Transmigrated into a Parvenu’s Ex-wife in the ‘90s - Chapter 316: "So we will be neighbors from now on?" (3)

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Chapter 316: “So we will be neighbors from now on?” (3)

That shut the younger daughter-in-law up. Both her father- and mother-in-law worked and her father-in-law was a LV 8 worker with awesome pay and benefits. He even got a 70 m2 house from work. They didn’t need to split that with any other families. It was solid 70 m2 with three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. They were the envy of others. All of those went to them when they divided up the assets. Then there were the couple’s life savings. The old lady still had possession of them but for sure they would go to them in the future. How could they split all those with the brother-in-law’s family?

“If you can’t do that then keep your mouth shut. Lao Xia and I saved up for this house by being frugal along with a large sum of money from my side of the family. It has nothing to do with you at all.” The older daughter-in-law pointed straight at the old lady. “How are you able to even bring this up? Must be getting old and your skin is getting thicker. You don’t even think things through before you blurt them out.”

“I don’t want to live any more. What kind of daughter-in-law talk to their mother-in-law this way?” The old lady plopped down on the ground and bawled.

This was probably not the first time she did that, as evidenced by the fact that nobody around them seemed particularly surprised by this.

That being said, it was not everyday when one saw a daughter-in-law talk to her mother-in-law this way.

Lao Xia said nothing this entire time. He finally spoke when he saw the old lady in her current state.

“The house has already been sold and we have already signed the paperwork. This house is no longer hours and you don’t need to keep thinking about it anymore. We have a daughter and, of course, we will leave her with what we have. When we die, our daughter will have us cremated and bury us either here or overseas. In the worst-case scenario, we can always be dispersed in the ocean. It doesn’t matter. We will not need Second Brother’s children to visit us at our graveside. We don’t care about incense. Once we are dead, we are nothing but ashes.”

“How could you say such a thing? If your father hears you from the other side, he would want to break your legs.” The old lady got very upset every time her son said something like that.

“Dad was a party member and saw things even better than I do.” As soon as he said that, the old lady went silent. Her husband truly did not value boys over girls. When he was alive, he looked at both his grandson and granddaughter equally. Unfortunately, he died young. As soon as he died, the old lady wanted to split up the family assets.

“Sister-in-law was right about one thing though. You did give birth to me and raise me. As such, I will support you when you are old. I will be sending back 30 yuan a month going forward and that will be my part.”

“Get. Get. Get. Hurry up and get. Don’t even come back. I’ll just pretend that I had never given birth to you.” The old lady did not wail this time but real tears strolled down her cheeks. She loved her older son, too. She was just upset that he refused to have another grandson.

“We are all good, right? I don’t want any trouble later on. I don’t have a good temperament and would call the cops if need be.” Shu Yan said that in front of Lao Xia, the old lady, as well as everyone else.

“Don’t worry. Now that you’ve bought the house, it is yours.” The Party Village Secretary was the one who spoke. Shu Yan felt reassured when she heard that.

330,000 yuan was transferred into Lao Xia’s account in one go. Then there was the title of the house. That would be Lao Hu’s job. It would cost about 6,000 yuan. Never mind about 6,000 yuan. Shu Yan would pay 60,000 yuan if that meant she would get the title of the house. She would not feel relieved until that was done.

With the house sold, Lao Xia and his wife moved out of it reluctantly. They left all the electronic appliances for Shu Yan. Shu Yan didn’t want their bowls and plates so they gave them away. After they had moved out, Shu Yan hired a couple people to clean the place up. The place was truly nice. As such, Shu Yan did not plan on renting it out. It would be nice to stay here from time to time during summer time.

“I heard you’ve bought this house?”

Shu Yan turned around when she heard a familiar voice. “Yeah. This house is quite nice. It will make a good investment.”

Feng Zeyu nodded and smiled. “We will be neighbors then.”

Shu Yan had only been focused on buying the house lately and had truly forgotten about that. “Not necessarily. I won’t be moving here.” Staying over occasionally didn’t count.

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