Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle - Chapter 1287 - The Song Couple (13)

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Chapter 1287: The Song Couple (13)

The surrounding students were instantly shocked. Oh my god, the person driving the luxury sports car was actually that beauty’s bodyguard!

Song Yiyan had already locked onto her target the moment she entered the canteen. In the huge canteen, only that jerk was handsome and dressed fashionably. No wonder he could fool An Yin like that.

In this day and age, a man just has to dress up a little, be handsome, have a sweet mouth, and be lively. It was very simple to chase a pure girl who had no experience in love.

The scumbag’s name was Yan Mingxi. He was about to go to the hotpot restaurant with his buddies to eat hotpot. Unexpectedly, someone suddenly patted his shoulder. He turned around and saw that it was a gorgeous beauty, she had a warm smile and a standard school belle smile. “Classmate, what’s the matter?”

Song Yiyan’s aura was cold and seductive. Her red lips moved slightly. “I heard that the food at your school is very delicious. I don’t have a card, can I borrow it?”

The scumbag brothers beside him had all sorts of envy in their eyes, Mingxi was still the best. He had an advantage as he was handsome, and all sorts of beauties flocked to his side.

Three months ago, a beautiful ex-girlfriend of the neurosurgery department went missing. Everyone saw on the news in the morning that her body had been found, there was even a commotion in the school.

A month ago, he was together with the prettiest girl in the nursing school, Zhang Chen. They were so envious.

And now, there was another peerless beauty who came to strike up a conversation with him. He had endless encounters!

In the past, they thought that the school belle, Zhang Chen, was very beautiful and was the goddess in their hearts. But when compared to the beautiful girl in front of them, Zhang Chen’s looks seemed dull.

Yan Mingxi was known as the most handsome guy in school, but in reality, he was a jerk. Even if he had a girlfriend, he would do all sorts of dirty tricks to get excited.

A beauty had offered herself to him. If he rejected her, would he still be a man?

Moreover, the girl in front of him wore expensive custom-made clothes. The jewelry on her added up to no less than a million dollars.

There were eight bodyguards behind her. Wasn’t she the Miss mentioned on the school forum just now?

What about the little rich lady? She was much richer than his ex-girlfriend, An Yin. If he were to take her down, he wouldn’t have to work hard for the rest of his life!

Yan Mingxi acted like a gentleman. He helped her to get food, dishes, and credit cards. He introduced the specialties of the school to her, wiped the stool, and pulled the stool for her. He was meticulous and knew how to take care of people.

Song Yiyan gave him her first smile and didn’t hide her admiration. “Thank you.”

“It’s my duty to take care of the girl.” Yan Mingxi handed her a pair of chopsticks. “Our school’s sweet and sour pork ribs are the most famous dish. Many visitors came because of its reputation.”

Song Yiyan took a bite. What famous dishes were they? They couldn’t compare to the dishes made by her man. She wanted to eat his dishes, should she tell him to cook something?

Seeing that she was eating happily, Yan Mingxi picked up a piece of food from his plate and gave it to her. “Don’t be anxious. I have more here.”

Song Yiyan only ate one piece before she took the napkin from the bodyguard and wiped her mouth elegantly.

Yan Mingxi could not help but stare blankly. Look, this was the real daughter of a rich family.

Someone was discussing something beside them. “Did you see the news? An Yin’s body was found. They said they found her at Yunshan.”

“I saw it, she was thrown into the wilderness. She deserves to be unlucky, what a shameless bitch. Retribution is cruel and satisfying.”

“You don’t have to say this. No matter what, she’s a student at our school. Her death is quite pitiful.”

“What’s so pitiful about her? She’s in love with the school hunk and she went to date another man. It’s dirty.”

“Exactly, I hear she spends most of the night with a few people. She’ll die if she doesn’t do it every day.”

“Do you think she was killed by those men who dated her? That’s why you can’t be too innocent.”

The jade pendant in front of Song Yiyan’s chest trembled violently, as if something was about to break free. It was filled with anger and hatred.

She reached out and patted it comfortingly. The jade trembled again and gradually quieted down.

Yan Mingxi, who was opposite, suddenly stood up and slammed the table next door. The discussion stopped.

“Shut up!” Yan Mingxi seemed to be very angry. He gritted his teeth and said with reddened eyes, “Yinyin is not someone you can insult!”

The girls turned pale at his sudden movement. “Yan Mingxi, are you crazy? We’re trying to defend you.”

“That’s right, school hunk. Your girlfriend is so promiscuous and lecherous. You’re already above her, yet you’re still protecting her.”

“Yinyin is already gone. Can’t you let her go?” Yan Mingxi was outside, trying to maintain his image. “I beg you, don’t scold her anymore!”

He knew what kind of men women liked and could accurately read their minds.

So now that An Yin was dead, he had obtained everyone’s sympathy effortlessly by spreading some rumors.

The girls cursed angrily and left with their lunch boxes. What kind of person was he? They felt sorry for him for being cheated on but he was angry at them.

She was just a promiscuous bitch and deserved to die. Was she worth his protection?

The people watching this scene were moved by his words, he was a real man. Even if his ex-girlfriend had let him down, he still protected her reputation after she died. He was responsible and magnanimous.

Song Yiyan asked him carefully what was wrong.

Yan Mingxi began to talk about him and An Yin sincerely. No matter how strong a woman was, they still had a motherly nature. If he told her some sad things, it would make her heart ache.

Song Yiyan felt like vomiting when she heard that. The jerk in front of her said that An Yin was the one who took the initiative to pursue him. He felt that his family background wasn’t too good and wasn’t worthy of her, so he hadn’t agreed.

But An Yin was good to him, and it was the first time he’d experienced these things. He thought she was a good girl, so he agreed.

Who knew that on the surface, An Yin looked like a good girl, but in reality, she was just… At this point, he stopped.

Thereafter, An Yin pestered him and said that she knew that she was wrong. She pestered him relentlessly and wanted to get back together with him, but he was unwilling. After that, she disappeared.

“I’m sorry, I’ve said too much.” Yan Mingxi’s eyes were filled with fake tears. He took the tissue Song Yiyan handed him and wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes. “I don’t blame her at all. Really, she’s gone now. All I can do is stop people from spreading those rumors.”

The woman in front of him must have been moved by him. Next, he only had to chase after her.

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