Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle - Chapter 1286 - The Song Couple (12)

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Chapter 1286: The Song Couple (12)

When he was young, the property prices hadn’t been so high. He’d relied on his ancestors’ money to start a real estate business, he even made some progress and bought a few buildings. People said he had foresight.

Song Yiyan thought to herself, isn’t this because he has foresight? If anyone could go back thirty years ago, they would definitely spend their money on property!

“Your friend lives in Bay One?” Han Ding always smiled no matter what.

When he’d driven the car to the door, the district owner’s security didn’t allow them to enter. After the security guard asked, he let them pass. It was a child’s voice calling her aunt on the intercom.

“Okay.” Song Yiyan nodded.

Han Ding looked at the girl in the backseat through the rear-view mirror and said proudly, “Huo Ci lives here too. You’re a celebrity, so you must know him. He’s my idol.”

Bay One was the district where Brother Ci lived. He has not had many admirers since he was young, but Brother Ci was one of them. What he yearned for the most in his life was his unrestrained personality.

“I know.” Song Yiyan naturally knew how influential Movie King Huo was. She could only sigh with admiration.

When they arrived at the apartment, Song Yiyan went up while Han Ding waited for her. In about 10 minutes, she came down.

Song Yiyan was in front, holding a few bags. Behind her was a man and a child.

When she came out, Han Ding was about to get out of the car. When she saw who it was, his eyes widened in shock and excitement. He tripped and fell to the ground.

Song Yiyan even gave him a disgusted look. “Brother Han, slow down.”

Han Ding did not have time to think as he hurriedly got up in a panic. He even used all his might to rub his hands that were stained with mud on his body, he then walked to Huo Ci and reached out his hand. He was so nervous that he could not straighten his tongue. “Brother Ci, my name is Han Ding. I am your fan!”

Huo Ci’s smile was warm like jade and he was a modest gentleman. He shook his hand amicably. “Hello.”

Han Ding was like all the other fans, his eyes were filled with admiration. “Can you give me an autograph?”

Huo Ci smiled. “Sure.”

Han Ding took off his coat and pointed at his back with his back facing him. “Just sign on this!”

Song Yiyan didn’t expect a man in his forties to be so excited like a child. He was a little silly and cute.

“Boss, why didn’t you tell me earlier that you were coming to see Brother Ci? I could have prepared more!” Han Ding sat in Movie King Huo’s luxury sports car, feeling light-headed and unrealistic.

As soon as he got excited, he got his idol to sign the autograph at the back. It should be signed at the front, since only others could see the back. If it was signed at the front, he and the others could see it.

“What would you prepare?” Song Yiyan found a mature man like him interesting.

“Of course I’ll do up my hair, change my clothes, and wipe my face.” Han Ding was regretful. He was a decent and open person!

Song Yiyan burst out laughing. “You’re not here for a blind date.”

Han Ding choked and said righteously, “What are you talking about? I’m a straight man. I only love my wife in my life!”

Song Yiyan didn’t expect this brother to be so interesting. She had just asked him to drive away, but he refused and wanted to be her driver. How could a rich lady not have a chauffeur?

She borrowed a car and a few clothes from Sheng Sheng. She was going to Imperial University to meet that scumbag ex-boyfriend of An Yin!

Han Ding also said that she would find two more people for her. As a rich lady, she still had to have some face.

When Song Yiyan arrived at the entrance of the Imperial University, she saw a few luxury cars parked outside. There were two Ferraris, a Maserati, and a Lamborghini.

Han Ding stopped the car and ran to the passenger seat in an imposing manner, he opened the door for her. “Miss, please!”

Song Yiyan was amused, this man was tall and well-built. He was dressed in a black suit and wore a pair of sunglasses.

Someone also got out of the four sports cars opposite. There were two people in each sports car, a total of eight people. They were all dressed in suits, shoes, and sunglasses. All of them were tall and big, looking majestic.

Eight men walked toward them.

Song Yiyan frowned and looked at the person opposite her. What? Are they looking for trouble?

When the eight men arrived, the seriousness on their faces disappeared. They looked at him with a smile and greeted Brother Han.

The corner of Song Yiyan’s eyes twitched. “Oh my god, is this what he meant by ostentation? It’s quite ostentatious!”

This brother was from the mafia, right? These few people were tall, had a well-built figure, and an imposing aura. One look and you could tell they were bodyguards.

“Be serious.” Han Ding glared at them in disdain and introduced Song Yiyan. “This is my boss. Call him boss!”

The eight men bowed in unison and said respectfully, “Hello, Boss!”

Song Yiyan nodded at them. “Hello.”

Han Ding introduced them. These few buddies were not from the mafia, but they had some connections. They were all members of the boxing enthusiast club and were also his good buddies.

These guys all had money at home. Who would be willing to be bodyguards for no reason?

Song Yiyan looked deeply at her subordinate. As the boss, she was really weak!

This was too grand, the sports car had just entered the school when it caused a huge commotion. Everyone was used to seeing one or two sports cars. After all, it was a top medical school in China and there were many students with good family backgrounds.

However, five cars entered at once. The one in front was the only three Lamborghini Veneno in the world. Movie King Huo also had a similar model, and the remaining one was the British Prince’s favorite car.

There were many girls at the medical university. Many girls gathered together and started whispering, wondering which rich young masters were in the car.

The luxury sports car stopped at the entrance of the canteen, attracting countless envious gazes.

A valiant driver stepped out of the car at the front. He opened the door and stood respectfully to the side.

Thereafter, a stunning beauty came out of the car.

A beautiful lady could cause the downfall of a country. Every move she made was flirtatious, every frown and smile was enchanting.

Mature, elegant, calm, confident, calm, mysterious, and sexy. None of the words could accurately describe her temperament.

The moment the beauty alighted, eight men in black walked out of the four sports cars behind her. They stood beside her respectfully and were her bodyguards.

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