Transmigrated into a Parvenu’s Ex-wife in the ‘90s - Chapter 471: All children are rebellious at his age. (1)

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Chapter 471: All children are rebellious at his age. (1)

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Let it be Shu Yan, or Feng Zeyu, or even JingJing, who was the sternest with Tianbao, neither asked him what had happened. They just pretended that he had, indeed, taken a trip overseas for sightseeing.

Of course, as parents, they worried about him. They weren’t going to ask Tianbao directly what had happened, but they could learn about it through other means.

Feng Zeyu had someone keep an eye out on Tianbao when he was over at Country C. As such, they had an idea of what had happened.

“I just made a call. Tianbao split up with Liu Sicheng after they had arrived at Country C and Tianbao went over to look for his girlfriend at her school. His girlfriend did not meet up with him. Tianbao waited for two days before she agreed to meet up with him, but she brought her new boyfriend with her. They are going to get engaged at the end of the year and get married right after they graduate.”

Meaning to say that Tianbao was heartbroken. Shu Yan shook her head regretfully. The two of them had been together for almost 5 years from sophomore years in junior high school all the way to junior year in senior high school.

She had thought that this girl just might be the one. In the end, they couldn’t  escape the spell of breaking up after graduation.

“It’s fine. He’s still young. He will get over it after a little while.”

They thought an optimistic person like Tianbao would recover shortly.

As it turned out, he became more and more quiet, lost his drive, and became depressed.

Feng Zeyu couldn’t bear to look at this anymore. He reached out to an old boss and tossed Tianbao into the military.

“He was already depressed from the breakup. Do you think it will be too much to toss him into the military right now?” Shu Yan was a little worried.

“I think he had just never encountered any hardships before. Don’t worry. He would not have the time to worry about all the random things once he joined the military. A boy can use the training for a few years, and he would be a much responsible individual afterward.” Feng Zeyu glanced over at Xiao Bao who was dining next to them. “You too. You can go join the military for a couple of years when you are college age.”

Xiao Bao wanted to object to that, but he stopped himself when he saw the look on his mother. His dad was in a bad mood. It was best if he didn’t contradict him right now.

Tianbao dropped out of school and joined the military. JingJing was so busy day in and day out and could rarely be seen. Even Xiao Bao would attend school every day then go practice singing and dancing. Shu Yan and Feng Zeyu were the two with the most free time at home.

Correction. Shu Yan was the one with the most free time. Feng Zeyu still had to go into the office. Shu Yan’s cellphone company hired a professional manager and there were Hu Ruixue and JingJing at Yanxue.

Shu Yan only needed to attend a meeting at the two companies from time to time and that was it.

She now understood why some parents would always rush their children to have children. Life was boring without grandkids to play with.

She looked over at JingJing and JingJing, who was also dining, felt goosebumps all of a sudden.

“Mom, I’m full. I have an important meeting in the afternoon, so I am going to head out.”

Stepping outside, JingJing let out a sigh of relief. Her mother’s look earlier was too scary. She needed to find something to occupy her mother’s time.

Then JingJing opened up a health club for Shu Yan. It was located in the remote part of City Nan, sort of like a resort area. They planted a lot of flowers around the villa and had also purchased the land around it for growing all sorts of vegetables. Members could pick their own vegetables for cooking. There was a hot spring in the back. All in all, it provided all kinds of entertainment.

Shu Yan had met many career women and wealthy women over the years.

After she announced this place, many of them came and signed up for a membership for her sake. Once they were there, they realized that the place was not half bad.

It was a place where they could sit around and chit chat or talk business.

The place turned into a private meeting place for women. Women were able to come here to have afternoon tea, chitchat, enjoy the spa, have a makeover, and even pick some organic vegetables to bring home with them and appease their families.

Time flew when one had things to take care of and had no time to think about random thoughts. JingJing was finally able to let out a big sigh of relief.

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