. Noticing his purple pupils, she was secretly shocked.

Husband had broken through again!

She didn’t ask about this. Instead, she began to talk about her experiences during this period of time.

A hundred years ago, the Human Race welcomed a Sacred Ancestor. Under the Sacred Ancestor’s Mystical Power, the providence of the Human Race increased greatly. The Immortal Qi in the area continued to increase, causing the cultivation of the human cultivators to usher in an explosive period.

Now, the humans had greater ambitions.

The Human Race wanted to eradicate all the races and sects with providence!

They would control the Heavenly Dao alone!

Han Jue was speechless. The humans had also become arrogant?

Han Jue thought of the previous Demon Court, Heavenly Court, Divine Palace, and Dragon Court.

At this rate, wouldn’t the calamity be endless?

Xing Hongxuan asked, “Husband, do you think I should take over the authority?”

Han Jue asked, “What authority?”

Xing Hongxuan took a deep breath and said, “The authority of the Human Emperor!”

She looked at Han Jue nervously. She knew that this thought of hers was very daring. No one would believe it, especially Han Jue. He was so afraid of trouble. Would he cut ties with her because of this?

However, Han Jue was not surprised or even indifferent. “Up to you.” “Uh… Husband isn’t worried about me?”

“What’s there to worry about? Even if you die outside, I won’t be sad.”

“Tch, you’re stubborn.”

“I told you to come back long ago. If you don’t, I can respect your will. But you can forget about dragging me to death with you.”

Although Han Jue said it heartlessly, Xing Hongxuan was not sad.

She wasn’t stupid. If Han Jue was really heartless, she would have already reincarnated more than ten times.

Xing Hongxuan smiled and said, “Don’t worry, husband. If I die, I won’t implicate you. If I succeed, whatever you want in the future, as long as I can do it, I will definitely satisfy you. I can even drive the entire Human Race to do things for you!”

Han Jue snorted. “Be careful. The battle for the Human Emperor isn’t that easy.”

“Hehe, I know.”

Seeing her smile so confidently, Han Jue couldn’t help but guess. Did Nüwa say something to her?

It was very likely!

Although Xing Hongxuan was bold, she never did anything she was not confident of. After Han Jue thought it through, he didn’t stop her.

As long as Nüwa had no ill intentions towards him and her, so what if he accepted this favor?

Sages also needed good karma.

Han Jue began to guide Xing Hongxuan in her cultivation and impart his personal experience.

A year later.

Han Jue returned to the Connate Cave Abode. He walked out and prepared to preach the Dao for the Hidden Sect. The Strange Deity followed behind him like a shadow.

Hearing that he was going to preach the Dao, all the disciples gathered and waited expectantly.

Han Jue began to preach the Dao and led everyone into a state of Dao comprehension. Nine years passed in a flash. Han Jue didn’t answer the disciples’ questions anymore. Instead, he turned around and returned to the Connate Cave Abode.

He placed the Strange Deity into the 36th-grade Reincarnation World Destruction Black Lotus and took out the Book of Misfortune.

“I haven’t cared about you for a long time. This time, I’ll care twice as much.”

Han Jue thought silently.

Jade Emperor Zhou Yan’s hatred for him had already reached six stars. He had to kill this fellow. Otherwise, there would be no end to trouble!

He had also been paying attention to emails. Jade Emperor Zhou Yan had been quiet for decades. In the past few years, he had begun to become active again. He had just attacked Li Daokong not long ago.

Han Jue had said before as the Dark Forbidden Lord that he cared about Li Daokong. He had to put on a show and use this excuse to kill Jade Emperor Zhou Yan.

Five days later.

Han Jue began to consume his lifespan.

Ten billion years!

Twenty billion years!

Fifty billion years!

Eighty billion years! Hundred billion years!

This old fellow was still fine. He continued cursing!

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