Transmigrated into a Parvenu’s Ex-wife in the ‘90s - Chapter 473: All children are rebellious at his age. (3)

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Chapter 473: All children are rebellious at his age. (3)

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“I plan to go straight back to school.” Tianbao went silent for a little while and said, “Mom, Dad, I am sorry for making you worry.”

“You silly little thing. Why would you apologize to your own parents?” Shu Yan’s eyes moistened while looking at Tianbao.

“I made you guys worry about me,” Tianbao smiled. Now he could see that he was being very childish back then.

“Everyone needs experiences to grow. You only experienced them earlier than others, was all,” said Shu Yan in an effort to comfort him.

“You two knew.” Tianbao thought he had hidden it well at first. After he had joined the military, he had more time to think things through.

How would it be possible for him to keep them from his parents? Maybe his mother, but definitely not his father.

“Alright. Let’s let bygones be bygones. You don’t need to go right back to school. Take a few days off first and just relax.” Feng Zeyu placed a chopstick full of food into Tianbao’s bowl.

Even though Tianbao was supposed to be resting at home, he was not able to sit still.

He went jogging early in the morning. Not the normal kind of jobbing, but at least a 10-mile job. And he would head to the exercise room after he got back. Shu Yan even saw him practicing boxing, the fierce and powerful kind of punches.

Shu Yan had no idea what kind of a troop that Feng Zeyu had sent Tianbao to. She felt that it was no ordinary troop, but Feng Zeyu refused to tell her despite her asking him several times. It seemed a very elite one, however.

Tianbao took a week off to rest before returning to school. He would intern at the company during his free time from school.

The cellphone company was growing bigger and bigger, and all Shu Yan needed to do was to direct the overall direction the company was heading.

Her other partner was in charge of the technology portion. As such, most of the company was run by professional managers.

That being said, it was still Shu Yan’s company after all. She owned 57% of the shares, the biggest shareholder and the big boss by definition.

These shares would eventually be transferred under Tianbao’s name, and he would then be the biggest shareholder and big boss then.

As the boss, he couldn’t not know anything about it. As such, he would intern at the entry level, much like JingJing and learn the trade bit by bit.

Now that Tianbao was back, Shu Yan felt a big burden lifted. Now all she had to worry about was her youngest child. He had been grumbling about wanting to be a trainee in Country H. Shu Yan almost lost her mind from hearing that.

“You can’t find someone to train you in the entire China? You need to fly to a different country to learn how to sing and dance??”

“That’s not the same. My two friends who had been training with me had gone. They said the training over there was more formal and more systematic. One can just learn more,” said Xiao Bao, clearly stating his argument.

“Just focus on your schoolwork. You can apply for City Bei’s Film Academy or Music Academy. Mom can invest in your movie or album after you graduate. Isn’t that better than going to Country H?” Shu Yan felt that Feng Zeyu was right. His life had been too cozy. To a point that he wanted to pass on the shortcut that was laid out in front of him and opted to make it on his own instead.

“But I like singing and dancing right now.”

“I think you have too much free time on hand. You can still sing and dance once you’ve become a star after college. Why must you choose the difficult path of becoming a trainee? Have your days been too good and you need some obstacles in life?” Shu Yan felt that something wasn’t right with his head.

Tianbao had very good grades. He could easily get into City Bei University. If that was the case, why must he choose to be a trainee instead?

Even as the entertainment circle went, having a certificate from City Bei University would still give one status.

Shu Yan had always been an open-minded person and always said to let the children choose their own paths.

But that was not to say that they could just go down some crazy paths. She analyzed to Xiao Bao the reality outside of the idol halo but, all children were rebellious at his age.

The more you forbid them to do something, the more they want to do it.

Not letting them do it meant one was obstacles between them and their dreams.

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